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A BOTTLE IN THE SEA: petition to rescue victims of paedophile criminality

To the Belgian royal family, to the judge for youth of Ancona MANZONI Giovanni Maria, prime  minister, minister for family politics, the Belgian prime minister, the  Italian ambassador to Belgium.

O ur voices united aim at giving a large echo to that of a mother, Mrs  Maria Pia Maoloni, who, through the association Prometeo told us the  terrible experience she has been going through and is still undergoing currently:
This mother relates to us the terrible situation in which her children  are, of whom she has had no news since May 2007 since they have been  brought back to Belgium to their father and his family, in other words  to the people who have sexually abused them, and this with no regards to  the numerous testimonials regarding these acts.
The mother's words speak for themselves:

 I beg you to pay attention to my two daughters who are currently unprotected and in great danger where they are. Having no news of  them since May 2007 and knowing the environment they are in now, I am  extremely worried that their physical and mental wellbeing is currently at stake.

SO far
, their security, rights, their bodies, their feelings and desires have been overridden.

Isn't it the duty of each and everyone to protect a child?  Fiona and Milla need this protection.What are we waiting for to help them find the serenity that children  worldwide deserve? Must we wait till it's too late?

 Fiona and Milla are waiting to be saved, so at night before sleeping,  give them a thought. Include them in your prayers because only the  force of good and love can overcome the mountains of evil.

 We must unify all together to fight against violence done to our  children. It's the only way to claim protection and respect of their fundamental rights.

Our intolerance regarding paedophilia will save FIONA and MILLA and all  the children that need us to live in a dignified manner in this world.

 Nowadays, paedophilia has become a social cancer because above  individual perversion, we need to fight people and sometimes whole  institutions which, behind their respected and legitimate social  functions, protect and thus accept all types of criminality linked to  paedophilia.

The path to truth is long when justice isn't free!!

 This is why I call to you, mothers, fathers, judges, educators, doctors, magistrates, journalists, artists, lawyers, ministers,  politicians, bankers, workmen, directors, presidents, kings,  queens.... people of the world.... sensitive souls... angels... for my little girls to stay present in your minds.

 That you for you time and help.

 Thank you also for having accepted for a while to share the hell we are living in.

The mother,

12 November 2007

Help us in the name of Fiona, Milla, and all the innocent children that  live in abusive and painful situations.


You can really help by signing


Fiona & Milla: missing and endangered

Caso Maoloni/Antonini

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