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Enough to set the Chechen oil wells on fire

Jacqueline de Croÿ, 9 juin 2011

Christine Pottier is the instructing magistrate of Bruges who signed the orders condemning Fehriye Erdal and of Commander Zarmaev Arbi to effective persecution. They share the Kurds plight in asking that Turkey stop stealing their petrol and water, whereas the Chechens are asking of the Russians to stop stealing their petrol and their gas.

  • "I have nothing against your brother", said Christine Pottier to Khedi Zarmayeva.
  • "Why did you then write all these lies about him", she asked her.
  • "This is not my writing. I just signed", was the judicial response. A tiny sentence, seemingly innocuous but was the key to a hitherto mystery.

Belgian law does not allow the police to investigate without an order from an instructing judge. This judge needed an instruction at the dictate of the Minister of Justice to create a file from scratch and the minister in his turn, relies upon the authorities in the former homes of the accused who may give minimal information on the accused. Christine Pottier thus signed a dictate of Laurette Onkelinx to persecute the Kurds on instruction of authorities in Istanbul. She then signed a dictation of Stefaan De Clerk to persecute the Chechens,who are suffering a genocide by their authorities.

Previous dictates of the last three Belgian Ministers of Justice stand out for having "legalized" the attempted murders of Marcel Vervloesem, from the NGO Morkhoven. The first order was written by the same minister who ordered the persecution of the Kurds, the second Minister provided a "legal framework" to torture and the third sanctioned the persecution of the Chechens. Morkhoven had exposed the identification of a magistrate, trousers down in a Brazilian child pornography magazine, showed in an old French file. The French president sent in the military top secrets agents, to erase the presence of 340 personalities, including one of his ministers and his nephew.

Amongst the 340 were a large number of Zionists who became Euro-Deputies in the meantime, with friends in the Council of Europe. They meddle in every scabrous muckraking case they can find. They pleaded to launch wars against Muslims, they wrongly accuse of terrorism, they bandy together to defend their paedophiles friends talking about human rights and presumption of innocence, but they keep silent on the tortures of alleged innocents in the EU prisons.

A series of sex scandals in connection with "340" occurred when we realized that the systematic violation of international laws is not the result of individual blunders, but of the European policy. We have not responded to the diversionary tactic, because a crime cannot cover-up an other, and the participation in a genocide is beyond the gravity of a paedophile ring. It is more important to appreciate that De Clerck, Pottier and the others are merely the puppets of European policy, which unwittingly transform our democracies into dictatorships.

The reality of the situation was brought home to us this June 4, 2011, when Christine Pottier "just signed" the order to re-incarcerate Commander Zarmaev in solitary confinement and malnutrition, waking him up every quarter of an hour and banned his right of contact with his family, under the pretext that passing the weekend at the home of his parents with his wife and son in Brussels would be a violation of his parole.

These Euro-Deputies, who might be thought to be under the influence of cocaine also have short memories. No torture in deprivation of dialysis or insulin or in incitement to suicide in the hope of killing Marcel Vervloesem has ever silenced us. The responsibility for these crimes belong to those who knowingly fail to fulfill their mission to ensure huma rights. Information is the only weapon that allows us to perform our duty.

The root of the Chechen problem dates back to the first "oil shock" in 1973. My father was furious. I remember him saying that the EU had consistently been offensive to the sheikhs who where supplying us, until the crisis broke. They tripled the price of oil in response to the support for a "preventive war" for Israel, which killed 23.500 people and tripled its territory by invading Egyptian, Jordanian, Syrian and Iraqi lands.

Our fuel bills have increased at the speed of the wars supported by the EU, so that the barrel has increased from 3 to 130 dollars, whereas, had there not been all the pressure we could extrapolate that the barrel about $ 15 today, if it had followed normal inflation. Full tank which costs 50 Euros, would cost about 6 Euros without the murderous madness of the pro-Zionist Euro-Deputies.

The Council of Europe adopted Russia's membership in the middle of the war with a policy of full Chechen genocide. Russia then offered us "cheaper Russian gas ", which ironically was Chechen. The false charges of terrorism and the criminalization are fabricated against Chechens by a joint venture between EU and Russia, to convince the electorate that it would be dangerous to give them back their country.

There are not many solutions. The EU and Russia can stop the persecution of the Chechens, or the resistance still active in Chechnya can put an end to the oil wells. A spark is enough, it seems, and costs $ 80 million to extinguish. A match box might thus stop the persecutions of the Chechens in EU-prisons. There is a possibility of setting an embassy to negotiate a peace treaty. Perhaps then we could expect the freezing of price oil from our providers, and a reduction of our sentence to such heavy invoicing.


Fondation Princesses de Croÿ et Massimo Lancellotti - 10 Rue Faider - 1060 Bruxelles - Belgique - Droit de réponse:

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