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Superposition Coral/Zandvoort

Cropped picture of the Magistrate trousers down with Nordine, boarder of the Coral home for autistic and psychotic children. Chief of staff to a ministry of François Mitterrand, the magistrate was then providing large subsidies to the Coral, according to Jean-Claude Krief. Rollover and see the face of the abuser n°9 on the research warrant launched by the police of Kennemerland. The identification was confirmed by biometry.



In 1982, the investigation of the paedophile network of children's homes in France is treated by the anti narcotics and pimping brigade. Sixteen years later, the Zandvoort dossier shows that the picture illustrating the Coral dossier was sold to a Brazilian pornographic magazine. The new element of a procurement file was assigned to the juvenile brigade. "Justice" thus eliminated the officers who had worked to identify the magistrate trousers down and the foals of Mitterrand, who have now attained the highest French and European positions.

Jean-Claude Krief, a former victim of these homes, feared the consequences of his testimony (343 arrests scheduled between 7 and October 9, 1982), would sign his own arrest and "disappearance". The false miscarriage of justice based on role reversal between criminals and their victims was therefore a common practice known of the survivors of these homes. Jean-Claude Krief has actually been incarcerated, accused of blackmailing the minister Jack Lang, one of the 69 signatories of a petition calling for the decriminalization of "agreed" sex between children and adults in 1977. Michel Krief, his brother, was murdered.

Then came the turn of Marcel Vervloesem, who superimposed the image illustrating the Coral file with photo # 9 of file Zandvoort in 1998. (Rollover the picture on the right). He was condemned to a prison sentence, which doctors predicted that he could not get out alive. Like Icarus, justice has lost its feathers, when thrilled by the power of lies, it has condemned a man without prostate for sodomy, despite the confessions of the complainants, according to which they were paid to slander him.

The Court of Appeal rejected the ban on contact with the media, which seemed unnecessary, considering he was supposed to die in prison. Three years later, dismayed by a miraculous survival, the Department of Justice asked the court for enforcement of sentences to prohibit Marcel from any contact with the media, despite the destruction of this sentence by the Court of Appeal. Karl Zéro and Serge Garde had just finished a 1:30 report on judicial delusions related to the Zandvoort file, which will be released shortly by the French television. The channel has marked it agreement that after the broadcast, the documentary could be used by NGOs, at their request, to be screened during public debates.

Meanwhile, the court enforcement of sentences is considering to free Marcel, on condition that he finds an "acceptable social situation", which ironically, absolutely excludes any form of contact with a half a centaury old princess who has no criminal record, or any person in contact with her "to prevent him from committing serious crimes." The tribunal is also considering a ban on allowing Marcel to rent an apartment in the same house where lives the dangerous princess, in favour of a provincial social city crammed with criminal records. The common friends of Marcel Vervloesem and the dangerous princess are planning a collective complaint against the Belgian State for intruding in their private lives.


The testimony of Jean-Claude Krief missing from the Zandvoort procedure 2000/2003 dates from the day of the first arrests, October 7, 1982.

In case I had to be arrested or even if I happen to disappear, a copy of the dossier will be sent to the people of my choice.

This dossier represents two years of work and individual research, in view to dismantle the largest "BLUE BALLET" network of France.

I will begin by explaining the purpose of my approach and belief that pushed me to undertake this. Firstly I will introduce myself. My name is Jean-Claude KRIEF. I was born on the 1rst of May 1961 in Argenteuil (95). Son of ailing parents, I was placed in an institution of the DDASS (state dependent homes) for 13 years, after which I decided to immigrate to Israel in order to take care of children.

It happened in October 1980. I was in a kibbutz where I was receiving regular news about France, through the newspaper "LIBERATION" to which I had subscribed.

So it was at that time that I read in this newspaper an article showing a book, which was accompanied by a photograph, depicting a boy stuck against a wall, shirtless, and his fly unbuttoned.

The code presented is called: "LANDSCAPES OF CHILDHOOD" whose author's name was Willy MARCEAU, with the address at the bottom of the article: 1,3 Fleury alley, at Meudon (92).

I took contact with that person by mail, explaining the interest I took in his writings and also asking him to send me a copy of his collection on payment of the sum of fifty francs.

Back in France, in end of October 1980, I took contact again with Willy MARCEAU in order to meet him and know who he was, as I suspected that he was a paedophile, something against which I fight for reasons of experience I have suffered as a child.

The latter thus came at the home of my mother with whom I lived temporarily. He found a photo lab and I showed him how it worked. As I had decided to play the game of the paedophile to better learn about the purposes that he would gave it.

He came together a few days later, with a person named Gérard DURAND, who lived 5, rue Claude Bernard in Paris 6th.

Gerard DURAND was introduced to me by Willy MARCEAU, and they came quickly to the purpose of their visit: Gerard DURAND asked me if I would draw him pictures from slides for him, he showed them to me as from a viewer, and I saw children in various pornographic positions and even some with adults, among whom of course, DURAND and MARCEAU, the latter sodomizing boys whose ages ranged between 5 and 12 years.

I refused to take those where there were adults present, but nevertheless I agreed to take a hundred shots, this in order to keep a copy for all purposes.

The case was already making me sick but I had not seen everything.

End December 1981, I bought a magazine called "POSSIBLE", that I had found in a "parallel bookstore": rue des Halles.

In this magazine, there was mention of a manifesto against the detention of children, with an address for inquiries: THE CORAL 30470 AIMARGUES TEL: (66) 88 00 12. CLAUDE SIGALA;

So I phoned this number and I had for answer the advise of buying the book "I VISIBLY LOVE YOU" by Claude SIGALA published by the Coral Edition. I followed this advice and went back in touch with Claude SIGALA to ask if I could come do an internship at the Coral as an educator.

So I went there December 24, 1981, Christmas Eve. The Coral is a community welcoming children for the most "psychotic and autistic" placed by various DDASS for a very small paltry per diem.

I thus spent the end of year holidays at Coral and I discovered that everyone was paedophile, as had suggested the book of Sigala, and that fucking kids were not at all taboo at their home.

What I also discovered was that many well-known personalities were coming regularly to satisfy their sexual instincts, and this of course with small kids as much need of a family that there were deprived of verbal communication, which deprives them of the possibility to testify.

I learned on the other hand there were 34 other communities of this style all registered as "Associations" governed by the laws of 1901 and grouped into a federation entitled: "COLLECTIVE NETWORK ALTERNATIVE", whose president: C. SIGALA.

The list of persons against whom I have just testify before the services of the B.S.P., (anti narcotics brigade) of all those in the list, I hold the evidence of the guilt of the people cited. I add that I was forced by the B.S.P. to make those accusations under threat of being jailed for bad checks. As my personal investigation is not complete, I do not think that the network will be entirely dismantled.

On the other hand I have no idea what will happen to me after the arrest of these people. However if anything happened to me, I say that the evidence, photographs, etc..) are safe with a lawyer and a notary who will publish them if every two hours from now, they do not have a phone call with my voice / and this until I am sure of the result of this case.

On the other hand if it happens that I am obliged to leave the country I will not hesitate to sell the case to the highest bidder.

I further state that the B.S.P. does not know all the business, but a reporter of the NEW YORK TIMES holds the dossier as complete as possible and he also has the instructions about its publication.


Followed soon...

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