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Respect to Marcel Vervloesem, from the president of his NGOLast letter of Marcel Vervloesem before he fell into coma

Ridiculed by the press, said "quasi illiterate", condemned on the basis of a doctors' report who reduces his intelligence quotient to 82%, imprisoned for crimes that medicine recognizes he is physically unable to do and allotted a terrorist regime, he had written from his Bruges isolation cellto Giovanni Ristuccia and Giorgio Gagliardi on Octobre 7, 2008.

Excuse my little French. I received your letter of 25 September in Bruges. Thank you very much. About the question you put on the list of visits, I do it as quickly as possible. That depends on the direction, which must accept. Hopefully this will be.

It does me good to note that outside, people think about this case and react. What is happening in my country and how such a thing is possible, as you write and make the facts known with your oganisation, is a real scandal, a violation of the fundamental right, individual freedom and human rights.

I beleive and maintain that despite the difficult circumstances as a prisoner, it is an honor and an obligation to continue to fight for the thousands of the children victims who appear on the CD of Zandvoort case. It is my obligation as an activist, to fight for these values and support them. At the least: to speak out on the behalf of the thousands of children whose voices are never heard.

I always knew in the years during which I fought, that translating the call for help of these thousands of children is not safe in my country. But as activists, we must continue working, and if necessary, leave aside our own interests, our freedom, and our happiness. If we do not do that and we abandon the suppression and pressure from the Belgian courts as in this case, we would be accomplices in what is regarded as crimes against humanity. Our destiny is made of a big pain. The many victims, who are not heard and not defended, need our full energy and commitment.

The Belgian judicial authorities are an example of irresponsibility and violation of human values. Their need to prosecute men like us, on the basis of incorrect dossiers, and through delays and sophistication, shows their real weakness. I am still convinced that at some point, a sense of outrage about this case will reborn. Because cheating of such importance can not remain unnoticed and unheard. This is already showing with the many international reactions and the fact that after 11 years, they still have not yet managed to silence the case. On the contrary, attention becomes greater, and with reason.

We can not accept the blackmail of the Belgian courts of justice. We must strengthen our views, even under the status of a prisoner. What would world look like if all the scandals that had been put in the Deaf Pot; by killing all the people who are giving their views and speak out for thousands of victims ; imprisoning them throughout laws, to impose them silence.

There are two laws, according to me: the law of justice and the law of the heart. I never regretted all the years of struggle, even if the fight was sometimes very heavy, even if it cost me my health and my freedom. I did it by conscience, belief, feeling and heart. This fight is too important and the goal is too sacred to drop it. That is why I do it, even when it seems heavy. The consequences are harsh. Life in prison is sad. Thousands of victims are worth much more. I'm just a mean to help them.

For now, I have been for nearly 5 weeks in an isolation cell, almost without human contact. The door opens three times a day, for 2-3 minutes, to take a few drops of my blood and leave the medicine and food. During these 5 weeks I could only leave the isolation cell one hour 3 times a week to see my family and friends. For the rest of the time, I am the most isolated prisoners in my country. I can not open the window of the cell, because there is no window that opens. The air I breathe day and night comes from two pipes in the cell, one that blows air, the other sucks it. Both fans make noise day and night, which prevents me from sleeping more than it gives me the opportunity of resting.

I live and work temporarily in these circumstances, as a prisoner. Nobody can be aware of what isolation and a total cut-off from human contact may have for effect on me. Mother Justice is absolutely not interested by that. But I survive because I know that many people are working around my destiny.

From the window, I see the sea-gulls, which are free. The word freedom has no ear in this environment, but in my heart, I feel free and I accept my fate. Should this not be so comfortable in these circumstances and not give much hope, it is also a lifestyle, but in another form and another quality. The hunger and thirst strike action, and the road of pain that followed the 11-years struggle to expose the CDs had caused to weaken me. I feel weakened in that isolation cell, but I'm looking for a panorama to see what can I still do to this case. I look the enemy in the eyes and I feel good about it.

I have no conscience of having done anything that I can be blamed of. I, as a man, did what seemed correct. I took the road that had to be followed, the path that was necessary to take, to represent the Court of Appeals for thousands of victims. What more than that can we do, as men?

Now, I am waiting to see what the following days will bring. It is possible that my request is not heard: that I am taken to another prison and that the contacts will be made even more complicated. I do not know. But one thing is certain: my voice is heard and as long as possible, its echo will be heard.

With all my heart and my best regards,

Marcel Vervloesem


NEXT: the first letter of Marcel Vervloesem after it is out of his coma ... from the isolation cell 92 of the prison Turnhout.

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