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Jo VandeurzenMarcel Vervloesem, euthanasia at the medico-legal extermination block

updated on 19 novembre 2008


Monday, a doctor of hospital St Erasmus, designated by the state to consider the request for euthanasia, recommended Marcel Vervloesem to stop his drugs while continuing to eat normally: "It will only take ten days and you will have your euthanasia", he told him.

At the Bruges prisonThis request for euthanasia in prison is not, according to me, his will, but the consequence of a mental conditioning made of harassment, said Dr Gagliardi.

Tuesday, the day before a vital open heart operation an arbitrary sanction decided him to begin the recommended euthanasia on the spot. He is accused of causing too much sensation in the media, in this case in Italy, as the question is censured in Belgium. He would rather die than to be used as hostage to cover-up the crimes he exposed, on the 90.000 children victim of the Zandvoort network.

It is not a prison, but a concentration camp, said Marcel Vervloesem. I do not exist here. The law does not exist. My medical file does not exist. My heart and my blood were ruined by lack of the treatment prescribed by doctors. I will not, in any way, be able to survive more than two months in these conditions.



The royal decree of August 2, 2002 governing the rights of prisoners envisage measures of isolation which cannot exceed 9 day, for reasons disciplinary or medical, of "the occupant who endangers the safety and the peace of the group by his behaviour". Marcel Vervloesem is subjected to a so-called "differentiated regime", largely used, but which does not appear in this royal decree.

The treatments imposed by the "differentiated regime" are described as belonging to the techniques of physical and psychic conditioning named "mind control" or brainwash. They include destabilizing the subject by the means of imminent death threats by causing acute physical and psychic pains, by medical negligence, arbitrary sanctions, systematic violation of all the rights and constant delocalization, if necessary.

Marcel Vervloesem has, in two months, been transferred eight times, twice of which in intensive care of different hospitals. He was object of thirty-four days of isolation measures, of which thirty-two in Bruges. His diabetes makes it possible to cut his meals by half, as soon as sweet food is served. He saves his bread portions to cut the hunger.

The first official sanction justified in writing was to refuse him the normal penitentiary leave and to be able to assist to the christening of his grand-son; because he denies the crimes which medicine recognizes him unable to perform. The negative report even mentions his appeal to European Court of Human Rights, thus a blackmail asking him to give up the procedure. The new sanction is a ninth transfer in a isolation regime of 21 houres on 24.



The number of suicides in the Belgian prisons would have passed from twenty-eight in 1998, to fourteen for the first ten months of 2008. On the other hand, the number of natural deaths increases every year and would have already reached twenty-five by the end October 2008. An average of one prisoner dies every week in the Belgian prisons. This figure does not reveal the number of prisoners who die in hospitals, because permission is only given at the last minute. (sources)

The infirmary of the Bruges prison would be better qualified as a medico-legal extermination block. Marcel Vervloesem saw a man arriving there in wheelchair. The next day, the prison warder ordered him to go away. Marcel helped him, as he saw he was too weak to manage alone. The man died one hour later, on Thursday 13th of November.

The ordinary disciplinary module envisages isolation cells equipped with concrete beds, with shackles at the four corners, prisoners told him. They are stripped naked, then attached, arms and legs apart and exposed naked at the sight of all those who pass by, during 9 days. A hand maybe freed or relocked, the ties may be loosened or reinforced if the guard does not come quickly enough to allow the prisoner to go to the toilet. Even more unreal: the director and the doctor of the prison make the inspection every day, to judge of the evolution of these naked men.

Razvan Afrasinei, the Rumanian bear"These are only absurdities", the director answers. His prison has just welcomed Razvan Afrasinei, a horrible Rumanian bandit, not higher than three apples but as strong as a bear, to believe the authorities. He would have broken, naked hand, a water pipe in the prison of Wortel. The other prisoners would have been distressed. The two police officers who intervened, were wounded: one was punched on the face and the other was bitten by mistake by his dog during the intervention. The man was stripped, left naked, an arm broken in an isolation cell during two days. The consul of Romania obtained that he be sent to the hospital of Turnhout. The Belgian authorities deny any ill treatment. The normal medical care for a broken arm is two days nudity in isolation.

A second isolation module is intended for the prisoners who resist to these treatments. The maximum duration of isolation there, is of six months, explained Jo Vandeurzen, the Minister of justice, but it is possible to prolong this period. Isolation can thus be maintained indefinitely. "I feel in a laboratory where they test our limits", said a prisoner.

The detention conditions, which reflect the level of civilization of a country, return the image of a Belgium inhabited by citizens manipulated by propaganda worthy of Goebels' Reichspropagandaleitung. As majority of German who did not see what was happening in their concentration camps, the majority of the Belgians do not see what is happening in their prisons. They refuse to beleive it. It is non existent, as long as the television does not say so.

Jo Vandeurzen reacted to a press string on the isolation cells for the prisoners who resist the ordinary brainwash, by qualifying it "derogatory and offensive towards the staff (...)". This isolation would have yielded satisfactory results, according to the minister. The behaviour of most detainees toward the staff would have marked a serious improvement, he said, without reference to the machine that turns men into vegetables. He is supported by the forums of the official newspapers, which mainly publish comments to encourage violence against detainees.

The Belgian propaganda was refined this Monday with the publicity of a new training of the prison warders at the initiative of Jo Vandeurzen, to detect the suicidal prisoners by play roles.

Yesterday, the sugar rate in Marcel Vervloesem's blood was of 470, thus 4 times the standard (100\120). He has stopped to eat, to drink and to take his medicine. He hopes to survive the time to see his partners and best friends again, then have the quick "euthanasia", according to the definition of the last Belgian institutional reform.

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