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Marcel Vervloesem lors d'une conférenceMarcel Vervloesem:

Last Christian Democrat provocation

Jacqueline de Croÿ, 5 juin 2009

Stefaan De Clerck, minister for Belgian justice has granted 171 electronic bracelets between on January 29 and on May 27, 2009, but refuses it to Marcel Vervloesem whereas he is in final stage. This last media provocation occurs at the moment this Human Right activist started vomiting blood for four days and his skin strongly pigments, indication of the increase of bilirubin, the approach of hepatic coma and death. It is typical of those peoples, who aim at driving the attention away from the real problem: we are supposed to focus on the rights of the prisoners, rather than on organised paedophile criminality, which is covered by the ministry of justice itself.

Quelques photos de victimes de ZandvoortAll the perverse operations are allowed, such as request the prisoner's signature acknowledging the receipt of the parcels that are sent to him, which are then stored in the cellar of the prison, for his family, when he will be dead. He has thus been recently deprived paper and stamps that were sent to him. A doctor also found fun to test his reactions by claiming that his blood-pressure had restored by miracle. He can only be hospitalized a foot shackled to a hospital bed, from where his choice to die in prison. He prefers to be able to move in his cell and look at the seagulls from his window as long as it will be possible for him.

"Three wardens committed suicide lately, among which a woman. The prisoners are thus not the only ones to kill themselves. The wardens are doing strike this Friday", said Marcel Vervloesem, who repeats: "This is not a prison, but a concentration camp."

Witness of the kidnapping of a child by an Antwerp branch of the paedocriminal network Zandvoort in 1988, Marcel Vervloesem has, ten years later, discovered 93.081 photographs of rape, torture, murder and pornography of children. The Belgian press has silenced a real crime against humanity, and is presently treating the murder of this Flemish hero in the same manner. The last message of Marcel to the victims will be broadcasted by the French television. The journalist Serge Garde, who exposed the French branch of the network, recorded two telephone interviews from the prison of Bruges these 27 and May 28. The television news planed on the treatments inflicted to him was pushed back, because the topicality left only between 5 and 8 minutes, that is to say enough for a footballer, but not for such a serious subject.

Marcel Vervloesem is imprisoned since September 5, 2008, for crimes which the doctors recognize he was unable to carry out, because of his health condition and in spite of the counter-indications of nine doctors, even the justice expert. A room is ready for him in Brussels, to be able to assume his palliative care at home, but the Christian Democrat minister remains inflexible. Paul Van Buytenen, Member of the European Parliament, who came to see Marcel Vervloesem in the prison of Bruges, told him that nobody at the political level dared to move. The silence explains how Hitler could murder so many people.


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