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10th anniversary of the discovery of the Zandvoort file.
10ième anniversaire de la découverte du 1ier cd-rom de Zandvoort
Flowers left at the Monument of the Unknown Soldier
10ième anniversaire de la découverte du 1ier cd-rom de Zandvoort
Victims: 100.000 children and as many parents and witnesses


To send a postcard to encourage Marcel Vervloesem to hold on. He appreciates all the information (newspaper article, testimony) on paedocriminality and corruption.


Monsieur Marcel Vervloesem
C/O : Gevangenis te Brugge
Legeweg 200,
B-8200 Sint-Andries-Brugge


Marcel Vervloesem: coma & parliamentary question

Marcel Vervloesem, imprisoned for crimes medicine recognises he is unable to execute, has fallen into a coma in the prison infirmary, due to the lack of medical treatment requested for over a week.

At the same time, on October 8, 2008, Zoé Genot, Member of Parliament, asked Jo Vandeurzen, Minister of Justice, if he had the intention to ask for an inquiry following the discovery of High Council of Justice concerning the disappearance of discharging evidence from his file. Seven CD-ROMs of child pornography, sent by his NGO for inquiry, have been stolen from the Antwerp tribunal, since no one can pretend that a commercial value may disappear without human intervention.

The answer shows that the conviction was pronounced in the absence of extra discharging evidence on his dossier: a Europol report that should have informed the judges on the accusation that he had laid hands on an empty file, by perversity, for his own publicity.

Monsieur le Ministre says about the conviction that the ruling has expressly provided that the dossier was complete and that the conditions for a fair trial were met. He does not explain the discovery of the High Council of Justice ref. N/07/0185/BDM/KDB of 21 February 2008:

The Prosecutor General of Antwerp confirms that on 13 April 1999, 7 CDs have been approved by the judicial police (...). On 18 July 1999, the prosecution of Antwerp closed the file (...) under the motive of unknown culprits, after which the dossier was returned to the Prosecutor General. (...) Although the complete copy of the file is found, it remains that the original cannot be found neither in the prosecution of the king's prosecutor, nor of the general prosecutor.

Monsieur le Ministre assures that these CD-ROMs are serving parts at the court conviction of Turnhout where they were deposited in December 2001. He has made a mistake on the file: The last official trace of 7 CD-ROMs in question dates from 18 July 1999 at the prosecutor general of Antwerp. He speaks of 20 CD-ROMs contained in the formal complaint of Werkgroep Morkhoven of April 4, 2001, which has not yet been tried. Marcel Vervloesem is a member of that NGO, represented by its president: Jan Boeykens.

The Minister is again mistaken as he ensures that Marcel Vervloesem never wanted to make a statement about these CD-ROMs. His statements appear in three official reports referred as ref.: 8219/01 - 8220/01 and 8257/01, as additional information to the complaint of April, 4.

The file, that Prosecutor TACK said to be a "burst bubble", was not so empty. The Swedish police have identified 37 children victims, said the Minister. But he has been mistaken again when he says that no image could link with Belgian dossier. Two Belgian links were recognised y official instances. The Dutch police identified photos of Katrien De Cuyper, a Belgian national. Brussels police found a man living in the rue du Midi in Brussels, in possession of pictures identical to those contained in the file.

Marcel Vervloesem was sentenced to imprisonment of four years, without his defence being able to set the number of photos that are in the complete file. The minister confirms there were 88,539 unique photos in the 20 CD-ROMs forwarded on March 4 2001, but does not mention how many they are in the first CD-ROM, forwarded in 1998. A man is in prison, sentenced on the basis of a file whose content is partly unknown.

Justice plans to withhold this conviction to close the case and destroy Zandvoort file, on the basis of the law that prohibits the storage of personal data beyond an investigation. The Werkgroep Morkhoven was not invited to debates, which shows justice did have refuted connectivity with its own complaint. A part of the evidence that illustrates this complaint would thus be destroyed without having been object of judgment, under the pretext of a conviction considered without connexion.

This complaint includes as other parts, address books shared by the owner of the Zandvoort file with the networks CRIES and Spartacus. They are there many Belgians, including Jacques Delbouille who was found 15 meters cubes of child pornography, following the signalisation by Marcel Vervloesem. It is thus another file connected to the Zandvoort case that has been excluded, without any form of trial.

Marcel Vervloesem was incarcerated at the prison infirmary of Bruges, in isolation under the regime for terrorist. He made a hunger and thirst strike for 26 days, until September 30 2008, requesting the implementation of the constitutional right of victims and witnesses of organized crime.

The prison has refused him the protocol hydration for 8 days, in defiance of the brain damage and the heart attack he risked. Marcel Vervloesem fell into a coma. He was hospitalized for two days, where he finally received the transfusion hydration serum. His family has been kept in ignorance of the hospitalisation, despite the death danger, due to heart condition.

Marcel Vervloesem was returned to prison, apparently without the doctors have had time to the check-up necessary to see the damage and determine the treatment it needs. It has a triple cancer and wants to avoid additional metastasis, lack of care.

He was advised of a visit by the Committee against Torture, when he was hospitalized. His terrorist regime was lifted. He is in a common room of the infirmary, with two other prisoners for company. Nurses are very nice with him. He received 136 birthday cards, including Japan and Russia. He thanked all those who thought of him.

To read the parliametary question:



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