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EU accepts what Russia refuses. Marcel Vervloesem has to give up requesting parole for health reasons. He is again threatened of death by denial of hospitalization passed the risk of diabetic coma.


Jacqueline de Croÿ - 15 décembre 2009

The Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev, has sacked the head of the prison administration of the city of Moscow, the director of the remand centres and the Chief Medical Director of all the Russian prisons on December 4, 2009, due to systematic violations of regulations regarding health care in the detention centres. The decision was taken following the inquiry of the death in custody of lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, to whom the Prison Service would answer: "you will have medical treatment when leaving prison".

Sergueï MagnitskiMr Magnitsky was arrested in late 2008, by the officer against whom he had filed a complaint for complicity to theft of 230 million dollars, and he was jailed under the accusation of complicity in tax evasion of 16 million dollars. The lawyer was murdered on November 16, 2009, by systematic violations of regulations regarding health care in prison, with the complicity of the press who waited for his death to start the scandal.

Marcel Vervloesem was incarcerated on the basis of an assembly identical to that which killed Sergei Magnitsky, but within a dossier where the NGO describes the sexual exploitation of children, boarders of State institutions. Even his accusers have refused to be represented by a lawyer for the hearing last week, which has to determine their compensation. They blame the magistrates and experts of having dismissed the confessions of one of them, according to which they had filed false complaints under the threat of the current Chairman of the Police Council. This officer is subjected to about thirty official reports for sex crimes, including a complaint from each of these young people, but has never been judged.

As Sergei Magnitsky, Marcel Vervloesem has been subject to a reversal of charges. He was declared guilty of rape, despite the medical reports that shows he was too ill to rape anyone, or to survive prison. He has all the same survived 71 days of opposition to dialysis, to the amputation of gangrene and to a double open-heart surgery... under conditions contrary to the requirements of doctors. He has been waiting since September 10, 2008 for the prescribed protocol of treatment to a metastasized cancer, and since April 16, 2009, for the treatment prescribed for a persistent cardiac arrhythmia. He was shackled 591 hours "for health reasons".

The journalists stopped to announce the hospitalization of Marcel Vervloesem, so much they showed the enormity of the Belgian prison system. They call from time to time at prison, more often for the last two days because the sugar rate in his blood has exceeded the threshold of diabetic coma. Nothing is expected to lobby for him to be provided the health care granted to him by law. You will only hear of him when he will be dead.

The Russians were the first to have reached the moon. They are apparently the first to destroy the legalization of murder in prison to cover-up corruption cases. The Kremlin dynamited the prison system, by dismissing the Russian counterparts of Hans Meurissen, Director of the execution of sentences service, and of Dr. Francis Van Mol, director of medical administration of prisons for identical murderous violations of regulations regarding health care. It would be unthinkable in Belgium.

On the contrary, Marcel Vervloesem is obliged to give up asking for parole, to get rid of these "social services", as they plan to oppose his release by the European Court of Human Rights on the grounds of an "ongoing investigation". It is his only chance to leave prison alive, slim but existent.

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