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Drasiaus Kelias Drasius Kedys Drasius Kedys
Juin 2010
24 mai 2010
18 octobre 2009

Drasius Kedys: censor on political murder

Jacqueline de Croÿ - 24 mai 2010

Drąsius Kedys died aged 38, arms folded across chest, a major cut crossing his face from the hairline across to the cheekbone, the body covered with bruises. The Lithuanian authorities were planning to bury in secret this businessman, raised as a hero on October 9, 2009, for killing his sister-in-law and a judge to whom he reproached having turned his daughter and his niece into a sex toys. This had not been possible, because the sister of Drąsius Kedys, who was looking for him in all the morgues, and has found him in an anonymous locker.

Drąsius Kedys was found April 17, 2010, only 30 kilometres away from his home. The prosecutor in charge of the dossier has curiously found no trace of violence and declared it was a natural death. He would have died drunk, chocked by the contents of his stomach that would have come up his throat, according to the official version. All the Lithuanian people believe in a murder. A very convenient murder to limit the trial about the violations of international laws that leads people to desperate acts!

Drąsius Kedys was criticizing the Lithuanian justice, its social services and the so-called bodies of child protection, who have denied the dangerous situation for his four-years-old daughter during a year. He had posted on Internet, videos of little Deimantele, explaining in detail how her mother was renting her to the local dignitaries, among whom to a judge, telling her to ask him "more sex". The child had accused her maternal aunt of being partner in crime, and of renting her own daughter too. The serious and persistent violations of these children's fundamental rights, joint to the spectacular murders, had generated protests throughout Lithuania.

The news has been widely censured in the countries that use these practices to maintain the stability of their government. Five thousand people came to pay Drąsius Kedys their last tribute, on April 24. The French speaking press has spoken only of old dossiers on paedophile priests, to better conceal a burning subject, which had to be heard by the European Parliament two days later. On 26 April, the Foundation Princesses of Croÿ and Massimo Lancellotti indeed presented a petition on these practices, which were operated throughout the European Union in the framework of the 88'539 dossiers connected to the Zandvoort paedocriminal network.

Hundreds of Lithuanien people protect Diamantele in front of her grand-parent's house

The petition was maintained open, but it did not bother the Lithuanian authorities to assign a virtual virginity to the pimp mother. A tribunal has ordered that Diamantele be forcibly taken in urgency from her grandparents, with whom she was staying the time of the hospitalisation of her paternal aunt who had her custody, to bring her back to that mother. This is once more a serious breach of international laws, which do not allow entrusting a child to an alleged parent abuser. No tribunal was supposed to consider giving Diamantele back to her mother before the expiry of the appeal to the European Court of Human Rights. Hundreds of people have been gathering around the house of the mother to protect the child.

The behaviour of Lithuania shows how the President of the Petitions Committee was right to keep open the petition on the systematic violation of fundamental right in the field of organized crimes around children. Let us hope Europe will be able to help us.

Don't miss the "le Fichier de la Honte" by Karl Zero and Serge Garde on "13eme rue", who speak of the dossier on which this petition was based. ensorship pops-off from the Zandvoort case for this is the first time that in 22 years. This dossier, with 88'539 photographs of real crimes, was also closed by giving systematically the custody of the children of the complainants to the abusing parent or by placing them in institutions, because it reopened too many scandals likely to destabilize the States. This practice ensures the possibility of brainwashing these children to prevent them from filing complaints, when they are major of age. Every day, a law court refuses the contacts between one of these children and those liable to make them realise that what has happened to them was not normal. But here, in the West, nobody gathers to protect them. Parents can only cry.

Voir "Le Fichier de la Honte"


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