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Danse macabreMarcel Vervloesem: macabre dance starts again

He was to be granted more humane conditions of detention in the prison of Louvain, but it was an "administrative mistake."

Dr. Proot believes that the detention conditions of the Bruges prison are intolerable for Marcel Vervloesem, in his state of health. His patient is imprisoned for crimes that his diabetes enables him to carry out, as he exposes the application of the law blocking in the sector of the organized paedocriminality. All the justice experts where opposed to the imprisonment, but he is a disturbing witness.

Doctor of the Bruges prison, Dr Proot joined together the hospital St John's college of doctors, in charge to maintain him alive. All agreed: the detention conditions, planned for the most dangerous prisoners of Belgium, raises of an insurmountable torture to a suicidal man, in revalidation of a major open-heart surgery, who has a cancer, three metastases, leukaemia, as well as ruined kidneys and pancreas.

Dr. Proot obtained from the prison Director Van de Candelaer to transfer Marcel Vervloesem in urgency to the model prison of Leuwen. The prisoners, mainly assassins, are less dangerous than some judges, as their possibility of repetition is limited. The cells have kitchenettes and they are encouraged to cook healthy dishes. It practises the free district system, which avoids them remaining confined in their cells most of the day. It is inhuman on long term, even with a good health.

Course à l'escargot judiciaire pour sauver la vie d'un hommeThe transfers of Marc Dutroux for health reasons are done by helicopter and those of Fourniret are done by car. But there was only a prison van, thus a van with cages, for a prisoner of whom four cardiac valves were just cauterized. Marcel Vervloesem prefers death to the prison of Bruges, where the only humanity if found in some warders, prisoners and doctors. They were on the way to Leuwen, when the conveyor received a phone call, warning that his transfer raised of an "administrative mistake". He was driven all day long on Friday, in a cage and deprived of medication, as the van was dropping the prisoners in various prisons, before he was brought back to Bruges. His number had already been destroyed and his cell given to another prisoner. He was changed cell for the 19th time into six months. He cannot telephone any more, have access to his money or to the canteen, in waiting for a new number.

The authority of hospital St John's college of doctors' would have been supplanted by the service of the individual cases, (D.I.G - Dienst Individuele Gevallen). The urgent transfer for reasons health, would be an administrative mistake of Dr. Proot (sic), according to the direction of the prison, which had however signed itself the transfer order. The decision would suddenly be raising of social workers, following a "justified written request" of the patient, in spite of the doctor's diagnostic!

The European Court of Human Rights had just challenge Belgium on the impossibility to apply article 72 of the Belgian law on the releases on parole for health reasons, as it misses the royal signature. The Ministry for Justice was suddenly seen constrained to do emergency procedures. No one imagined it could have included short-circuiting the doctors authority, while throwing discredit upon Dr. Proot.

As a matter of fact, the alarm was set-off on Sunday March 22, by the visit an unknown person to Marcel Vervloesem, whereas the Sunday visits are prohibited by the prison of Bruges. We were advised the following day of a situation of imminent, but unspecified danger. The direction of the Bruges prison clearly reacted at the request of its ministry this March 27, as that of the prison of Turnhout had done it on September 10, 2008 had, when it opposed the doctor's order to bring Marcel Vervloesem to hospital. No one knows who has advised his ennemies at the Ministry of Justice, too late to avoid him a physical trial that could have killed him. More than one must have thought: "Shit, he is still alive".

There is no social worker who has the qualification to dispute the decisions of a prisoner's attending physician. Marcel Vervloesem is at the end of his strength. He was wondering why he had accepted the sixth major surgery, which was caused by his detention conditions. He cannot telephone, but we do not need to talk to him to know that he wants to disconnect his insulin pump, if he has not already done it. He cannot survive this more than ten days.

The Ministry of Assassins must hold a meeting in Brussels this week, which will discuss the resistance of Marcel Vervloesem to the macabre dance. Dr. Proot will assist it. He is not likely to be in a good mood, after such a hit below the belt. It is an insult to the Hippocratic Oath and to the university hospital St John of Bruges, whose doctors cannot tolerate to be supplanted by social workers.

19 changes of cell in 6 months

Hospital rooms have to be concidered as prison cells for prisoners, according to the regulation.
  1. Prison of Turnhout (5 days)
  2. Prison of Bruges isolation (31 days)
  3. St John Hospital (ICU - hydration)
  4. Prison of Bruges infirmary
  5. Prison of Turnhout isolation (2 days)
  6. Prison of Turnhout standard (3 weeks)
  7. St. Elizabeth Hospital (Emergency: intensive care Cardiology)
  8. Prison of Bruges infirmary
  9. Prison of Bruges infirmary (cell "diabetic")
  10. St John Hospital (cardiac catheterization)
  11. St John Hospital (Emergency internal bleeding)
  12. St John Hospital (Emergency kidneys blocked for two months)
  13. St John Hospital (Emergency: external bleeding - gangrene)
  14. Prison of Bruges: observation cell block 35
  15. Prison of Bruges: cell 61 block 35
  16. St John Hospital (open heart operation)
  17. Prison of Bruges infirmary (cell "diabetic")
  18. Prison of Bruges: cell 61 block 35
  19. Prison of Bruges: cell 54 block 35

The tradition wants that the ministry makes a spin to appear democrat before starting a new lap. How can a suicidal man at the end of his life want to live this? They will win a battle by assassinating our fellow-member, but that will not make them win the war. People are fed-up to be taken for idiots, starting by the civil-servants who carry the weight of the unfair decisions of their superiors:

- Police officers are furious of the excuses of your judges to release criminals without any acceptable justification. Some even come back and mock them at the police station.

- Members of the administration are furious that their work is sabotaged by their superiors, for the interest of their friends.

- The prison warders are furious of the prison overcrowding at their expenses, which only to save money on the prisoner's social advantages.

- The prisoners complain of the psychosocial services that can keep them three months to one year in prison more than planed by their sentences.

- The victims complain of denial of justice, as soon as a complaint states someone around the "untouchable" ones.

- The taxpayers are fed-up of the taxes claimed for your snail races that kill innocent people.

In short, only the higher civil servants are satisfied of the situation, and remain convinced that with good excuses, they can make believe anything to anybody.

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