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Erwin and the "rififi" at the Justice Department

22 octobre 2009

Marcel Vervloesem will remain in prison, as long as he does not admit the rapes contained into complaints that the Belgian courts have recognized dictated for 15.000-FB, would have decided the Department of Justice.

Erwin is a young 28-years-old psychologist, employed by the Psychosocial Service of the Turnhout prison. He told Marcel that a document allegedly "disappeared", but of which a part is mentioned in a judgment, was actually kept in the computer justice department, which assumes that the judgment was dictated by the justice department and not by the judge. Erwin has also read to Marcel a document he has presented him as an internal memo from the justice department, which prohibits his release before his agony is advanced enough to prevent he can say goodbye to his family and friends, even if the Court of Human Right decides the his sentence is illegal.

Erwin's service was working normally, giving its consent to the University Hospital of Antwerp to provide ambulatory health care to Marcel, until the day the Department ordered to freeze the dossier. Erwin then went "on holiday". The justice department then tried to force Marcel to accept a 12 hours drive, handcuffed in a cage, for a medical exam that could be done in only a few hours in a local hospital. Accustomed to survive only by a succession of miracles, Marcel refused.

Yesterday, Erwin told Marcel that he would not be released, as long as he does not admits the rapes, including the rape of the current Chairman of the Board of Police, which all the Belgian courts have recognized invented. Even more extraordinary: Erwin has detailed the contents of a threat letter sent to Wendy Vervloesem, Marcel's daughter who is also object of state persecution, and of slander from the band of pervert illiterates, who has implemented the cabal to imprison her father, for 375 euros each.

Marcel being liable to parole for good behaviour since last September 4, the ministry has decided to postpone the December trial which was to decide of it, because "too sensitive to the media", according to Erwin, who has explained him that it is the fault of the Internet media of the NGO, which exposes the application of international laws in Europe on organized crime. "Fools and scoundrels who should all be locked in psychiatry," said the psychologist, who asked to Marcel: "Do you see the result of contacts with these bandits?" As many princes, counts, barons and doctors, all criminal or mad, which should be locked-up as in the good old days of Stalin, if they were not likely to corrupt the prisoners by information.

Erwin claims to have received, together with the psychiatrist Delander, the power to prohibit Marcel, from receiving any mail, visit, give any telephone call or even have prison holidays during the next three years, if the "scoundrels" above mentioned, continue to publish their articles. It is quite normal to handcuff a prisoner during 591 hours for "health reasons", according to psychologist, who explains that there are enough handcuffed people in prison, and patients who die in jail to prove it.

These threats are supposed to invite Marcel to return voluntarily to the extermination centre of Bruges, so that the ruling of December belongs to the court of Ghent, which allows the minister to dictate its judgments. The conditions of detention ther are so abominable, that it is unthinkable, and there is no difference between a dictated judgment delivered in Antwerp, in Ghent or in Moscow. We thus take the risk of the court of Antwerp, where one never knows, there might be magistrates who respect the separation of the capacities.

The Dutch Mafia pays dearly senior officials for the violations of international laws that promote their employees and eliminate those who expose, according to former prisoner who had shared his cell with the member of the network that the NGO of Marcel Vervloesem has exposed. We can not compete with their means.

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