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De Clerck tryes to dehydrate Marcel Vervloesem to death

Jacqueline de Croÿ - 24 décembre 2009

While the Belgian Prime Minister requests an "ongoing effort" to fight against corruption and for the implementation of Human Rights from the new AFGHAN government, he renews the mission of his minister of justice to murder Marcel Vervloesem, jailed for having provided the evidence of the corruption that covers-up the sexual exploitation of children and the massive swindling.

The doctors have instruction to "avoid the hospitalisation" of Marcel Vervloesem, which means at this hour, to ensure a diabetic coma by dehydration, and destroy his kidneys, for if ever he survives to his heart failure. He presents the clinical signs of dehydration that requires urgent intensive care: when the patient goes blind and his skin loses its elasticity, to the point that when it is pulled-up, it shape folds in the skin that does not flatten when it is released. He has lost eight kilos in three weeks and the glucose level of his blood exceeded the threshold of diabetic coma for twelve days. He vomits and hardly can stand up.

The control of the press has achieved a massive psycho-economical lobotomy. More the civil servants are assigned responsibilities, the greater is the distance between the prisoners, the more they dehumanize. The brainwash shows-up by the same sentences they repeat one after the other, from one office to the other. Only the prison warders and the prison nurses are furious. Their job is to ensure a fair and humane community life to the prisoners, and not to monitor a man's murdered by dehydration.

In 2005, Laurette Onkelinx, then Minister of Justice and now Minister for Health, had failed in a first murder attempt by fordiding the hospitalisation of Marcel Vervloesem. At the request whether if it was normal to wake-up a heart patient every fifteen minutes, a civil servant had replied: "No, we do not wake him up every quarter of an hour: we just check if he is not dead."

In 2008, it was Jo Vandeurzen, the following Minister of Justice, who got the mission of murdering Marcel Vervloesem by fordiding his hospitalisation, but he was requested to avoid such blunders. Since all the civil servants repeat the same sentences as automatons, among which one of the legendary Madam Blunder 2005:- "It is you that says he is in critical condition. There is no proof ".

De Clerck believed he could get rid of Marcel Vervloesem by offering him a pill to cause a heart attack, but it is he, the minister, who narrowly escaped from a stroke when BFM-TV broke the censorship on the modalities of the murder attempts. De Clerck decided to "more humane prison conditions" in Turnhout. As soon as he had the assurance the press would no more ruin his image, he gave Carte Blanche to his psychosocial services to prohibit health care to Marcel Vervloesem, as long as he refused to return to the Bruges extermination centre. But the patient found no interest in returning to the lawless zone of the hospital St. John of Bruges, where he was shackled 591 hours "for health reasons" and prevented from sleeping by an electric light 24 hours on 24.

Currently, Marcel Vervloesem's doses of insulin have been tripled to delay the inevitable hospitalisation, because such a hydration cannot be done elsewhere than in intensive care. His blood (normally consisting of 75% water) has become so thick that the nurses are unable to collect sufficient quantities for analysis. He is becoming blind, because the eyes needs lots of water and he has not got enough. He drinks as much as he can, but as dehydration increases his blood glucose levels beyond the threshold of diabetic coma; he is vomiting often, which worsen dehydration. He received an "exceptional" permission to explain the evolution of his agony to the head of the St. Joseph Hospital ... who will be responsible to save his life when he falls into a coma.

The Minister of Justice, like his predecessors, is blocking the hospitalisation in the hope to secure "the termination of proceedings" before the European Court of Human Rights sentences Belgium for the most embarrassing unlawful conviction and detention ever implemented. This blocking has nothing to do with psychosocial services, as they are trying to make believe, but from the decision of the government. Three ministers of justice from two different political parties attempted at murdering Marcel Vervloesem in an identical manner. All the senators cover-up this murderous fury, because no political party wants to assume the consequence of the fight against corruption.

At the beginning, Marcel Vervloesem exposed the paedophile network Zandvoort with 88 539 pictures of abused children, but at the end we discovered that the same higher civil servants are covering-up all the massive scams and destruction of the victims with the same modalities. Money and perversity have no political orientation.

Algerian victims have requested the protection of the International Court in The Hague during the course of their judicial dossier, in reason of the threats on Marcel Vervloesem, by prohibiting the hospitalisation while he is in imminent danger of death. The request was justified because the treats on Marcel Vervloesem's life have been implemented just after the publication of an article on their case, which involves the French branch of the same web.


Editeur responsable: Fondation Princesses de Croÿ et Massimo Lancellotti - 10 Rue Faider - 1060 Bruxelles - Belgique - Droit de réponse:

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