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Communiqué de presse
29 juillet 2010
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-By J. de Croÿ
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L'UE et le réseau Zandvoort

l'UE et le réseau Zandvoort

Plus relaxe que les Soviets pour maquiller les crimes politiques et en crimes crapuleux.

UE & Zandvoort network

More relaxed than the Soviets to disguise political crimes into heinous crimes.

UE e la rete Zandvoort                  

Più calma dei Sovietici per mascherare i crimini politici in crimini da bagordi.


UE & the Zandvoort network

More relaxed than the Soviets to disguise political crimes into heinous crimes.

Jacqueline de Croÿ - 29 juillet 2010

In 1998, we thought to find nothing more than pimps, producers and publishers of child pornography in the Zandvoort file. In 2010, we see tens of thousands of judicial sabotage all around the European Union, with identical scheme that touches political crimes and huge swindling:

A psychopath pimp is released from prison. He is driven to commit act of barbarism and abducting children, who are destined to disappear into a prostitution network, while notaries, bankers and lawyers swindle their parents. The magistrates then take in charge the violation of procedures necessary to destroy the plaintiff. They sentence them to a detention in psychiatric asylum or prison, for the crimes they accuse the pimps, bankers, lawyers and notaries. They sentence the children who escape from prostitution to be under the custody of pimps or of institutions.

The Belgian justice has used this scheme in 2001, to ruin a Yoruba king and eliminate his heirs in prostitution, with this composition of a pimp, notaries, bankers and lawyers. The pimp had to return three of the little princes he had kidnapped, because his attempt to kidnap the three juniors had failed. The contract requested the elimination of all the heirs to the throne, showing a little genocide with a purely political objective. Belgium is too small and lacks the power needed to take advantage of such genocide. In contrast, the European Union has this power, and finds advantageous to keep the control of African countries that can enrich Europe.

A case started in 1991 has revealed that the French State is at the origin of a criminal network of an identical composition, with a pimp, bankers, notaries and lawyers, to steal millions and have children disappear into prostitution. The Tribunal de Grande Instance of Paris France had not thought that Internet would end-up waiving the censorship on State affairs. The magistrates had thus no objection in leaving loads of evidence showing each release of a psychopath pimp from the Prison de la Santé, to domiciled him in the country house of a rich heiress and her young children, without asking their opinion.

Similarly, the Court of Bordeaux has covered the swindle of one million euros as from 1997, on the base of the sexual exploitation of a child, within the framework of a criminal network with an identical composition : a pimp, a notary and lots of lawyers. The pimp was supposed to answer of his activities for the Zandvoort network, but a pimp employed by the State cannot be prosecuted without exposing the judges who gave him carte blanche.

These pimps are paid by their impunity and mere car thefts or insurance frauds. Others benefit from the millions that disappear through swindling, fraud on inheritance and the forced public sale of properties at a tenth of their value. These pimps, however, are not contented to work for the state. They thus accumulate a mixture of purely political dossiers on one side, and of purely criminal dossiers on the other side.

Schéma d'une escroquerie selon les modalités d'un crime politique de l'UE


The Belgians people believe that their ministers are too stupid to commit such crimes without the assurance of being covered by a higher authority. Very true: it is the European Union, whose objective is to become the leading world power.

The European Union subsidizes fake organisations, which have all power to put an end to any human rights violations within 48 hours, except those that aim at ensuring the superpower of Europe. These organisations have covered of their silence never-ending murder attempts on Marcel Vervloesem, founder of the NGO Morkhoven and key witness on the activities of the Zandvoort pimps. Belgium has jailed Marcel Vervloesem throughout the violation of international laws then tried to murder him throughout the violation of the European guide-line on the rights of prisoners to health care.

The European Commission said that "we could not do much" to non-compliance with these guidelines. The European Parliament would not consider an application for binding laws for the protection of prisoners. The European Court of Human Rights has lambasted the Russian disorders during two years as part of delaying tactics to delay the trial supposed to save a European citizen from inhuman treatment. The UN Committee against torture has refused to intervene to stop these tortures, on the grounds of the proceedings at the European Court of Human Rights. Not one MEP has lifted an eyebrow!

The miraculous survival of Marcel Vervloesem has revealed that Europeans Union is a fascist institution, which covers-up rapes, child abductions, imprisonments, psychiatric internment and murders for the political purpose, to reach a world superpower. All the politicians, whatever are their political orientations, aspire to superpower and a super-salaries. They thus agree to keep silence on the political crimes disguised into heinous crimes. The Europeans in contrast, does not want a superpower at the cost of rape, child abduction, imprisonment, and killings of psychiatrization policies.

A ruling states that Marcel Vervloesem can be released only on the condition that he is barred from any contact with the media and the NGOs of Human Rights, under the pretext to prevent "that would commit the serious crimes that have conducted him in prison." These serious crimes are summarized by the documented information that enabled the NGOs to bypass censorship on the release of the Zandvoort psychopath pimps. Several court documents show that Marcel Vervloesem was imposed penalties equivalent to torture and that his detention was extended beyond the legal minimum, in retaliation for the dissemination of the information by his NGO, about the barbarism tolerated by Europe.

In truth, the authorities don't give a toss about the media, because they are subsidised to cover-up political crimes. But they fear the diffusion of the information so much that an administrative document prohibits any contact between Marcel Vervloesem and Princess Maria Massimo Lancellotti. The princess has no contact with the media, but she is a former governess of nephews of the Queen of Belgium!


Fondation Princesses de Croÿ et Massimo Lancellotti - 10 Rue Faider - 1060 Bruxelles - Belgique - Droit de réponse:

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