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The suicide of Marcel Vervloesem began this Thursday

Friday May 15, 2009.
If my medical file is non-existent, I do not need medication, daily blood tests or to know that my blood-pressure and my rate of glycaemia are maintained at a deadly threshold, said Marcel Vervloesem yesterday. I am a model prisoner: I clean my cell, I eat, and I go to the walk, without breaking the least regulation. There is no reason to treatment deadly diseases that the ministry refuses to recognize.

De Clerck (Christian Democrat Minister of Justice - CDN&V) can now send the President of the Euthanasia for Commission to judge of the opportunity of a pill to cause a me deadly heart attack. The prison direction (the ministry of justice) I should "work on myself" to get my prisoner's rights. It’s done. I am in perfect health. I don't take any more medication. They will have to send back the ambulance planed to take me to hospital tomorrow for the cardiac electroshocks. There is no more possible negotiation. The game is over.

Marcel Vervloesem has exposed for 21 years, the corruption which covers children's sexual exploitation in Europe. He has been imprisoned for nine months, accused of crimes which the medical community admits he was physically unable to execute. He was waiting for the European Court of Human Right to free him, but he happens to be unable to survive the time required. The doctors of justice operated multitudes experiments on him, for example by depriving him of all his medication during six days, though the Commission of Euthanasia expected that he could survive no more than ten days without medication and while eating normally.

Take good care of my daughter, asked us Marcel Vervloesem. They already accuse her of not loving me and of not supporting me. She cannot stop crying. The next stage is to blame her of my death, whereas I die because the legal truth decided that I have the health to survive the prison. Up to now, the ministry has only authorized my hospitalization when I was dying. It was planned for tomorrow, but count 14 days, one never knows. You must prepare that they will want to weigh on my ordeal by preventing that we can see each other again. If I do not telephone to you, you will understand what is happening.

Werkgroep Morkhoven prepares to request from the Minister of Justice to answer of having incited one of its founding members to suicide and of non-assistance of a person in danger. We do not count on Belgian justice, specifies Jan Boeykens, President of the NGO, but on European justice. It will thus take ten years.

When Belgium will awakes on the death of the man who exposed the European industrialization of the photographs of crimes on children, perhaps it will open its eyes on the lawless zones of prisoner' health care, on the cruelty upon their family, and on the international organizations supposed to guarantee the application of the fundamental rights?


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