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Marie-Dominique Poumailloux

A French mayor and judges agree to domicile a dangerous madman, sentenced to 12 years in prison for aggravated pimping and swindle in the country house of a mother of three children. They refuse to hear her complaints of rape, acts of barbarism and swindling, which will ended-up to kill her daughter, with vaginal injuries, bleeding and broken bones. This murder has still not been judged in 11 years.

L'enfer des Poumailloux

Jacqueline de Croÿ - le 7 juin 2010

Marie-Dominique Poumailloux, daughter of an engineer and granddaughter of a university professor, lived in "Séquestre" a village of 1,300 inhabitants in the south of France, near Toulouse. She had put her house up for sale in 1990 and settled in the area of Reims, 1000 miles away, with her three children, who were then aged 8, 9 and 10 years. The following year, the Mayor of "Séquestre", has domiciled an inmate sentenced to twelve years in prison for aggravated pimping and swindle, under the charge of a rehabilitation centre. Marie-Dominique returned with her children 12 May 1991, when her bank informed her that her account showed irregularities. She discovered in her house a person she did not know, a dangerous madman, armed with a shotgun and a magnum 44. He raped and tortured her for several hours in front of her children. Two days later, the madman had guessed all the Christian names of the Poumailloux children, as if he had, from his prison, had access to records of the City Council. He recognized them as his own, though their real father had already recognized them. He then emptied the bank account of their mother.

Less than a month after, on June 11, 1991, the Tribunal of the Sentence Enforcement granted the charter to a three months parole to the author of these acts of barbarism, at the home of his victims, "for professional reasons". Strengthened by the censorship of the press, this same Tribunal struck again on December 12, 1991, despite the protests of the owner of the house. These "professional reasons" consisted at having the youngest son sequestered by accomplices, to extort 100,000-FF (15,000 euros) from the handicapped grandparents. Little Alexandra, eldest of the siblings, was hospitalized after jumping out the window in terror, at the age of 12.

Schéma d'une escroquerie selon les modalités d'un crime politique de l'UE

The "gifts of clairvoyance" of the mentally ill criminal allowed him to discover that the family still owned apartments, and even more extraordinary, to obtain the assistance of provincial lawyers and bankers to legalise their theft. The court continued to grant the necessary prison leaves for these swindling, denying each hospitalisation, each broken bone, for nine years. The beautiful Alexandra was not in danger, according to the magistrates. They thus did not find any use to an investigation, when she died with vaginal injuries, bleeding and broken bones, at the age of 21.

Beyond the shortcomings of the French legal system and of the morality of politicians around Toulouse, there is the will to deprive a family of all its assets, by the use of a dangerous offender. Marie Dominique Poumailloux appeals to the Supreme Court of condemnation requested by banks with which she has never had any contractual agreement, nineteen years after the first attacks. This is only necessary to reach the European Court of Human Rights, since the fate of those who expose the shortcomings of the State is to lose every judgment on the national ground. The European Union thus does not give her any hope of justice before a quarter of a century.


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