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Marcel Vervloesem: action "droits des prisonniers"

Marcel Vervloesem, Belgian human right activist for nearly 40 years, here above in 2008 during an action for the rights of the prisoners in front of the prison of St Gilles in Brussels. He is now jailed in that prison, which has jailed the great heroes of the resistance, among which Miss Edith Cavell and the Princess Marie de Croÿ, arrested on 5 and 6 September, 1915 and judged together.

Miss Edith Cavell was sentenced to death and shot. The Princess Marie de Croÿ was sentenced to 10 years of hard labour and imprisoned at the prison Seigburg, in Germany. She was released for humanitarian reasons, as the doctors of the prison did not expect she could survive.

A centaury later, Marcel Vervloesem is not entitled to the humanity of German prisons during the first World War, how ever very hard they were. The ministry refuses him the treatment of his metastasized cancer. He survives only by a repetition of miracles.

"Cocaine sauce" isolation for Marcel Vervloesem

Jacqueline de Croÿ - 3 février 2010

Marcel Vervloesem, who gave the authorities the Zandvoort file with 88,539 photographs of real crimes in 1998, was imposed complete isolation as soon as his NGO, the Werkgroep Morkhoven, found one of the victims alive. He was transferred to the St Gilles prison in Brussels for outpatient treatment of crimes he is recognised to be physically incapable of having executed. He is subject to a regulation unknown from the staff of the prison, when we called to ask about the schedules of visits. He could not see his collaborators; have access to a telephone, even to call his family.

The State treats the visitors to the prison of St. Gilles are treated like dogs, inflicted hours of waiting, standing in a line that never ends in the wind, the cold and the rain. Those who do not have the health to withstand these conditions are physically unable to see their relatives.

We, the "inferior human race", can nevertheless make fascinating discoveries, while chatting in the queue outside the prison of St. Gilles. It seems that favourable detention conditions can be obtained from the penitentiary civil-servants of all the prisons, in exchange for addresses where to find chic and cheap drugs. One can thus understand how an almost illiterate ruffian, close to a criminal gang who is active in drug trafficking, prostitution and pornography, manages to publish on Internet, all the conclusions on the fate reserved to Marcel Vervloesem, long before they are official!

It is rather logical when the former minister for justice and present minister of the health plead that everybody must be able to dehydrate their brain and emotions without risk, thanks to a free of charge testing of the quality of cocaine. Drugs give an illusion of an invulnerability and genius, which can lead to make believe in a "right of life or death" on others. There are enough drug addicts in prisons to understand that the decision-making functions should be strictly prohibited to drug addicts, whatever is their level of education. Accepting drug addicts in the administration is irresponsible and unacceptable, in reason of the potential of stupidity and cruelty that the use of drugs can lead.

In 2005, during an illegal preventive detention of Marcel Vervloesem, a civil-servant of the justice department replied laughing: "Of course we do not wake up every quarter of an hour, we just see if he is not dead." An attaché to the direction of the prison of Turnhout then had the genius of filing a complaint for a threat represented by a complaint against X for non-assistance the person in danger.

Drug abuse may explain the incredible mess in the psychosocial services of the state. The documents are lost. Some civil-servants pretend to be on vacation for three months, others brutalize the prisoners with threats. The lack of conductive line between the dossiers suggests a mixture of corruption and disastrous work due to drugs. The isolation of Marcel Vervloesem could be explained by a "sauce cocaine" loss of memory to forward the list of people he is allowed to see, but he is object of such persecution, we doubt an accident.

Now, Marcel Vervloesem is the only prisoner who is not allowed to be judged or hospitalised in his jurisdiction on grounds that the invulnerable Stefaan De Clerk, the current minister of justice, is too much of a genius for the need to explain. We, inferior race, should believe that new regulations would force the prisoners to follow the judge of the sentence implementation outside their jurisdiction, as if the office of deputy judge had been abolished.

The attaché, who felt threatened by a complaint for non-assistance of a person in danger, has in the meantime missed his exam to become director of the prison of Turnhout. He became president of the staff college, a function that requires his opinion on the application of a prisoner, but without that the members of the staff are requested to vote by yes or no to specific questions. The last Staff College was favourable to free Marcel Vervloesem for health reasons. This one joins the opinion of the drug traffickers. If history has to repeat itself, the court of enforcement of the sentences of Hasselt will just replace the phonetic spelling of the traffickers, by spelling of the judge.

The drug traffickers believe that Marcel Vervloesem can not get out of prison, or have access to medical treatment on which his life depends, as long he does not confess the crimes they accused him, so incoherent that not a single law court, even cocaine powdered could have found a way to give them accredit. The traffickers believe that a five years cancer three times metastasized, a diabetes mellitus, serious dysfunction of the kidneys, the heart and the pancreas would be of the "own fault" of Marcel Vervloesem, as their doctors ascribed the legacy of their addiction to "their own fault".

Last year, Dr. Van Mol, chief doctor of all the Belgian prisons, had the originality to give credit to the diagnosis of the drug dealers, ensuring that diseases of Marcel Vervloesem were "his own fault," among others because he would be smoking, whereas he has never smoked in his life. He refuses all hospitalization before he is in a coma or that the doctors believe he has only three days to live.

Since, the new president of the college staff checked all the canteen order form of Marcel Vervloesem to ensure that would be the only one to blame for his untreated illnesses, which are now "50% his own fault", because he is ordering fruits, which he cleverly confuses with "sweets".

The traffickers are satisfied with censorship of the media, to whom they supply drugs, but allergic to the exposure of their secret by NGOs of human rights. Their sole desideratum that the judge Gossens did not accept, is to castrate Marcel Vervloesem, as some of them have been, when they were caught in countries governed by Sharia. Now the court enforcement of sentences Hasselt should prohibit a man renting an apartment in a house where nobody has a criminal record, on the grounds that the NGOs of human rights are domiciled above his floor.

"The problem", according to the one who has not the capacities to become a prison director, is that "these are people who defend him." Marcel Vervloesem would not qualify for electronic surveillance, bail for health reason, prison leave and fun days, again due to "his own fault," because he "should not have chosen an address in Brussels for his reintegration and rehabilitation. [...] All these idiots and these organizations would better write that Mr. Vervloesem has been convicted in a legal manner. [...] We do not want the letters about 'the murder of Marcel Vervloesem'. [...] European Court of Human Rights or not, we are not interested. He was convicted in Belgium legally. If he admits his guilt, he will gain everything. It's as simple as that", said the invincible genius.

The court of Turnhout is presently investigating three complaints of prisoners against this civil-servant. We invite the complainants to request a review of research of toxicity, to identify if he uses drugs, on the grounds that he bears all their stigmata, including an acute morbid irresponsibility. It's as simple as that!

The only solution to stop the abuse of position of weakness of the prisoners is to entrust the prisons to the army, to direct them in military fashion, strictly according to law, with court-martial for the soldiers who are tempted by drugs.


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