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Serge Garde, avec les avis de recherche de la police de Kenemerland

Marcel Vervloesem has currently survived for five days more than expected by the doctor of the commission of the euthanasia.

De Clerck refuses his point of view to Serge Garde, International Reporter

Jacqueline de Croÿ - 29 mai 2009

Serge Garde, the French International reporter who exposed the paedocriminal network Zandvoort in France, has just spent two days between Brussels and Bruges with the Werkgroep Morkhoven. He has kindly asked an interview to Stefaan De Clerck, Minister for Belgian justice, to have his point of view on the Zandvoort file. He also wished to ask him why Belgian justice prevented contact between the prisoner who has exposed this dossier and the press; why the electronic bracelet was refused to him and if he was going to let him die in prison. Lieselot Bleyenberg, spokesperson of the strategic cell of the minister, answered in a Flemish email, by strategic courtesy, I suppose "wij communiceren niet over de Heer Vervloesem": we do not communicate by about Mr Vervloesem.

The report at the prison of Bruges included an information action, by the distribution of pamphlets. The French television was particularly discrete, because of a police force landing to stop Manu militari, a photo action at the prison of Turnhout, with a tiny weenie camera. The reporters had the amazement to note that a prison warder has coldly stolen, in the car park, the document-case of Jan Boeykens, the NGO president. At the reception of the Bruges prison, a dozen wardens where hilarious, without realising the presence of the French press. They denied the theft of the items, that where expected to be used for the report, among which the honorary diploma that the Italian organisation S.O.S Antiplagio Novara had offered to Marcel Vervloesem. The police did not find the situation amusing, when it got face to face with a huge television camera. Police officers then went to fetch the stolen document-case at the prison, after a discussion with the direction. Jan Boeykens would be threatened of a ban to see the prisoner before his death, according to the police officer, but he got back his document-case.

Serge Garde exposed already twenty-three years ago, the branch "Toro Bravo" of the Zandvoort network, without no one then being able to imagine its ramifications. He met Marcel Vervloesem at the time he exposed the Zandvoort file, in non elucidated circumstances. We cannot identify who went to get him at the station, and where he was taken. It seems he was driven, not in the village of Morkhoven, but in the suburbs of Antwerp. Marcel did not speak a word of French at the time. Since, no one managed to explain the first journalist who got interested about these dossiers, a monumental work that crossed his own. Serge Garde has been confronted to the traditional legal harassment, which constrained to take distances from these dossiers, by obligation of spending half of ones life in the law courts to defend ones own honour.


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