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Marcel Vervloesem stops the hunger strike to continue the fight

Marcel Vervloesem, in consultation with the leaders of the Werkgroep Morkhoven, decided on 30 September 2008 at 16h50, to stop the hunger strike that he began on September 5 and m atched with a thirst strike during the first 7 days.

He was imprisoned without the judges of Antwerp's Court of Appeal and Brussels' Court of Cassation, want to take for account the theft of discharging evidence, though this theft was confirmed by Higher Council of Justice, nor the denial of all the rights of the defence.

He has put his life at stake, to request for laws that protect European citizen from simulations of miscarriages of justice resulting to the destruction of the victims and witnesses of organized crime.

He accepted to stop the hunger strike, considering the procedure at the court the application of penalties, the procedures at the European Court of Human Rights, and for the motives:

Prison of Bruges
Comity against Torture and and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.

1rst. The pressing request of international organisation for child protection and victims of the paedocriminal network Zandvoort, who asked him to stay alive so that he could testify at the reopening of their cases, also closed. He has been very sensitive to the call of young victims to all the other victims, asking them to stand up for their rights.

2nd. To meet delegations of the United Nations called to note

- The treatment of victims and witnesses who expose paedocriminal networks.

- The arbitrary punishments, in absence of any breach of prison rules:

3rd. To continue, together with his organisation, awareness campaigns on the need to European laws for the application of Human Rights.

Marcel Vervloesem suffers from a triple cancer, severe heart failure and depends on insulin due to diabetes. He is in a state of dehydration that was aggravated against his will, because he was given only boiling water that has caused him such unbearable pain he could not drink it.

He was since the morning, unable to drink without vomiting immediately. He lost conscience without being able to define for exactly how long. He can no more sleep or stand-up any more than a few moments.

Marcel Vervloesem, has already protested against an arbitrary imprisonment by a 31 day hunger strike in 2005. He had been re-fed in the prison of Bruges. The lack of control of the rise of sugar in the blood had provoked three diabetic comas, each likely to be fatal, due to his heart condition.

The Werkgroep Morkhoven does not known at present, if he has survived the re-feeding.

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