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Last KGB cabal leading Marcel Vervloesem in prison

When it turns out that the Zandvoort file does not concern a network of children's sexual exploitation but of blackmailers employed by KGB, the main witness is jailed and the manuscript of his memoirs is seized "seen his passed and for public safety"!

BELGIUM. The 17th slander leading Marcel Vervloesem in prison is treated by the same judges as for the previous cabals, hence the continuation of chronic procedural faults. Marcel is the founder of the NGO Morkhoven, which followed the KGB for 25 years believing it was a paedophile network. He exposed their crimes by bringing to the police 88,539 photographs of sex crimes against children.

The Kremlin has not left our websites since we discovered that officials who have assured the attempted murders on Marcel also took charge of the attempted murder of Chechen War Lords. The sexual exploitation of children for political reasons has been exposed by Wanja Götz, who coordinated the KGB and the STASI in this file, but we needed a persuasive evidence outside the KGB to be sure. This explains, amongst other, that the people involved in the child porn production case are linked to files as different as terrorism funded by Moscow, the kidnapping of Yoruba royal princes by Belgian authorities and to various sects.

The Russian secret services has changed its name seven times before the KGB was renamed FSB, but continues to use the same methods since 1917. Götz was sent to East Germany in 1969 under cover of a job for "Scouts of Siberia." He was then sent to the West under the cover of the guru of sect, and then of a rabbi denying the Holocaust. He has met Putin while the latter was director of the "House of the German-Soviet friendship" in Dresden from 1985 to 1990.

Götz was awarded the first page of the newspaper "Berliner Morgenpost" in March 2003, following a meeting with Putin about what he calls "the second stage of the reunification of Germany." He thus had a political objective when he explained he had headed a section of six officers in charge of taking pictures of children in institutions, in the arms of anyone useful to blackmail. Many German personalities were forced to resign following the fall of the Berlin Wall "on a background of paedophile scandal".

Blackmail is fully consistent with the Zandvoort case. The file features the awkward behaviour of hundreds of personalities in dozens of structures for children under the responsibility of various States. The employment of eight people to make photomontages by the Zandvoort ring is justified to blackmail people whose only wrong is to be stupid. In addition, the identical sabotage of the prosecutions around the world corresponds to a huge administration as KGB, not to a simple criminal gang.

Götz testifies of one of his missions, which consisted of evaluating the capabilities of Rainer Wolf as a blackmailer, before the STASI organised a fake defection to West Berlin. Wolf is the stepfather of Manuel Schadwald, a missing child from Berlin since 1994, whose research led to Marcel Vervloesem Zandvoort file. Gina Bernard-Pardaens, a Morkhoven collaborator, was murdered after discovering links between Wolf and the STASI.

Goetz said he met Marc Dutroux, the Belgian paedo criminal and serial killer, as part of its activities for the KGB. Nihoul, the leader of the Dutroux criminal gang, said on television that he organized "pleasure parties" with personalities, from where a common interest with the Kremlin. Connectivity between the networks is enhanced by an employment contract between the wife of Nihoul and one of the suppliers of Zandvoort. Clearly, only the KGB had the infrastructure requested in a country as small as Belgium, to kill thirty embarrassing witnesses of the Nihoul/Dutroux case before the trial.

The researches of Morkhoven have reached to the evidence that the network employs its own victims under blackmail. It contains an exceptional number of illegitimate children, or individuals with broken personalities, who present themselves as heroes of Russian novels. All seek to understand what this network is, clearly unaware of who are pulling the strings. Many are trapped by sects that gives them hope to recover, but who are also under the control of the Kremlin. Those likely to get away see their romantic and professional life shattered by intrigues and maladministration, without understanding what is happening to them.

The Russian judicial sabotage provides to criminalize the people who are able to expose the foul politics of Putin, without discrimination. Stuart Syvret, the former Minister of Health and Social Affairs of Jersey, was jailed two months in late 2011 for publishing on his Internet blog a report on child abuse case in the state institution "Haut-de-la-Garenne".

There was therefore no reason why Marcel would escape from the usual cabal to ruin the lives of the witnesses. The KGB gets what it wants of young drug addicts with a mixture of blackmail and mental manipulation. This is how they obtain acts of terrorism or complaints that are so absurd that they ridicule more judges that give them credit, than the mentally disturbed victims who file them.

The magistrates of Turnhout had the originality to accuse Marcel of raping a 15 year old boy while he was in a wheelchair, a leg in plaster and full of pins. They gave credibility to seventeen complaints each more ridiculous than others. The evidences of his innocence were such that they have eliminated 42 items in the file, leaving only a bamboo tutor for plants as a "proof" of rape.

Marcel was jailed 700 days, deprived of his rights of prisoner, of treatment in his metastasized cancer, to his kidney failure, his heart failure and his insulin-dependent diabetes, thus in order to kill him at the Moscow fashion. He survived only by the Grace of God. Judge Rob Perriëns released him by stigmatizing the "dirty role of the press" and telling him: "You have only seen your enemies, but you have not seen your many friends who called from all around the world for you".

The "dirty role of the press" is provided by the KGB, which won the conviction of journalists to pay amounts up to 20,000 euros when they do their job properly. Others do not hesitate to publish the articles dictated by Moscow, which explains why the Western press is so alike the Russian press. Blackmail and control of the medias also explain why no political party intervenes to oppose such scandals.

The conditions of the release of Marcel had banned our contacts on the grounds that I would be likely to push him to the "serious crimes" that led him to prison. Thes serious crimes are the dissemination of information on the network. His miraculous survival explains a new ridiculous accusation when he was just about to be completely released, so of the conditions that forbids us to meet again.

Marcel is accused, at the age of 59 years and without prostate since six years, of having taken down the trousers of a guy who will be 18 in May, to fondle his buttocks. The guy would have returned two days later to Marcel to be raped, rather than to the police to complaint, because he would have been "terrorized by death threats". The KGB apparently considered Marcel's state of health and found him "a masked man" as a partner in crime.

This is not the first delirium of the complainant. The police indeed established that he had hidden in one of his friends to make believe that one of his neighbours had kidnapped and abused him. He also said his mother tried to go to bed with him, to justify he had beaten her and broken her furniture. Then, the police confiscated a bottle of lighter gas with which he and his friends got stoned, when a young 14 year old girl drowned in the moat of the Palace of Justice in Turnhout, before their eyes. He also threatened IN WRITING Marcel's granddaughter of making believe she was raped if she did not support him against her grandfather. See the IQ!

The forensic scientist refutes any possibility that Marcel could have committed the acts he is accused. We respected the conditions of release. I no longer work on paedophilia, but on the persecution of the Chechens in the EU. As the KGB / FSB generally uses formulas that are in relation with to their fears, maintaining Marcel in prison "given his past and for the public safety" assumes an aim at preventing him from working on the Chechen cases.

The Chechen files indeed show that Putin has taken control of the European Court of Human Rights. Judgments that are beyond comprehension systematically refute the right of Chechens to be tried within a reasonable time. In the same spirit, Strasburg has been waiting patiently four years that Marcel dies to close his case, within a procedure that is supposed to lead to a judgment within 24 hours.

The media treatment of KGB files is striking for its purpose to ridicule at the cost of any lie. The dictations on Chechen focus primarily to hide their glorious origins, which have been immortalized in the Iliad in the 9th century BC. The head of the Chechen resistance would be a "self-proclaimed emir", as Marcel would be "a self-proclaimed paedophile hunter." The truth is that the Chechens are the last descendants of citizens of ancient Greece, which means that they are all authentic princes of the most ancient royal family in the world. As for Marcel, he has never hunted a paedophile, but flushed out dozens of KGB puppets.

Marcel is affected by a seven years metastatic cancer, which statistics give only five years of survival when he is being treated, which as not the case. We do not understand the sense of hastening the death of a man in such a state. We adopt the wisdom that has kept the nobility of the Chechen intact despite half a millennium of Russian persecution: "There is nothing that can be done in such case, but God will not allow that such crimes remain unpunished."

As for me, I believe that the Russians will be damned if they can not rid Russia of Putin, who thinks he can dominate the world by the sexual exploitation of children and genocides. Concerning those who tolerate blackmail, they are no better than the Nazi collaborators.