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Miraculous resignation of the Belgian government!

Belgian judges affirm having been threatened to take a decision which met the wishes of the government in the Fortis file, but opposite to the wishes of the small shareholders.

Massive swindle, or evidence of a justice dictated by the state, in violation of as many rights as necessary?

The fall of the government was caused by a letter of Ghislain Londers, First president of the Court of Cassation, which caused the resignation of Jo Vandeurzen, Belgian Minister of Justice. He is exposed to a presumption of attempt to influence the Fortis lawsuit.

Ghislain Londers has been advised in May 2008, of the disappearance of discharge evidence of Marcel Vervloesem, with a letter of the Higher Council of Justice to prove it. The firsts President had assured, in his letter reference EDR/S 60.469/220, having forwarded the letter and evidence joined, to the magistrate, who would chair the hearing where the case would be treated.

The tribunal of cassation will confirm the sentence, in the framework of the Zandvoort file, without taking into account the evidence forwarded by its First President. These evidence justified alone, to break the judgment. Would Jo Vandeurzen have intervened to have confirmation of a judgment in violation of all the laws?


The Fortis case is to the wallet of the Belgian people, what the Zandvoort case is to the paedocriminals networks.

The "Machiavellic Jo Vandeurzen", as named by Belga, who has the "charisma of a public urinal", according to one of his political adversaries, has lied to the Senate, to make believe the file was complete. He has mixed-up two files, to cover the theft of child pornography and torture, which the Higher Council of Justice had also recognized. He decided the imprisonment of this NGO director, before the European Tribunal of Human Rights may free him for:

  1. An imprisonment comparable to torture due to his health condition;
  2. Crimes that he was recognized medically unable to execute.

Jo Vandeurzen has also intervened to prevent the hospitalization of Marcel Vervloesem, whereas it had been asked by a doctor. This exceptional prisoner, who has exposed 100.000 crimes, could only obtain proper health care, after having contracted a gangrene, which required cutting off some of his flesh and bone.



The miracle in this period of Christmas, is to discover a first President of Court de Cassation who does his duty with panache.

The fall of the government yet brings a waekened hope, because of the lack of political opposition in Belgium. The democracy has indeed died, without any members of parliament to dare question a justice dictated by the ministers, in the contempt of the law. All those who were opposed, were objects of defamatory campaigns carried out by a corrupted press, which threatens their career.

The democratic maintenance of a dictatorship is operated by false scandals, which hide the real scandals. The press covered the tortures inherent to the ministerial obstruction of health care, by the regime of the prison's high security districts. The prisoners are treated there, in a manner which would cause animals welfare organisations' opposition, if a mad dog was treated so. They can only leave their isolation cells for one hour per day, chained and handcuffed in an open air cage.

Little before his resignation, the "Machiavellic" minister with the "charisma of an urinal", launched a few new shoddy scandals. He had intervened to maintain in prison, an alleged murderer, which an administrative mistake was to release. He then made a show aiming the court that imprisoned Marcel Vervloesem, for an "administrative mistake"; which had released another alleged murderer.

Higher civil servants could not do or say anything about the Zandvoort case in ten years, either due to the "separation of the capacities", or the prohibition of dealing with a "personal file". These arguments are eliminated when it act of promoting the ministerial comedies.

Nine Members of Parliament in the Chamber's Commission of the Justice where allowed to question Jo Vandeurzen about the alleged murderer, but not about his lies which has to justify the imprisonment of a NGO director in absence of 42 discharging evidences.

"I am straight in my boots", answered the minister. "Justice has as a task to protect the society. It must take care, before all, that the procedures are correctly applied". He continued to speak about the prisoner released before his judgement, at if it acted of the Zandvoort file, with 100.000 children, swept under the carpet of justice, by the death sentence of Marcel Vervloesem:- The public prosecutor's office has raised the possibility of an "organised fraud" as regard to the release of the alleged murderer. An investigation is in hand but, according to the minister, it seems that "the charges are slim". One would direct rather towards a fault of the responsibility of a penitentiary civil servant. (...) No political group has basically questioned the management of this file by the minister, the Members of Parliament agreeing however to say that the minister had "surfed" on the separation of the capacities. (Belga)

No investigation is in hand as regard to the organized fraud which was used to imprison Marcel Vervloesem, in spite of a complaint claiming charges, for the theft of the discharging evidence from his file. But the investigation on the origin of his gangrene, would also direct towards a "fault from a penitentiary civil servant", rather than to a ministerial obstruction to his hospitalization.

Will the members of parliament remember the convention against tortures, which specifies that the order of a superior or a public authority cannot be called upon to justify torture? No political group reproached the minister of having "surfed" with the separation of the capacities and the health of a man, which will ensure to shorten his life.

Jo Vandeurzen leaves to Belgium, the heritage of a prison regulation, in perfect violation of the European recommendations. Any hospitalized prisoner must be handcuffed like an animal and maintained awake by light, day and night. Marcel Vervloesem, who cannot survive without sleep, is thus constrained to rest in prison, of six operations, including five with a general anaesthesia in ten days, in order to recover sufficient strength to survive the two open-heart surgeries recommended by the doctors.

This situation is also resulting from the dependence of the ONG to subsidies. Amnesty International and the League of Human rights; have not accepted to denounce the treatment of the crime against humanity illustrated in the CD-ROMS of Zandvoort. They did not answer, not even by courtesy, to Dr. Gagliardi, consultant for NGO of child welfare and former the mayor of his city, which was pressing them to intervene in order to save the life of Marcel Vervloesem.

The mandate of Thomas Hammarberg, Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe and former Secretary General of the London-based Amnesty International, "does not allow him to intervene in individual cases".

He had a "very positive" dialogue with Jo Vandeurzen about the Belgian situation. He seems to mainly worry, of the "prison overpopulation" and "too little time for the physical exercise" left to the prisoners, according to Libre Belgique.

Would this be a misunderstanding or would he have forgotten that Europe recommends shackles, only in the event of an escape risk? We will have to wait spring 2009 for his report, to discover if he will sweep the 100.000 victims of Zandvoort under the carpet of the Belgian justice.

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