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Drasiaus Kelias Drasius Kedys Drasius Kedys
Juin 2010
24 mai 2010
18 octobre 2009

DRASIUS KEDYS: when censure leads to murder

Jacqueline de Croÿ - 18 octobre 2009

A Lithuanian businessman is alleged to have shot dead a judge and his sister-in-law Kaunas, then of having made a bomb attack at the seat of the Lithuanian Social Democratic Party and the headquarters office for child protection in Vilnius. Drąsius Kedys, owner of a fur company, accuses his ex-girlfriend and her sister of having prostituted his daughter and niece to a trio which includes the gunned-down magistrate. He also accuses the Lithuanian authorities and the media of having covered-up the paedophile network.

Drasius Kedys, presumed to have blown up two institutions covering-up the paedophile network, after having gunned-down his sister-in-law and a magistrate

Deimantele was 4, last year, when she told her father, Drąsius Kedys, that she did not like that Andrius, Jonas and Aidas, undress her and lick her. It was happening every W/E at her mother's home, the beautifull Laima Stankūnaitė, she said, who was defending her, but nacked, sometimes armed of a broom, sometimes of a belt. They could also take the little girl in a hôtel, without her mother, to whom they give money, when they where coming in and going out. The average price being of 1000 euros the seance, presumes a 4000 euros monthly income.

Andrius, Jonas et Aidas would pull their "sysalas" (sex), which became big and put it in her mouth, explained little Deimantele. They would rub all her body with a "natural cream that came out of the sysalas" (sperm). They would all three take her into the bathroom to wash her, as a doll.

In 2006, Laima Stankūnaitė wished to get back the custody of her daughter, blaming her father of having fetched he at school without permission and refused to give her back clothes of the child. A children welfare service advised her to ask the help of Andrius Ūsas, director of Eurotechnika and member of the Presidium of the Democratic citizens of Kaunas. This advice presumes that either this service is either part of a corruption network, or that the place of the residence of children is a political matter in Lithuania.

Laima Stankunaite

The delightful Laima, who defended her 4-years-old daughter, but naked, sometimes armed with a broom, sometimes with a belt, according to the little victim

Deimantele knew that this Andrius would help to change the custody and has recognised Andrius Ūsas. Her mother told her she would "forget her father," when she would not see him any more, which assumes that she had a plan to get rid of him. When Deimantele complained to her mother about Andrius, her mother would answer that she liked it, and that she should ask him more.

Drąsius Kedy has presented to his daughter dozens of photographs, cut like a card game, asking her if she recognised among these men, the friends of Andrius. Little Deimantele took the photo of Jonas Furmanavičius, Judge at the Court of Kaunas and said: "this is Jonas".

Lutianian justice has rejected all the requests of the plaintiff. Algimantas Valantinas, the General Prosecutor of Lithuania did not find it appropriate to ask that the judge Furmanavičius be interrogated, but he did find appropriate to criticise Drąsius Kedys for having publishid on Internet, the videos sent to 200 EUP, where face hidden, Diemantele tells what has happened to her. Prosecutor Valantinas is afraid that it might give phantasms to perverts, but he was not afraid to oppose to the application of the law, as regards as Judge Furmanavičius.

In contrast, the magistrates have imposed on little Deimantele three interviews, while the law intends to protect abused children from this trauma, reducing the instruction to a single examination. Ten psychologists appointed by the court have not been able to determine the "lies" of the child. This June 9, 2009 again, the little girl has faced the court. She reiterated for the Court that Andrius put his "sysalas" in her mouth several times in a row and for that reason, her mouth hurt. The judges have pleaded the rejection of a fourth psychiatric examination of ten days in hospital for Deimantele, inadmissible because there where already three, to decree that she had not been abused. They then limited the parental rights of the father, under the motive that he had called on the media.

Judge Furmanavicius

Jonas Furmanavičius, judge at the Court of Kaunas identified by little Deimantele

Drąsius Kedys was then prosecuted for the payment of one million litas (290,000 € - 432,000 $), for "creating a slander". This was only a step in the judicial trap, expected to lead him to bankruptcy, then in prison, to ensure Laima Stankūnaitė that he could no more see and protect his daughter, as Deimantele tried to warn him in front of the camera.

The Lithuanian judicial network did not give any future, to Drąsius Kedy, or to his company. He could have seek political asylum in Russia, as he found that the EU supports the corruption of its member countries, but he would then have been sentenced for parental abduction. The same trap is operated everywhere the Zandvoort network passes.

On October 5, a white van blocked the way of Judge Furmanavičius on T-shaped intersection, as he was going to court, at 8:30 in the morning. The judge was guned down by three bullets bellow the belt and one bullit in the head before witnesses. Two hours later, the sister of Laima Stankūnaitė, Violeta Naruševičienė, also be exposed to prostituting her own daughter, was also guned down. The weapon left beside the body was registered at the name of Drąsius Kedys. The Lithuanian authorities will thus not be able to disguise the murders into suicides, as provided by the procedure to cover-up the crimes aiming at exposing the network in the too sensitive cases.

Drąsius Kedys is missing. A week later, the building, which hosts the seat of the Lithuanian Social Democratic Party and the headquarters office for child protection in Vilnius, was shaken by a violet explosion. Lithuanian journalists have suggested that the bomb could have been placed there by Drasius Kedys. These people are indeed partners in crime of the network of crooks and rapists of children.

Since, the website has recorded hundreds of votes per hour, 90% saying Drąsius Kedys, whose name means "brave" in Lithuanian, is a hero. Facebook has convened a support committee of over 21.000 people, of which 16.000 within the last 24 hours. How many heroes are in jail for having been denied any right to a fair trial, because they have exposed a network or because they have murdered those who abused them? How many children have been deprived of contact with a parent and stolen their inheritance, via judgments only aiming to silence a scandal? This is why the majority of the victims are in favour of an armed uprising, to respond to terror with terror, because Europe systematically sabotages all the democratic means giving them the slightest form of justice.

The Dutroux case has been exploited to extract millions of euros to fight the sexual exploitation of children, but spent for making false advertising, which gives victims murderous desires. Europe has created, as a result of the Dutroux affair, the DAPHNE program, to subsidize the projects of civilian organisations, active at the research of missing and sexually exploited children. Hundreds of thousands of euros have been allocated to CHILD FOCUS, to create CHILDOSCOPE, a platform to unite all European organisations active in the field, which includes three Lithuanian organizations subsidized by Europe.

A sole answer giving hope of justice to Drąsius, would have avoided turning him in a hero he did not want to be and a fugitive deprived of his daughter, whereas he had planned his life as that of a prosperous businessman. Drąsius did not get this answer, because the European platform does not work: because the organisations really active in the field were not advised of his situation and because these organisations are deprived of any subsidy to expand their activities.

The Belgian press has revealed executions only with ten after, when the senior officials of European institutions realised they had good reasons to fear for their lives. These executions are indeed the consequence of the European inaction, when Europeans request from its institutions, to assure the respect of the international laws by the member countries. Even when the Commission of Petitions of the European Parliament is solicited to question a country on the application of the international law as regards organized paedocriminality, the civil-servants are mocking the petitioners.

Lately again, the president of this commission, Ermina Mazzoni, answered in her letter ref. KLC/ea [02-COM.PETI (2009) D/45645], that the examination of the petition ref. n° 660/2008 would be continued by taking into account Europol's answer. Europol "decided that this petition should be sent to the competent (and blamed) Belgian authorities for further handling". "On the basis of these information", answers Ermina Mazzoni, "the Commission of the Petitions decided to conclude the examination of your petition and thus to close the dossier". Tens of petitions exposing lives in danger are on standby, waiting for this sort of answer.

The protectorate of the criminality organized with the hands of the senior officials includes/understands the control of the Internet search engines and the hacking, to control the information. The website that hosted the call for help of Drąsius Kedys and the videos sent to the European MPs was quickly destroyed. The Werkgroep Morkhoven, who was just discovering the case, has managed to find a copy. Each pages started by a warning that these call for help might end-up blocked by Internet. The sites hosting these copies and the videos quickly reached the top of all the search engines, then disappeared from these search engines yesterday afternoon, from one minute to another.

MOTIVES FOR THE EXECUTIONS: are the two letters of Drąsius Kedys calling EU and media to help his daughter


Voir "Le Fichier de la Honte"

Don't miss the "le Fichier de la Honte" by Karl Zero and Serge Garde on "13eme rue", who speak of the dossier on which this petition was based. ensorship pops-off from the Zandvoort case for this is the first time that in 22 years. This dossier, with 88'539 photographs of real crimes, was also closed by giving systematically the custody of the children of the complainants to the abusing parent or by placing them in institutions, because it reopened too many scandals likely to destabilize the States. This practice ensures the possibility of brainwashing these children to prevent them from filing complaints, when they are major of age. Every day, a law court refuses the contacts between one of these children and those liable to make them realise that what has happened to them was not normal. But here, in the West, nobody gathers to protect them. Parents can only cry.

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