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Vies détruites pour du pétrole 21 million lives ruined for oil
21 milioni di vite distrutte dal petrolio

21 million lives ruined for oil

Jacqueline de Croÿ - 22 juillet 2011

The heads of the five states that are holding the veto power to prevent wars with NATO, this is to say England, France, Russia, the United States and China, as partner in crime of EU, of the UN and Israel, have destroyed the lives of at least 21 million people, of which 2.6 million were murdered. They have ruined our economy and are carrying on strangling the poorest ones by manoeuvres that are aiming at increasing the price of petrol, in view to take the control of the market.

The worst crime against humanity of all times has its origins in the "preventive wars" of Israel in 1967, which killed 23,500 people to triple their territory with Egyptian, Syrian and Jordanian lands. The rabbis used to say that the return to Israel without the Messiah would bring bad luck to the Jewish people. They were right. The Zionists have become to the Jewish people what the Nazis are to Germans people. They must not be confused, because it is children of victim of Nazism who, after the imams, where the first to denounce the Zionist crimes.

Colonel Qaddafi, who came to power in Libya in 1967, has initiated a tripling of oil prices by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), to teach us to support the Zionist crimes. Rather than to condemn Israel, the EU, the USA, China and Russia have decided to create a petrol route independent of OPEC.

  1. The U.S. financed the pipelines needed to transport the Chechen petrol through Turkey and Israel, then the Uzbek, Turkmen and Khazar petrol, through Afghanistan.
  2. The European Union has funded the pipelines needed to transport Turkmen, Uzbek and Khazar petrol, through Iran and the former Yugoslavia, where it steals the Serbian petrol.
  3. The Chinese have financed two pipelines needed to transport oil Turkmen, Uzbek and Khazar.

The plan had two problems that the five countries holding veto power to oppose the war had to resolve. The Afghan and Chechen, who are Muslims, could not support the petrol provision of the Zionists, as long as they did not render justice to the 23,500 Muslims murdered to enlarge Israel.

This is the reason why the Red Army had carte blanche, as from 1979, to murder 1.8 million Afghan civilians and 300,000 Chechen civilians. As people were shocked, the coalition has adopted a policy of terror and "targeted bombing", to kick out an extra 5 million Afghan civilians and 300,000 Chechen civilians that the UN was asked to "integrate" outside their homes. The Russians have killed so many women and children only to sell their petrol to the Americans and the Zionists. The EU continues the genocide by incarcerating the warlords, to prevent them from being elected and regain control of their petrol.

Also in 1979, the European Union organized the "Iranian revolution" to place an unknown Ayatollah in power. Khomeini immediately allowed the European pipelines carry the Turkmen, Uzbek and Caspian Sea petrol, through the former Yugoslavia. The UN then "integrated" 4.2 million Iranian civilians around the world, driven out of their homes by terror.

The European Union has caused the war in the former Yugoslavia, by recognizing the independence of Croatia, but not of the Serbian Krajina. The propaganda machine of the coalition is hiding that 30% of the 600,000 Croatian Serbs were killed in concentration camps during World War II even though Hitler had not requested it, and that 15% of the Serbs have been pushed to exodus out of Croatia between 1971 and 1981.

The army of the former Yugoslavia sided with the Serbs, not to make a "grand Serbia" as the criminals pretend, but on the grounds of the scandal to lock them up with those who had sent in the death camps, while depriving them of their support from the time of Yugoslav unity. The American press has made a report to present the "war crimes of the Serbs", who are the owners of 70 million tons of first class petrol. A notorious gang of Zionists has then campaigned in France to make war to the Serbs, though Jews and Serbs were exterminated in the same concentration camps. These people, who present one another as philosophers and humanists, support the most incredible aberrations.

Of the Cohn-Bendit brothers for example, Garbiel has the originality to be Zionist and revisionist at the same time. He thus supports that Israel must be the protective homeland of the Jewish people, as well as the right to deny the genocide that justified to create Israel without asking the opinion of the Palestinians. Daniel is shocked that the French courts requested from a mayor and teacher in a village to answer the rape of three children and of a 22 years old adult, which he believes to be a right acquired by the sexual revolution.

Another is Kouchner, who has the originality to take his private jet with a Zionist that Klaus Barbie has presented as having been a Nazi collaborator. They had gone to Rumania to request the release of a criminal who spent 32 years in the French jails, saying he could not be suspect of child abuse. Kouchner even show his solidarity with Putin for his "fight against terrorism", in other words, for the extermination of the Chechen.

NATO took in charge the "targeted bombing" as part of a "peace mission in Kosovo," which is on the road to the pipeline planned to pump oil from the Caspian Sea to the Bulgarian port of an Albanian port. The UN, whose mission should have been to bring back home the 3.3 million Serbs kicked out of their homes, has "integrated" 200,000 extra ones in the European Union. A pre-war census shows that 180,000 Croatian Serbs have disappeared during the war. This war would have made 200,000 victims, which supposes that the Serbs account for 90% of them.

Kouchner is exposed for having limited his mission as a "Higher representative of UN in Kosovo" by three interventions to allow General Agim Ceku, former Prime minister of Kosovo, Serb province under UN administration before its independence in 2008, to escape from Serbian Justice. The general is requested to answer of having covered-up the forced removal of organs on Serb prisoners, and to have burned women alive, after his soldiers had raped them.

The UN has called for the establishment of an international tribunal to try war crimes in former Yugoslavia. Only the Serbs have been prosecuted by this tribunal, which NATO subsidizes. More than half of the defendants remained in prison for many years before the charges of crimes against humanity were destroyed, including 36 charges following the withdrawal of the indictment; this is to say the recognition of slander. The seriousness of the international tribunal is prosecuting of Gruban Malić, a fictional character who came out of a Serbian novel "hero on a donkey," after a joke of a Serbian journalist to an American journalist. The Serbian "hero on a donkey" was "cleared" in May 1998 of charges of raping a woman in Omarska camp in summer 1992, which has been called "crimes against humanity."

In 2003, the coalition has campaigned to murder Saddam Hussein. Kouchner claimed to duty to "get the Iraqi people rid from the worst dictator of the twentieth century," which is breathtaking, given that his grandparents were deported to Auschwitz in convoy No. 76 on June 30, 1944. The American army killed 300,000 Iraqi civilians on the basis of the lie of an Iraqi chemical engineer, who said he was proud to have got Iraq rid of Saddam Hussein by accusing him wrongly of threatening Israel with biological weapons. The UN has "integrated" 4.7 million Iraqis kicked out of their homes by the "targeted bombing".

In 2008, the second war in South Ossetia has pushed the price of a barrel of oil at 147.27 dollars, while it was only at 11.91 dollars in 1998. This war has been motivated only to secure the pipeline planned to transport the Chechen petrol to Israel. However, a conflict with Turkey, where the pipeline had stopped, changed the plans and triggered the war to Libya.

Israel and the United States had no chance to get Libyan petrol as long as the lands of Egypt, Syria and Jordan were not returned to their rightful owners, unless they murder Gaddafi. The new pipelines were then enabling European to get the supplies from the Russian and break unlawfully the contract with Libya. When the Americans call Gaddafi a "dangerous terrorist" and the Europeans call him a "dangerous dictator", they had simply decided to supply Europe on the back of dead Chechen, Serb, Iraqi and Iranian children, while Israel and America would be supplied on the backs of dead Libyans children.

The truth is that Gaddafi, in 42 years in power, has provided that all the Libyan families are are the owners of their homes, whose electricity charges are paid by the government. At the same time, the EU and the U.S. are not even capable of providing a simple roof at all its citizens, in such a way that many Americans and Europeans freeze to death in the streets every winter.

The odious coalition has found in the Libyan oil minister, a collaborator ready to betray Islam and his own people. They have operated manoeuvres to increase the price per barrel, so as to strangle the Europeans by frightening bills aiming to generate panic and hatred, what is done with astonishing ease. The oil minister has found "insurgents" (against the free housing and charges), which started an armed conflict in mid-February 2011. The price per barrel rotates between 12 and 22 dollars in times of peace and fluctuates according to the supply options, thus depending on the crossfire around the oil fields.

European oil companies have reduced the Libyen exports by two thirds, so that the oil price, which stood at 71.57 dollars in 2010 (thanks to the so-called EU peace missions"), shot up to 103 dollars. Gaddafi has brought it down of three dollars in a few minutes on March 18, when he ordered the cease-fire to start resolving the conflict through the diplomatic channels. The United States and NATO began the destruction of oil infrastructure Libya the day after the cease-fire, which is a war crime, in such a way that the price of petrol rises of 3 dollars in two days.

Putin announced on March 24 he was increasing as from 1st April the preferential tax on petrol of 28%, and tax on exports of 16%. The same day, Cohn-Bendit called to rid Libya of a "madly furious dictator" and "to welcome the refugees chassed by the shootings." The next day, the EU increased oil prices by saying it was ready to block all oil and gas revenues from the Gaddafi regime, while Libyan production was virtually halted by European companies. The propaganda machine then declared that Gaddafi had cut exports and driven up oil prices by 26%.

The price per barrel went down when Saudi Arabia promised to balance the market by increasing its production. Berlusconi and Sarkozy then raised it, by issuing a joint statement at the conclusion of a bilateral summit to boycott Libyan Energy. Finally, on May 10, 2011, the UN announced that Libyan 750,000 have fled their country "since Muammar Gaddafi launched his offensive against the opposition in late March."

We refuse to "integrate" Libyans our hell, where those liable to free their country will be imprisoned with false charges of terrorism. We want them they recover their paradise where everything is almost free of charges.

The Attorney General Mohamed Zekri Mahjoubi filed a complaint in the Libyan courts against Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the Secretary General of NATO for war crimes that killed 1,108 civilians and wounded 4,537 more civilians during raids ordered in the width of a ceasefire fire. He accuses him of the attacks deliberately killing civilians and children in order to replace the Libyan regime with a subservient power that allows NATO and Western countries to control the wealth of Libya.

We beg the owners of petrol wells to help us diffuse the information because the censorship of the media lets nothing pass.

Nobody wants to pay 100 euros a petrol barrel walking over the dead bodies of innocent children, lives destroyed, calumniated heroes, ruined houses or babies born deformed because of depleted uranium, while the same barrel only costs 10 euros in peace times. Even the Russian people loose, because the price of petrol is so high that stealing the petrol of their neighbours cannot compensate the cost of what they have to pay for their own consumption. Let the United States and Israel invest in solar energy, if they want to behave as barbarians.


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