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Collective farms for homeless people & asylum seekers 

Homeless people freeze to death every year in Europe because the structures built for them were transformed into prisons and the new European laws forbid to jail those whose only crime is poverty. Some are offered dormitories from where women don't dare to approach. They are to leave during the day « to find a job » in countries where jobs are only available to those who have a fix registered domicile. The lucky ones sleep in their car.

The principle according to which anyone may live practically free of charge in a collective farm using magnetic agriculture, fish-farming and cattle breading stands for homeless people, as well as for asylum seekers. These collective farms can be built in modern bio-integrated complexes, as well as in renovated old farms. They offer fix domiciles to their tenants, who are then allowed minimum living wages adapted to their situation, and then, the possibility to find a job.

These collective farms are inspired on the model that the Chechens brought back from Greece in 514 B.C., and which fed their villages for 2500 years, until the Soviets authorities centralized their management in Moscow. This is why these collective farms will be self-managed according to the original Athenian laws, yet supervised by the local social services, to insure that each tenant is provided by no less than the minimum living wages, and access to a proper health service.

It has to be highlighted that most tenants of these collective farms will request a psychological support or therapy in order to give each of them a chance to recover from the events that have kicked them out of their homes.

It also has to be highlighted that all the asylum seekers need specialized lawyers to help them filing complaints against the criminal organisations at the origine of their exile and to enable each country to fight that plague, or else, to stop complaining about it.

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