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Partly the fault of Dutroux and Nihoul!

Par Jacqueline de Croÿ - 13 avril 2010 -1-

Prosecutor Bourlet, in charge of requesting the application of the law in the Dutroux case, requested three hearings of the NGO Morkhoven on the links between Dutroux, Nihoul and the child pornography production network of Zandvoort. The minutes of Marcel Vervloesem's hearings as spokesman of NGO, appears to be missing from the Dutroux DVD, we are told. These DVDs were produced by the justice department, so that the lawyers could sort out the 400,000 pages of the dossier. Such a wilfully impeding the rights of defence of Dutroux, would allow the world's most famous paedocriminal, to seek the annihilation of his sentence!

Why would Belgian justice take such a risk? Because Morkhoven had shown the Antwerp branch of the same network in 1988, in vain. The ministers had systematically answered to the parliamentary questions about alleged corruption, by blackening the NGO, to clear their administration. The Dutroux case had put the Belgian people in such anger that the courthouses would have been dismantled stone by stone, if they had learned that the network could have been dismantled seven years before the murder of the little girls.

The "kidnapping cell" of Neufchâteau found interest in the Zandvoort file in only February 2001, when Marcel Vervloesem collected the testimony of Robert Jan Van Warmerdam, a transsexual prostitute of sadomasochistic orientation of the Zandvoort ring.

Former victim and drugged by the necessity to survive the pain inherent to these activities, R-J Warmerdam lived in the remorse of having killed a child during a film, in a sadomasochist production studio of Amsterdam. Dutroux regularly came to that studio, he said. It occurred that this studio, scene of the crime, belonged to "Mistress Roxanne", former employer of the wife of the head of the Dutroux criminal gang: Michel Nihoul.

Marc Dutroux was prostitute when he was a minor, which explains how the son of school teachers had become involved in all sorts of trafficking, including that of children for the sex trade. The Belgian justice department was held by Stefaan De Clerck, when Dutroux, on parole for the kidnapping and raping of five young girls, kidnapped and raped nine other young girls, between June 1995 and August 1996. The inquiry conducted in Slovakia has identified a dozen girls, who had been drugged, imported and abused by Dutroux. He wanted to set up his child own brothels channel and pornography studio with young girls from the Eastern Europe, abducting them for periods of three months, according to one of his accomplices. De Clerck all the same had the nerve to assure in 1997 that there was no child pornography production ring, and accuse Morkhoven of blackening the police.

The testimony of R-J Warmerdam was showing on the contrary that there was a connection between the abduction of children paid 150,000 BEF (3,700 euros) to the band of Dutroux, for an income of 1000 euros per night, plus the price of pornography. Ulrich, godfather of the Zandvoort network, was the most important client for this sort of production. If the Belgian victims of Dutroux are not be in the CD-ROMs of Zandvoort, it would be very surprising not to find in it at least one of his Slovakian victims.

When the court of Neufchâteau asked Morkhoven to forward them the result of their researches, prosecutor Bourlet had to destroy the threats of his colleagues on Marcel Vervloesem. The prosecutors of Turnhout and Dendermonde were prosecuting him for the possession of the child pornography, as a way to stop him forwarding the incriminating evidence. A new European law required the EU countries to promote the delivery of such material for investigations. Prosecutor Bourlet could thus give a formal guarantee that he would not initiate a prosecution.

The agreement was signed on March 4, 2001, by a formal complaint of Morkhoven making a synthesis of their discoveries. But on March 6, 2001, day the lawyer brought the boxes of exhibits, prosecutor Bourlet informed her that it was impossible that he would "take again in charge a case of this magnitude with staff currently so busy", and also because they "could not afford the cost". This was thus a trap. Morkhoven had no reason to forward the result of its investigations to a tribunal that did not have any intention to do anything with it.

Bourlet instructed his investigators to ask Marcel Vervloesem to provide the necessary details to help him "to sort through this mass of information and documents." It was before all a matter of obtaining the promise from Morkhoven that they would not say a word to the press of the content of the minutes, under the pretext of "avoiding to alert the paedo criminals of the enquiries".

The first hearing, on March 27, 2001, gave a brief overview of the contents of CD-ROMs and documentation, their origin and who had a copy of what. The second hearing, on April 3, 2001, concerned the French connections and identification of the famous magistrate trousers down. The next appointment had been made for April 10, to speak of Dutroux and Nihoul connections with sadomasochistic branch of Amsterdam. But the day before, on April 9, the prosecutor Bourlet asked his colleagues of the Turnhout and Dendermonde tribunals to take over the dossier, specifying that the Prosecutor General had confirmed that they were prosecuting Marcel Vervloesem !

The request (not require the application of the law according to the criminal network) would have been ordered by head prosecutor of Liège. Bourlet is overworked. He has not the means to treat the dossier. The federal court "is not operational". He thus forwards the dossier to those who instigate the death sentence of Marcel Vervloesem, because "their will well have to be a tribunal to fulfil this priority of the federal plan." The priority of Neufchâteau is given to the 6 Belgian victims, explains Bourlet, as if the dozen imported Slovak girls did not exist. Bourlet does not explain why he does not forward a copy of the dossier to the French justice, whereas it concerns victims claiming charges in France, against Nihoul and the magistrate trousers down of photograph n°9.

The Dutroux case has been delayed until a reasonable time limit specified by the law, to have time to criminalize Marcel Vervloesem Morkhoven and destroy the reputation of Morkhoven in order to prevent the international press back to them.

The prosecutor Dufour of Dendermonde refused to require the application of the law on the Zandvoort dossier, which as a continuation of the Temse/Madeira file, on the ground "that significant convictions were handed down", as if there were non other to consider. Prosecutor Janssens of Turnhout accepted the complaint of Morkhoven, but never requested the application of the law.

Prosecutor Visart de Bocarmé of Namur accepted a section of the file, concerning recidivists of the network CRIES, active in his sector. The revelations of Marcel Vervloesem, mentioned in the minutes 8.220/01 of April 3, 2001, led on October 2, 2001, to 15³m of child pornography and the arrests of four recidivists. The merits of Morkhoven were awarded to information of Child Focus, a governmental organisation created after the Temse/Madeira network in 1998.

In 2003, four months before the Dutroux prosecution, the prosecutor Van Der Flaas of Turnhout requested to condemn Marcel Vervloesem for nine rapes, though he had proof that the complaints were paid 15.000-FB (375-EUR), each. The week before the Dutroux trial, a police officer has telephoned me to know what I knew about "Maîtresse Roxane". I had studied this huge dossier for only one year, and I had not yet reached that branch. There were enough people interested in the Dutroux case, for us to have a reason of worrying about it. It was unthinkable that nobody would have called us, if such important documents were missing from the file. The whole trial was to present Marc Dutroux as an isolated predator, which would have been impossible with the testimony of J-R Warmerdam.

Cold as death, ministers, judges, police and officials have granted their act together in a macabre dance of stolen parts on the record, violations of procedures, lies and gratuitous insults, in order to silence Marcel Vervloesem once and for all. They were ready to kill a man, not to protect the criminals who had already been judged and sentenced, but the higher civil-servants, whose faults had already killed children. Jo Vandeurzen, when he was Minister of Justice, has accepted the mission of finishing off Marcel Vervloesem, by a detention that doctors had predicted he could not survive. This minister has answered to a parliamentary question on the closing of the Zandvoort case without judgment, saying that "Marcel Vervloesem never wanted to make a statement about these cd-roms". See the truth here, in the letter of Mr Bourlet, reference "T.3620/96" dated of April 9, 2001:

Gentlemen the prosecutors of the King
In Dendermonde and Turnhout

Subject: complaint of the ASBL MORKHOVEN

Dear and honoured colleagues.

I have the honour to inform you that, last March 1 ° my attention was drawn by an article in the journal "Le Matin" which can be found in annex 1, copy about information that would have been transmitted to our colleague of Haarlem by Mr VERVLOESEM of the MORKHOVEN ASBL [non profit organisation]. It there would have been question of meetings of a certain Robert Jan W. with MARC DUTROUX in sadomasochist clubs in Amsterdam and of declarations in relation to kidnapped children. You are of course aware that my office has requested an investigation charging the latter, amongst other for abduction of children, and that he is detained since 13 August 1996 precisely on this basis.

I have therefore immediately questioned our colleague of Haarlem, on 6 March 2001, in view to confirm or deny statements that would have made the sire R.J.W on this last February 28 about M.DUTROUX (annex 2).

On March 6 also, the MORKHOVEN ASBL conveyed to my office a complaint and its annexes totalling 28 pages, which can be found in annex 3. It is long question of different information, by this non profit organisation, to different judicial and police authorities of Belgium or other European countries, accusing individuals whom for the most were condemned to heavy sentences, mainly for facts of paedophilia and child pornography trade. In paragraph 7, page 10, however, the complainant reported information on Marc Dutroux, precise them, but confirms that they were recounted to the police of Haarlem. Thereafter the complainant informs me that prosecution are instituted against him by the tribunal of Turnhout, for acts of rape of children in his neighbourhood. Finally, he filed in support of his complaint extensive documentation, including 20 CD-R, containing thousands of images of pornography involving minors.

First, I've have charged the Neufchâteau investigative cell (see annex 4), to have the complaint confirmed by the head of the non profit organisation and to clarify what is necessary for me to do the sorting in this pile of information and documents whose highly criminal character appears clearly. The Neufchâteau cell has already filed the official reports of the first two hearings, which can be found in annex 5 and 6 of this present [mail]; the third hearing more specifically related to the information on M.DUTROUX, will be held next Tuesday, and I will certainly make you have reception of it. But already in the second hearing, there are information that I have to bring, after translation, to the knowledge of Monsieur the instructing magistrate LANGLOIS, who is in charge of the dossier DUTROUX, NIHOUL and others.

Finally I got the first answer, dated April 3, 2001, of our colleague from Haarlem (Annex 7) which confirms for me that Robert Jan W. has been heard twice by his police services, he however does not consider appropriate to confirm to me already now, that there is a question of Mr. DUTROUX!

Three types of problem seem to me to be concerned with the content and the annexes to the complaint of MORKHOVEN:

1. The possession and ownership of material clearly of paedophile character.

Madam the general prosecutor confirms me the contents of the attached complaint: one dossier at Dendermonde and two dossiers at Turnhout are currently under this head against Mr. VERVLOESEM. The latter gave me an important hardware of this type whose origin, content and destination given by him are specified and are established in official reports, at my request by the cell of Neufchâteau. I do not know if this hardware matches with the subjects of your dossiers. I keep it at your disposal in this perspective and, at your request; I will have it brought to you by carrier. It is not my intentions to prosecute Mr VERVLOESEM for having brought me voluntarily, through his lawyer, a hardware, certainly highly suspect, that he has acquired under conditions he specified.

2. The exploitation of the important hardware delivered in my hand on 6 March, by the research and the identification of the perpetrators and the victims that appear and obviously, the prosecution of the first ones before the competent courts.

To me, it is essentially in the framework of the public action, of which we are the holders and the engines. This is a patently Federal case regarding the services which have to be in charge of it. Those [the services] who are currently placed at my disposal have a federal priority to fill that cannot suffers no other exception than those operational by the two hearings of Mr VERVLOESEM that I am forwarding to you; they are devoted to the finalization of [the enquiry on] 6 missing children and made hostages since June 95 (Julie and Mélissa, An and Eefje, Sabine and Laetitia) instructed by Monsieur the instructing magistrate LANGLOIS.

I don't know what it the situation and the availability of your federal police and if this availability is as large as described in the recent interview of Madam the substitute of our colleague of Brussels, which I join in Annex 8; but it is excluded that the federal police of Neufchâteau supports again a case of this importance with people at this point currently so busy. It is the same situation for my office. We do not have the means for that, and I have also informed of that, at the time if her visit on 6 March, to the advocate VAN DER SMISSEN. When the Federal Public Prosecutor's Office will be operational, it will indisputably the kind of case we will have to denounce to it. Meanwhile, a court will well have to fulfil this priority of the Federal plan with the means at its disposal (COL 12/99, Computer Crime Unit, etc.)

3. The information concerning Marc Dutroux and eventually the other accused in the dossier instructed by Monsieur the instructing magistrate LANGLOIS.

I currently check their reliability with the services of the investigative cell of Neufchâteau and by corresponding with our colleague from Haarlem, to bring to the attention of the investigating judge. I shall keep you informed if you consider it appropriate.

I pass the present copy [of this letter] to the office of Madam the General Prosecutor, who is requesting it from me, and I would ask you to believe, dear and honoured colleagues, in the expression of my most distinguished feelings.

Cliquez ici pour vous joindre à la cause  "Marcel Vervloesem Libre" sans conditionThe King's Prosecutor

In conclusion, the Dutch prosecutor gave priority to child's murder revealed that J-R Warmerdam in a snuff movie, while all the Belgian prosecutors, have given priority to assassinate Marcel. None of this would have happen, as if it had not been so convenient to a clique of French personalities, close to the magistrate trousers down on picture No. 9.

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