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From: De Clerck, Stefaan
Sent: Wednesday, June 10, 2009 12:06 PM
To: Fond. Pcesses de Croÿ & M. Lancellotti
Subject: Read: Mr Vervloesem: Décharge sans valeur juridique au niveau du droit international

Your mail has been read on Wednesday 10 June 2009 12:06: 48 (GMT+01: 00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris.

SOS read by Stefaan De Clerck, Minister for Belgian justice

Discharge without legal value on the level of the international laws

Dear Minister,

The NGO Werkgroep Morkhoven, active in the fight against children's sexual exploitation, filed a formal complaint on March 4, 2001, to require justice for 88.539 children victims of murder, tortures, rape and pornography, who appear in the Zandvoort file discovered by Marcel Vervloesem. Judge Van Craen, exposed in the file "Good Engels" at the base of research for, on January 11, 1990, granted the adoption of a teen to a man who will be condemned on January 17, 1991 for "indecent assault to satisfy his impulses, on a minor over sixteen years on which he had authority", condemned Mr Vervloesem on February 6, 2008, to four years of prison, for crimes which he was recognized physically unable to make, of which the rape of a teen who admitted having carried an untrue complaint under the threat.

The appeal was rejected by an arrest of the Cour de Cassation of June 24, 2008, in spite of the recognition by the Superior Council of the Justice of two serious faults of procedure, resulting to a judgment on basis of a doubly incomplete file:

  1. 30-10-2007. Ref.: N/07/0152/BDM/KDB.
  2. 21-02-2008. Ref.: N/07/0185/BDM/KDB.

On November 8, 2008, in answer to the parliamentary question n° 7191 of Mrs. Genot about the disappearance, of 7 pedopornographic Cd-roms, recognized by the Superior council of Justice, Mr. Vandeurzen, then Minister for Justice, confused file AN.37.97.242/99 with the file 130.P.2007, to justify a judgment on the basis of incomplete file.

Meanwhile, the Ministry for Justice refused Mr Vervloesem, the electronic bracelet, in waiting of his recourse to the European Court of Human rights, in spite of a cancer and three metastases, to which he survives without chemotherapy, currently since four and half years. He was imprisoned on September 5, 2008 with a medical file comprising a score of hospitalizations in intensive care for reanimations or surgical operations major: cancers, open-heart operations, renal blockings, pancreatitis and diabetic comas.

Mr Vervloesem was object of tortures in prison, followed deprivation of medical care, which was unrelentingly to lead him to death. He was amonghst other, deprived of fresh water during 18 days of a suicidal hunger/strike in September 2008. He was only allowed to drink boilant water which causes abominable pains on an empty stomach, and his health care was granted to him only in coma, or at the article of death.

In prison, a doctor advised him that his health condition allowed him to commit suicide in ten days, by stopping his medications, while continuing to eat normally, in so far as he signs a discharge for the doctors of the prison. This discharge does not have any legal value, because it was signed under the pressure of physical and psychic tortures.

At the beginning of April, you assured him the service of the Euthanasia Commission, who by law, must indicate the treatments which make it possible to attenuate the sufferings of final diseases, so that a patient does not have to put voluntarily an end to his life. You also ensured an investigation into the detention conditions, which are comparable to torture. None the indicated services moved, whereas these two measures could have saved his life.

Mr Vervloesem decided this May 14, 2009, at the end of nearly nine months of physical and psychic tortures, to put an end to the persecutions, with an obvious goal to prevent that he can leave prison alive. He should be dead since 18 days, according to this doctor who explained to him the way to could commit suicide, with guarantee that the ministry would let him die. He suffers from nausea, of nosebleed, of constant thirst, he vomits blood and he loses his sight. He repeats every day to aspire to a death which the free world or the electronic bracelet would have given him access, but which is not accessible in prison.

BFM-TV : GO !We retain that the only repeated motivation of your ministry to prohibit his penitentiary holidays (thus the electronic bracelet) is the sensitivity of the media. In reality, the international press, which does not have anything to fear of the Belgian simulations of miscarriages of justices, became sensitive to the cruelty of the treatments which were inflicted to him, which appeared the first time by the gangrene of which, any doctors worthy of this title whould have spared him by, and will be finalized by his death in prison. Granting him a human death, in these circumstances, a minor harm, which will make it possible the ministry to make believe that Belgian justice is capable of humanity.

Now, Mr Vervloesem is in final stage, with the signs of the jaundice, that the metastasis of his liver does not give any chance of survival. I thus reiterate my request to allow us to grant him his palliative care at home, where a room awaits for him, so that he can die surrounded by his close relations. We wish above all to facilitate the visits of his daughter, his adoptive son and his grandchildren, for whom Bruges is quasi inaccessible, contrary to Brussels. He wants only one, for the little which remains to him to be lived, to be surrounded by those which like it and respect it, without never to have failed, vis-a-vis the fear of the reprisals. This does not include the Belgian press.

Only the signature of the Minister is necessary, amply justified by the chronic dysfonctions that drove this man to an untimely death.

Yours sincerely,

Jacqueline, Princess of Croÿ


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