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Ronald Janssen: silence on the reopening of the Zandvoort file

Jacqueline de Croÿ - 16 janvier 2010

Ronald Janssen, an engineer who became a teacher in technical drawing, told the Belgian investigators that he murdered 11 people between 15 and 28 years as from the early 1990s. Fifteen cases were reopened, including that of Kim and Ken Heyrman (8 and 12 years), thus the murder of Katrien De Cuyper when she was 15. Justice must have a knife under its throat to break that out. The ministry carries on in its efforts to murder Marcel Vervloesem, who signed on March 4, 2001, the complaint of the NGO Morkhoven, where he shows the presence of Katrien among the victims of the Zandvoort paedophile ring. Her identification was confirmed by biometric analysis. The complaint has not been judged yet.

The dossier was empty, "a bubble" that Marcel Vervloesem would have exposed "by perversity and for his own publicity", said the Attorney Tack, making him pass as the godfather of the network to send him to jail. The day Marcel Vervloesem fell into a coma as a result of a ban on his hospitalisation, Jo Vandeurzen, former justice minister, answered the Senate that no image of the Zandvoort file was connected to the Belgian cases. He has even lied to justify the imprisonment.

There is no "failure of the Belgian police and judicial systems" which would have permitted Ronny Janssen killing for 20 years "nose to the noses of the police," as stated in the foreign press.

Katrien De Cuyper gave her last telephone call to her parents on December 17, 1991 from the bar "Les Routiers", located on the ground floor of the porn studios X-Kiss and De Pauw in the port of Antwerp. Her naked body was found June 19, 1992, in another part of the port. She died strangled.

Kim and Ken were kidnapped January 4, 1994. Kim's body was found in the basin of the port of Antwerp hundred meters away from the Studios X-Kiss and De Pauw. She had been stabbed and raped. Ken has never been found. Ronnie Janssen taught in school a little brother of Kim and Ken: Axel, 17.

A survivor of the network led the Werkgroep Morkhoven at Gerrit Ulrich, who had collected 88,539 images of pornography and crimes against children. Ulrich bought regularly the production of the parent company of Studio De Pauw in Holland. He was selling a picture story of child pornography of Katrien on his website Apollo.

Ronny Janssen must have been 18 or 19-years-old at the time of the murder of Katrien, thereby supporting the hypothesis that he himself wad been a victim of the network, before becoming a serial killer. Photographs of him are likely to appear in the Zandvoort file at a time when he was a minor of age.

The Werkgroep Morkhoven decided to find indications justifying to guide the investigation on Kim and Ken towards the X-Kiss. At night, they put up search notices of children around the tavern "Les Routiers". Marcel Vervloesem hid in the car. Luk, another member of the NGO, entered the bar, pretending to be drunk. He had a beer. He left staggering and dropping a poster on the floor, then stashed in the car at full speed. Three men came out of the tavern to catch Luk. They could only see the research notices of Kim and Ken, and rushed to pull them out one after the other!

The Ministry of Justice has advised that since September 2006 X-kiss offered child pornography via webcam. The child pornography images were removed from the site in December. The website www.x-kiss.be is still online.

The Belgian justice department had expected to praise its efficiency in charging the murderer Shana Appeltans and Kevin Paulus within three days. A witness had already stated Ronny Janssen during the investigation into the murder of Annick Van Uytsel in 2007. The judge did not consider it useful to search his garage, where he concealed three weapons without license.

The testimony would have been "too vague". Ronny Janssen, divorced on the basis of sexual violence, would not have had the "profile" to wrap Annick in a plastic bag with a stone and throw her into the Albert canal in 2007. But in 2010, it took only a few hours before the police found him the "profile" to shoot two bullets into the head of Shana and three bullets into the head of Kevin, then set their car on fire. Both young ladies were 18-years-old and the young man was 22-years-old. Justice and police in this case can prove an excellent work, said Stefaan De Clerck, Minister of Justice and Child Focus has congratulated the investigators!

The information only passes in watermark. The director of the prison where Ronald Janssen is detained says he is object of security measures for paedophiles, though the victims admitted by justice are all major of age. The eleven murder confessions assured by the British press, are only four, according to the Belgian press. Ronald Janssen would only remember the ages, but not the names of his victims. A new nameless victim was admitted today. Her body was left in Eastern countries. Are we talking about Magdalena Gruszacka, Mr De Clerck?

The prosecution of Ronny Janssen should show that justice has been digging the grave of Marcel Vervloesem for 22 years to bury the corruption of the institutions, judges and police officers. We will have to wait at eight years of delaying tactics, to know what judicial truth they will invent.


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