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ITALY: Jackpot for the Taveirne mother

Two months after a Belgian court condemned the Taveirne mother to two one-year suspended sentence for the "negligence" of her daughters, an Italian court grants her 10.000 euros of damages, within the same case!

Sergio Marzola and Pascal Taveirne are involuntarily at the origin of the Koala operation, which allowed as of the first raids, to seize 2 million images of child pornography. They where both known from the local police. Marzola had already been exposed in 1999 for having solicited young people, to act in a child porn film, "which would only be sold abroad". Taveirne had been exposed by Hamlet international police operation, according to the Italian press, thus between November 2001 and August 2002. Yet, Belgium kept such a secret on its exploits at the time of this operation that no one ever heard of them.

Marzola, an unemployed accountant living in Ferrare, furrowed Europe to find families ready to turn their daughters into porn stars. He paid them from 250 to 750 euros the performance, the price difference according to a simple striptease or a rape. He made publicity of his production on about thirty Internet sites, selling each film for an average of 200 euros. As soon as he got the payment, Marzola sent a username and a password, so that the customer could download his acquisition.

Pascal Taveirne, an unemployed butcher's assistant living in Bruges, saw in the sexual exploitation of his daughters, then aged 9 and 10 years, a mean to round the month's end and to renovate his house. He had joined Marzola, to produce films in Ukraine, where they could find children for only between 5 and 10 euros.

Taveirne was only arrested in June 2006, in such secrecy, that no one knows which day. Marzola was arrested a little later, on August 11, 2006, the bags in hands, as he planed to move to Ukraine, with 100.000 euros cash, dissimulated in loudspeakers.

Judged for their crimes on two Belgian victims and twenty-to Ukrainian victims, both men will be sentenced to 10 years of prison in their respective country. The Taveirne mother also had to answer of failing to help her daughters and having "sent them in a camp in the Netherlands, whereas she knew what awaited for them" , according to the terms taken by the Belga press agent. She had asked the divorce, and then claimed damages to her ex-husband and Marzola.

On February 19, 2008, the Bruges tribunal did not believe that she never asked her unemployed husband, where he got the money to renovate their home. All the same, she got away with a suspended 2 years prison sentence for "negligence"… "Under the condition she was followed for the education of her children".

According to the Belgian investigators: "The Ukrainian court has, in the first time, very well cooperated and promised to question the girls. But at a certain time the co-operation was inflated and information did not come any more. Why? No idea. The colleagues in Ukraine were probably corrupted". By who, why and with what money?

On April 23, 2008 at Ferrare tribunal, only two months after, Judge Silvia Migliori granted the Taveirne mother 10.000 euros of damages, as a victim at a 50% total value of her daughters’ damages, who received 20.000 euros each from Sergio Marzola.

On March 19, 2009, there was only 68.000 euros left of the 100.000 euros found in the loudspeakers, to believe the Italian press, thus a volatilization of 32.000 euros. At the Bologna Court of Appeal, Judge Adolfo Sgambaro definitely knocked out Marzola: he confirmed the jackpot to the Taveirne mother, but reduced his sentence of a year.

To make it more simple: the head of the network benefits from one year prison less than one of his subordinates, whose partner in crime got 10.000 euros of the child prostitution money.

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