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Save historical heritage and use it for social purposes

The Magnes Project aims at offering the most vulnerable people « la vie de château » in enough autonomous schools and housing to cover their needs.

Rather than building new schools, we will use what science has taught us to restaure the forteresses and fortified farms which have been built to host and feed the inhabitants of entire villages during wars, then abandoned because of lack of means to repair the roofs and to heat the large spaces.

The roofs will be covered by life-time guaranteed solar tiles, to heat or refresh large spaces and to bring light free of charges. The walls will be restored or rebuilt in identical reconstituted magnetized stones. Bedrooms and bathrooms will bring the standard modern comfort.

The Magnes Project offers the only solution which enables to respect the initial destination of the construction of these fortresses. They were not built to make museums or to let them fall into ruins. They where built to offer a shelter to the people exposed to wars which, in the 21st century, is a war against exclusion motivated by detestable socio-economical discrimination.

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