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INTERNATIONAL POLICE ASSOCIATION (IPA) founded in England in 1950 by Arthur Troop, became the largest organization of police force in the world. Its moto in Esperanto " Servo per Amikeco" means "Serve by friendship".

Mobilization of IPA to release Marcel Vervloesem

Patrice Verdi - Cannes, 1ier septembre 2009

For submission to the Belgian Prime-minister, as well as his Ministers for justice and interior

Many members of IPA, International Police Association, highly protest of the treatments reserved to Mr. Marcel VERVLOESEM, who as many of us, was calumniated and condemned in spite of the fundamental provisions of the international law, following our reports on the organized crime or corruption.

Mr. VERVLOESEM brought to our Belgian and Dutch colleagues the so-called "CD-ROMS of ZANDVOORT" in 1998, where are 93 081 pictures of abused children, according to our Interpol colleagues. He was imprisoned in spite of the recognition by the Belgian Superior Council of Justice of two faults of procedure and an health condition that supposed him in the impossibility to survive prison.

We estimate that the detention conditions of our friend investigator and "Police officer of Honour" are unacceptable:

He was deprived of elementary health care, generating five major in extremis surgeries, of which the amputation of a gangrene. He is deprived of treatment to a cancer with metastasis. He is exposed shackled to the contempt of the public, although recognized without risk of escape. He is imposed the presence of guards during doctor’s consultations, thus a violation of the medical secret. He is deprived of penitentiary vacation, with mention of publications on the network which he denounced and of which he is not the author.

We expect Mr. VERVLOESEM' release according to the Belgian law providing that a prisoner is releasable at the third of his sentence, deducted from the double of the preventive detention period, thus on October 5, 2009. This measure was granted to a criminal condemned and reported by Mr. VERVLOESEM in his statement: n°8.220/01 - 03.04.2001 - T.3620/96: Michel Nihoul, partner in crime to Marc Dutroux!

Well placed to know the treatments reserved to those who expose networks, we give all our support to this prisoner, who shares the values of honour and courage which qualify our corporation.

Patrice VERDI
Municipal police – roll n° 096632


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