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ZANDVOORT N°3: Precautions of the Petition Commission

Jacqueline de Croÿ - 25 avril 2009

The president of the Petitions Commission has accepted, this April 21, 2009, the petition "Organized paedocriminality: systematic violation of the fundamental provisions of the international law within the Union", which exposes ounce more the paedocriminal network ZANDVOORT.

The petition, registered as dossier n°1696/2008, was transmitted for preliminary investigation, to the European commission, which had qualified the 90.000 victims of murder, rape, torture and paedopornography of an "individual file", to reject any possibility of intervention. The major nuance vis-à-vis the previous petitions, is that is was also transmitted to the European Parliament Commission that has the role of controlling that the European Commission does its work.

Since, the International Court of The Hague, the ministries for the Italian home affairs, and the French foreign affairs, the government of Quebec, the Kremlin and OECD consulted our sites. The criminal network quivers and the telephones sizzle.... Its French battalion of civil organisations is looking for the victims. Their role had consisted at preventing contacts between the parents who asked for justice for their children and Werkgroep Morkhoven, the Belgian ONG which had exposed the file. They were abandoned in 2003, when judge Ringot closed the case in absence of 90.000 parts of the file. All were then condemned for slandering, or comedies exchanging the roles, sometimes with heavy custodial sentences.

The member of one of these organisations, fan club of a French magistrate, who appears underpants-less with an eleven year old boy on a photograph of the Zandvoort file, immediately contacted Marcel Vervloesem, the Werkgroep Morkhoven' main witness and collaborator, at the prison of Bruges. The underpants-less magistrate prepares his defence by ensuring that the biometric analysis that identified him at 99.03%, was made by the inefficient people. He hopes to get away with the photograph a double by claiming that it is him when he was younger. The procedure wants that the judges reject the biometric analysis which shows the difference between the Judge and his double, by an analysis made with programs which do not make the difference between a spoon and a fork. No one knows if The Hague Criminal Court might accept this kind of comedy, but one can imagine that all the people blamed are looking for the evidence to destroy. The best advice to all the victims: never communicate your files to the civil organisations and be wary of their lawyers.

The petition exposes impossibility of obtaining assistance of any body. Marcel Vervloesem had just left a hospitalization at the time when he had awaked shackled in a blood bath, at the result of a gangrene knowingly left without care in prison, which required chopping him off rotten flesh and bones. The UN Comity against torture has flatly refused to intervene. Amnesty International and the Human rights League did not even answer the calls for help.

Since the petition, the tortures are operated by deadly medical justification, an administrative work-to-rule strike and the Christians democratic deliriums of Stefaan De Clerck, the new Minister for Justice. The Commission of the euthanasia did not find time in six months to recommend the treatments likely to attenuate Marcel Vervloesem's sufferings inherent to the defect of health care to his final diseases, but the Minister offered him a pill to cause a deadly cardiac attack in prison. The social services spent eight month to refuse him a team of psychologists of the university hospital of Antwerp, flinging instead, the "moral adviser" of the prison.

The lawyers of the network counted that time limit for prosecution. The administration, which is infiltrated at all level, was then taken by the evil of the century, which is qualified of dysfunctions and dimming of the standard. The legal blocking of the Zandvoort file made pass the number of victims from 90.000 to several million in ten years. It thus acts of a crime against humanity, without time limit for prosecution

Many parents are partner in crime and complain only to win a divorce, and then complain because the network chose to offer its "judicial protection" to the other. But those who were truly trapped by surprise and all the witnesses who fought to protect these children were persecuted beyond all imagination. The day the European Parliament seizes The Hague's International criminal court, the victims will be able to leave the shade and Marcel Vervloesem will then have won his final combat. Let us hope that he will give him the strength to give up the suicide he is preparing.



Organised paedocriminality: Systematic violation of the fundamental provisions of the international law

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