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Back to the future schools

Social services do not hesitate to have children whose only handicap is poverty or children with down syndrome, interned into institutions intended for autistic and pre-psychotic children due to un insufficient number of schools. Even judges sentence minors of ages to prison terms though science has proved that full maturity is not reached before the age of 25, just because of the lack of institutions adapted to the special teaching their mental condition requires. One percent of the prison population is deemed to be occupied by minors of age.

The only manner to stop such crimes is to provide enough boarding schools to prevent that the percentage of handicapped pupils in the classrooms exceeds the norm in the rest of the society. Abandoned castle will be converted in boarding school whose curriculum will include fish-farming, biological culture, forestry, carpentry, cabinet-making, and even blacksmith craft if the castle still has a forge.

The main goals of this project include :

A. To raise awareness that poverty is not a handicap or a psychiatric disease, but that it is necessary to provide treatment to the sick children.

B. To replace cruel and inhuman punishment such as isolation that is liable causes irreversible brain damage within two weeks, by civilized sanctions, such as 100 push-ups for the boys and 100 abs for the girls, excellent for body building and harmless for the brain.

C. To prevent, for as long as possible, that minors of age be jailed with heavy criminals, but on the contrary, to incite them to start a new life away from organized criminality.

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