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Italian NGO delegation will meet Marcel Vervloesem today

6 novembre 2008

Professor Giorgio Gagliardi and Giovanni Ristuccia hope to meet Marcel Vervloesem, imprisoned for acts he is medically unable to commit, before the Belgian authorities murder him. It turned out that the retention of water that nearly killed him was caused by a medication that was administered to him in prison. As six hours of resuscitation managed to save his life, he was brought back to the infirmary of the Bruges prison on Tuesday, as soon as he was unpluged of the intensive care equipment.

Giovanni Ristuccia has been delegated by "Movimento per l'infanzia", which represents around twenty Italian Associations of child protection. He wants to find a solution for justice for the 90,000 child victims of Zandvoort file, discovered by Marcel Vervloesem. He hopes to be allowed to give him a diploma of childhood protector from attributed to him by his association SOS Antiplagio.

The closest defenders Marcel Vervloesem will meet at the train station of Bruges this Thursday noon, including two victims of Zandvoort who are coming from Holland, to accompany them to the prison. They will return to Brussels late in the day, and answer questions from the press.


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