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History of child pornography: at the basis, Pervitin

EU justice with a cocaine sauce

Jacqueline de Croÿ - 29 janvier 2010

It took a Belgian, Herman Van Rompuy, to reach the presidency of Europe for the first EU country to legalize the possession of hard drugs, among which pervitin that led to the "shoah", the catastrophe in Hebrew. The Czech Republic has legalized the culture of 39 hallucinogenic mushrooms and 5 cannabis plants, as well as the detention of 1 gram of cocaine, 1.5 grams of heroin, 2 grams of pervitin, and 4 pills of Ecstasy since 1st January 2010.

Pervitin is the name given to amphetamines which they initiated the 2nd World War, after its effects have been tested on the German army in 1938. It gives an illusion of superpower and genious. Hitler was quickly convinced to belong to a superior race: the "Aryan race". Six million men, women and children died gassed and starved to death, under the indifferent eyes of soldiers stuffed with amphetamines. Since then, the Shoah appears to have made at least 120 million children victims of sexual abuse via these drugs, under the indifferent eyes of the politicians. It is legal to show the pictures of the shoah under Hitler, but illegal to show the one under EU governance. The principles are identical: produce pictures of the worst crimes. The prohibition to publish these pictures are only intend to hide what governments cover-up.

It is a Romanian student of the University of Berlin, who created in 1887, the first synthesized form of ephedra, a shrub used by the Chinese worriers as a medicinal weapon for millennia, wich is at the origin of amphetamines. All the armies have used amphetamins, but only the german army has committed so many war crimes. The allied armies were led by professional officers who had won their promotion and obey the laws of war, explains veterans, wereas Hitler had introduced the system of appointment of SS officers, who did not respect any law.

Now they are called "amphet." They are the basis of speed, ecstasy, of Yaba, Crystal and as many drugs, which change names depending on the proportion of washing-up products and lithium from camera battery incorporated in them. All toutch the same location of the neurons, which toutches the chic of the chic among politicians, journalists and stars: cocaine, they beleive more natural.

Insofar as nature is concerned, cocaine is a mayonnaise of coca leaves, lime and kerosene, enclosed in a plastic bag until it forms crystals, which are then refined. The lime was very popular during the French Revolution "in order to promptly dissolve the corpses" of aristocrates who had their heads chopped off, and the kerosene is the fuel used for aircrafts. The consummer thus burns his or her nostrils by sniffing a natural product that dissolves dead human bodies and gets lead into his or her brain without having a bullit shot in the head. The producers have not yet though of lead-less cocaïn.

These drugs provide a feeling of invincibility, which puts in a very good mood. The illusion of being a super-powerfull genius can cause delusions of grandeur. Barriers disappear at the first sniff. The addicts knows neither doubt nor limit. They can do compulsive spendings or steal what they want but don't have the money to pay for. They feel irresistable, which can lead to sexual assault. They do not feel pain. They are indifferent to the harm they can cause. Death leaves them cold.

Whoever does not feel pain, do not feel hunger or thirst, which dehydrates. The brain, whose size is proportional to the body, weighs an average of 1325g for men, and 1144g for women, is made of 95% water. The dehydration of the brain has for effect to reduce the concentration by 13% and the memory of 7%, what can eventually cause amnesia. These drugs thus reduce the mental capacities, and in consequence the quality of the work. The resistance to fatigue only increases the quantities of tasks that can be accomplished. These drugs thus only produce a large quantity of work of an apawling quality.

The drug addicts who realise that people fail to be impressed by their superpower and their genius may suffer from delusions of persecution and panic attacks. Half of the murders committed in Tokyo in the 50s have been attributed to amphetamines. Stopping these drugs drives to suicidal thoughts during 6 months. Weaning is thus easier for those who are intelligent enough, not to need to feel more intelligent than they are.

These drugs explain why some politicians and judges can declare nonsense with an incredible pompous tonne. They explain the covering-up of the most serious problems of society, of which the indifference to the continuation of the Holocaust: the industry photos and films of real crimes against children, which would represent 120 million victims if the French situation was expanded to the entire world. This is a minimum estimate because the number of victims in some countries, like Thailand, is much higher than in France.

Nearly all the judgments which are denying international laws in cases relating to organized crime, are written in the same pompous language, full of grammar, vocabulary and style mistakes. These faults are such that they would have ensured the failure to exams in the mother tongue, which have given access to the school for judges of these magistrates. What seemed to be a recognition code among perverts, appear in reality nothing more than the stigma of drugs.

Prisons happens to be the best places to get minister quality cocaine because the high rancking officials make sure to have their suppliers jailed in these prisons to eliminate the potential blackmailers. One can find with amazement the psychosocial service of a Belgian prison in an Internet forum, where social workers say they are "a race apart," thanks to whom "there is no recurrence".

This "race apart" regularly kill prisoners by driving them to suicide or denying them the health treatment prescribed by the doctors. They can multiply by ten the lenght of a conviction, that the Belgian law limits to one third of the sentence in case of irreproachable conduct. Their genious includes an indifference to the legal deadlines to submit a complete dossier to the courts of application of the sentences. Prisoners accuse them of being completely dehumanized, a symptom of drugs, which destroy the emotions.

This "race apart" does the most disgusting work that it is possible to note, but prepare the decisions that judges of the sentences application sign. They are in perfect league with the Minister of Justice and the Court of Cassation, which legalizes every irregularity, knowing that the majority of prisoners will not reach the European Court of Human Rights. We can negotiate with the mafias, says a former drug dealer, but not with these people. They build-up false dossiers by hundredsand grant preventive release only to pedophiles, he concluded scandalized.

The modern administration is very similar to the Nazi army. Civil servents are not assigned duties for the quality of their work or their experience, but by appointment. One can immediately recognized drug addicts in the Belgian administration by their lack of emotion. They are very obedient to the hierarchy, as the German army has shown, but when they are not inherently up-right or under the control of very strict rules, their delusions of persecution may drive them to destroy those who do not see their superpower or genious.

The last Czech law on drug possession was a typical "cocaine sauce" law, making a crime to possess only an amount drugs "bigger than small." The new law aims to prevent confusion about what a "small amount" of drugs.


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