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Abou JahjahManif pour la liberté de l'expression
Left: Abou Jahjah who, if the 400.000 Belgians of Arabic origin vote for him, would become Prime Minister of Belgium, due to the tiny size of the country.
Right: Protest asking for the freedom of speach, used by BELGA, the governmental press agency, to show the league as terrorist agitators.
Belgian justice and its press agency criminalise those who request the respect of fundamental rights.

Reversed charges of terrorism

Jacqueline de Croÿ - December 11, 2007

Dyab Abou Jahjah and Ahmed Azzuz of the European Arab League were condemned to one year of firm prison, declared guilty of the provocations from the Vlaams Blok, which had generated the riots following a revolting racist murder. Dyab Abou Jahjah, who is currently in Lebanon, announced his return in Belgium for the appeal, the cassation, and as all the victims of these practices: he already envisages the International Court of Humans right.

At the origin of the sentence, Constant Van Linden, a 66-years-old inhabitant of Antwerp, had decided to murder his neighbour, Mr. Achrak, father of eight children. He awaited for him on November 26, 2006, gun in hand, but bad shot, the bullet struck Mohamed junior in the chest, so he finished him off with a bullet in the nape of the neck.

After the funerals of Mohamed Achrak

Mohamed Achrak was a 27 years old teacher of Islamic religion in state schools, which is proof of moderation. Hundred fifty young people went down the Turnhout road in Antwerp, revolted by these policy which pushes to murder, as five million Flemish people, meaning 84% of Flanders.

At the far right end: the Communal Adviser who exited the riot, dressed as Ku Klux Klan for a 'satirical picture' - source
Police officer fixing Ahmed Azzuz, after having bludgeoned the legs of young people... to calm or provoque their anger of an odious racist murder?  
Electoral campaign of the Vlaams Belang, former Vlaams blok dissolved for its racist campaigns
Filip Dewinter, Vlaams blok elected, close to the communal adviser who exited the riot, during an attack  of the university students of Leuven

The "Vlaams Blok", representing 16% of Flanders, came running under the direction of its communal adviser Rob Verreycken, famous to have boasted to be with at the extreme right of this photograph, 'a satire', according to him, where he is in the clothing and bonnet, the Ku Klux Klan.

The young people were encircled by the police force, of which 70% vote Vlaams Blok. They vaporized them of "pepper spray", a kind of teargas and arrested ten of them, under the fascistic sniggers.

Dyab Abu Jahjah and Ahmed Azzuz, leaders of the European Arab League, were called and arrived in two hours. They asked the young people not to answer the provocations and to go to the mosque, which dissipated anger by the prayers. But the provocations continued, the police officers obviously having order to repress, humiliate, crush, up to the burial of the young man. Hardly the funeral ceremony was ended; the police force arrived at the mosque and buckled the streets around, causing the young people and the old men, ordering to them "to move on".

Belga it is Belgian Pravda. The government's news service is specialist in truncated and denatured information, thus defamatory, on those who denounce the denial of the fundamental rights in Belgium. Most newspapers publish their communiqué, by idleness or economical preoccupation.

The Vlaams Blok and the police  would not have caused the riot, according to them, but the European Arab League, which will quickly be shown to sympathize with the terrorists of the Islamic Jihad.

The Antwerp justice was requested  to dissolve this organization of defence of the humans right, shown to be a nationalist private militia , which is relatively amusing when one sees Filip Dewinter, close to the  communal adviser who exited took part in the riot, whereas he attacked students of Leuven.

The procedure will be postponed for  5 years, and in an identical manner as for the one on the paedophile network Zandvoort, those which fight against the "dysfunctions", will be constantly defamed by the press and when every body will have forgotten the context, they where condemned for the crimes that they had denounced. Belga can then continue the defamation until the appeal, the High Court and the International Court of Human Rights. The State can thus eliminate those who embarrasses, at the cost of the tax payers, who will pay the indemnity for the miscarriages of justice. 

The Court will not be able to retain that the League was a private militia, but ironically, condemned its leaders to one year of firm prison, under pretext which they could have calmed the young people because of their moral authority, whereas they would have had nothing to calm if the police officers had not bludgeoned the young people's legs while the European Arab League tried to take them along to the mosque.

The true problem is that Abou Jahjah is very popular and that the Belgians of Arabic origins are 400.000, which represents the number of votes necessary to become Prime Minister in Belgium.

This will result to the extraordinary motivation of the sentence, by article 66 of the penal code, related to the participation of several people in the same crime or offence. The Court of Antwerp retained that the crime was not the murder (sic), but breakings of panes and cars turned up side down in the tumult of the provocations Vlaams Blok and of teargases.

Dyab Abu Jahjah and Ahmed Azzuz would be guilty not to have been able to calm the riot, whereas they arrived only two hours afterwards, when Vlaams Blok had started the violence, under the terms of this law which punishes as authors of a crime or an offence:

"Those which will have carried out the crime or offence  or who will have cooperated directly with its execution", such as Constant Van Linden, the murderer who was described as a "good man antiracist who had been taken of a blow of madness";

Provocation policière
Photographer for the press office of  Salim Hellalet (1), looks at a police officer, absent photograph, to  whom Ahmed Azzouz requires to stop the provocations, furious, which is understandable. BELGA claims that it is the League that has excited the young people, but shows another police officer (2)... smiling in full riot, whereas a man had been murdered.

"Those who, by an unspecified fact, will have lent for the execution a help such as, without their assistance, the crime or the offence could have been made"; such as the fascistic sympathizers come to scoff the young people after the murder;

"Those who, by gifts, promises, threats, abuses of authority or being able, machinations or guilty artifices, will have directly caused this crime or this offence"; such as the communal adviser Ku Klux Klan fan, who encouraged the police officers to attack these young people, whereas they were in mourning of one of their friend.

"Those who, either by speeches held in meetings or public places, or in writings, printed papers form, images or unspecified emblems, who will have been posted, distributed or sold, put on sale or expose to the public eye, will have directly caused to make it, without damage of the sentences carried by the law against the authors of provocations to crimes or offences, even if these provocations were not followed of effect", such as Vlaams Blok, dissolved for its provocation campaigns to racial hatred and hypocritically rehabilitated under the name of Vlaams Belang.


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