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When omertà smells of network

Brussels, June 16, 2007

Fiona and Milla, aged four and eight, are Belgian of Italian origins. They bare the wounds of rapes, of which they showed their father and grandfather. The justice of Mons (Belgium) decided that they were presumed liars and they had to be distanced from their mother who is presumed mad, to be returned to their father who is presumed innocent, in waiting of his judgment. Eleven thousand Italians signed a petition for their protection, but the Belgian press maintains the "omertà" (law of silence), on their story.

Le Comité “Infanzia Ferita”

vous invite le 20 juin 2007, de 9h00 à 15h00 à une

Manifestation devant l'ambassade de Belgique à Rome, pour la protection de Fiona et Milla

49 via dei Monti Parioli à Rome

Préparation d'une des manifestations

Affaire Maoloni/Antonini

Maria-Pia Maoloni and Rocco Antonini lived in Mons, in Belgium, with their two young daughters. The marriage collapsed in 2004, at the discovery of pictures representing tortures upon children on the computer of Rocco, explains Maria-Pia. It was not a question of child pornography, had issued the judge, who granted the custody to the mother, and rights of visits to the father, without watch. As result of this, Fiona and Milla were coming back to their mother crying, saying they where hurt. Gynaecology tests showed they had been raped.

Fiona accused her father, teacher in a centre for handicapped children, and her grandfather. She also assures to have been abused by other men, which would be rather ordinary, if it is not that she described a luxurious place, supposing wealthy customers.

The child would have a lot of imagination and their mother, a trained psychologist, would have inflicted herself the wounds to the children, answered the defendant, as if the rapes of male sexes would not leave any scientifically undeniable evidence.

Belgium remains the only country in the world without children's sexual exploitation network, according to authorities'. Those who do not fear testifying of the opposite are systematically victims of miscarriages of justice, either locked in prison, or their children are taken as hostage in a public institution. This requires plain opposition to progress of assistance services and judgements in contravention to the fundamental rights of the victims.

Institut St Gemma, complice de l'enlèvement
Manifestation au tribunal

Childfocus and its famous service of "preventive measures with vis-à-vis the parents or even of child once alerted of a potential case of the sexual exploitation", sent Maria-Pia in S.O.S-CHILDREN, who in its turn sent her to hell. She brought a copy of the medical file to the famous service of Claude Lelièvre, deputy general to the rights of the child. He later on denied to have received it, which supposes that he has lost it!

October 4, 2006, after two years of opposition to progress, Maria-Pia came with her daughters in Italy, which was the start out-cross drives of emergency procedures. It took only forty-eight hours for Belgian justice to launch an international warrant for arrest, showing her for parental abduction, whereas she had the custody of her children, and five days are the minimum time necessary before retaining this kind of presumption. She was imprisoned four days, was imposed two weeks of domiciliary arrest and her daughters put in an Italian institution.

Time that the Italian Court of Appeal issues that there had not been any constitutive fact of parental abduction, the Belgian justice had deposed the mother of her rights and decided to return the children to the alleged paedophiles, under pretext that the first Italian court had retained parental abduction, based on the Belgian judgment. The children where returned to their father in waiting of his judgement for rape, without the signification of an Italian judgment. They thus have been kidnapped with the help of the nuns and the authorities of both countries.

Laurette Onkelinx
Clemente Mastella

In Italy, associations went down the streets: - "Sending lambs to the wolves will weigh on the conscience of the Italian government ", said the Father Fortunato di Noto. The marches of protests followed one another; ELEVEN THOUSAND Italian signed a petition to ask for the protection of the children. Whereas the names of Rocco Antonini and Maria Pia Maoloni cover the Italian press, there is not a single article on Internet to tell the history of these Belgians little girls, neither in French, nor in Flemish (see on google).

The Senator Antonio Gentile asked a parliamentary question to Clemente Mastella, Minister of justice, on the behaviour of his admnistration and on the eventual "pressures of Belgium".

Dear Members of the Belgian Parliament, the next demonstration will be on june 20, in front of Belgium's embassy in Rome. Could you please ask the same question to Laurette Onkelinx, taking into account the separation of the capacities which she evokes to refuse answering of "personal files", among which she included the Zandvoort case and its 93.081 victims?


Fiona & Milla: missing and endangered

Caso Maoloni/Antonini

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