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Fall of the Zandvoort empire: the missing link

Jacqueline de Croÿ - 15 mai 2008

Eric de Lavandeyra covered the white Masonic coat with a red cross of the Grand Prieuré des Gaules. He was a stockbroker, charming, learned and lived in Switzerland. He married in first wedding Catherine Hennessy, very wealthy heiress of the Hennessy Cognacs. They had two children, Diego and Isabelle, and lived happy, seven years exactly, until a strange accident which failed to cost her life. The tender husband suddenly treated his wife of alcoholic, drugged and depressed. The day he tried to push her out of the window, Catherine Hennessy took her hand bag and left him.

Eric de Lavandeyra

Eric de Lavandeyra met Marie Laforet in 1982, a star of the cinema and French song, which he married two years later. He was charming and she did not have reason to be wary of him. She raised his children like her own and with her own children. Among their friends, the children of Didier Schuller, who wore the Masonic coat of the Grande Loge Nationale Française. They lived happy, twelve years exactly.

Juge Halphen

In 1994, Judge Halphen suspected Didier Schuller, then one of the French minister Charles Pasqua's lieutenants, to cover-up fraudulent invoices related the building sites of social housing. Christel Delaval-Schuller, the politician's second wife, was the director of the legal cases of these social houses.

A multitude of false tracks coming from "crows", false evidences and anonymous telephone calls, will allow making the magistrate fall in the snapdragon. At the following day of a searching of the HQ of the election campaign, the Didier Schuller accused the judge's father-in-law of blackmail him. He accused him of having offered to slow down the instruction, so as to obtain that he was withdrawn from the inquiry. It proved that it was on the contrary, the politician who had offered money to the father-in-law of the judge for that.

Didier Schuller

Didier Schuller ended-up deciding to carry on his businesses in Saint-Domingue, a banana republic of the Caribbean and centre of organized criminality. He fled on February 1995, right before a searching in his residence of Cliché, where he hid sadomasochistic implements in the freezer, according to the Nouvel Observateur, as it tries to ridicule his son.

Refugee in a several hectares ghetto with a hundred guards for wealthy runaway criminals, he and his wife and their daughters lived at the Sea Horse, a luxurious house on the sea side. Security is such, says his son, Antoine Schuller, that the police force had to wait two days to obtain the authorization to enter in the enclave within the framework of a searching order for paedophiles cassettes. Perfect time to do the housework!

Luc Jouret

In 1994 also, Eric de Lavandeyra asked Marie Laforet to attend a private conference organized by Salah El Fatouri, a Libyan weapon dealer, in close contact with the international organized crime. They were only five, of which four women, to listen to Luc Jouret, the Grand Master of the Order of the Solar Temple. He developed a rather scientific approach of death, with a rather optimistic speech, without making moving revelations. On the other hand, the glance of the weapon dealer on Luc Jouret struck Marie so much, that as she came back home, she said to her husband:-El Fatouri will kill Luc Jouret.

Marie Laforet

The episode marked the start of a succession of accidents, which failed to cost the French star's life. A film set of 70 kg struck her head, the brakes of Range-Rover broke, the Jaguar burned in the middle of Geneva and the tires were cut out to explode when speading. For lack of imagination to reassure his wife, Lavandeyra left her to see, evidence of a homosexual affair with an international politician, then a life insurance of which he was to benefit in case she died of an accident. She ended- up to kick him out of their apartment: she had suddenly become alcoholic, drugged and depressed, according to him.

December 95: Eric de Lavandeyra had his Masonic coat ironed and said to the maid he had a very important ceremony and that he would absent for two days. The following day in Vercors, what could have been a meeting of friends of the Order of the Solar Temple within an idyllic framework, was ended as a horror show: thirteen adults and three children were drugged, killed by bullets or bayonets. They were laid out in the form of a sun, carbonized with the flame-thrower and covered with Masonic coats. Among them, two police officers, of which one who had met Senior Minister Pasqua shortly earlier. The official version will retain a collective suicide with immolation by White Spirit. But Professor Loïc Ribault, expert elected by the parties claiming charges, brought the formal proof of presence of phosphorus from military origin, which proved the use of a flame-thrower.

In 2001, Antoine Schuller met Diego de Lavandeyra in Geneva. They were 26 and 27 years old. Diego suffered from two cancers. His father had not managed to find him any better specialist than one who prescribed him shots of male hormones and let him buy all the hard drugs he wanted. Antoine crossed Marie Laforet who lives in the apartment opposite the one of Diego. He told her he was worried of the father's behaviour, as he did not seem to worry about his son's life.

As she knew nothing about computers, Marie asked Antoine Schuller whether he could find something of interesting in the one her former husband had left. He discovered, that Lavandeyra and his father had recruited Diego. He also discovered they had the same friends, same networks where the money mixes with the politics, but within the framework of an organization which had at its disposal, about two hundred and fifty times the budget of France.

His Internet researches led him to Christian Cotten, who presents himself as a psychotherapist and head candidate of a political party aiming at fighting against legal violence. He ensures that the collective suicide of the companions of the Order of the Solar Temple where disguised murders, made by the French Army, at the order of a Jewish - Mason plot. Marie Laforet remembered the way Salhem El Fatouri looked at Luc Jouret and telephoned to Cotten, without imagining that she was leaving the snapdragon of the wolf to fall in that of the owl.

In truth, Cotten was not fit for army due to health reasons and became teacher, but not for a long time. He made a training course of PNL, that is to say Neuro-Linguistic Programmation. One of its guiding principles is to put itself at the place of the person to which one is addressed, so as to facilitate the communication. He was 32-years-old when he founded STRATEGIQUE, a teaching organization, which in a few years, will be pinned as being "related to the Scientology", with an annual benefit of almost 740.000 dollars, according to a French National Assembly report.

Scientology invites its followers to identify themselves to an animal. Some are charming, like the gazelles and the butterflies, but of others are far less. The corporation of Gerrit Ulrich and Van Gaselt, wealthy industrials who collected photographs of paedopornography and torture in Zandvoort was that of the wolf: the children eaters. There are also corporations at the effigy of the snake, amateurs of poisons; those at the effigy of the goat, amateurs of Satanism, those with the effigy of the eagle, amateurs of Nazism, etc.

The corporation of Cotten is at the effigy of the owl, which has the characteristic to swallow mice, without managing to digest their craniums or their bones, which end intact in their droppings. The poor birds were then associated sorcery and the black magic, their song taxed as "worrying cries which predicts close death". The most famous of Cotten's pupils is Frederic Lavachery, object of an international mandate for criminal conspiracy. He made laugh all of Belgium when he claimed to have identified the buttocks of the King of the Belgians, on the photograph of pastoral frolicking of a person seen of back who seems to have chosen a haircut rather similar to that of the King. He is also famous for contacting the greatest number of victims of the Zandvoort network, and to calumniate Marcel Vervloesem, one of the rare persons who can help the victims to find evidence valid before a law court. Lavachery went up to claim on the site "Digaction", also at the effigy of the owl, that Marcel Vervloesem had been condemned for paedophilia in the Seventies, which is FALSE. He has started to be calumniated only when he discovered the first traces of this paedocriminal network in 1988.

Christian Cotten approached Professor Loïc Ribault, founder of the first scientific laboratory of expertise in France, who had formed all the French scientific police force and made it possible by science to confuse the criminals. He had been shown of illegal exercise of medicine and pharmacy, calumniated, thrown in prison and ruined. Christian Cotten wrote a pleasant foreword for one of his books which was to be published by a Belgian, but he will never see his royalties. Having become a "social psychologist", Cotten stole the customer's file of the scientist and marketed one of his discoveries for his own benefit. Loïc Ribault died at the age of 60 years, after having lost a tooth in each country where he had been exiled to escape from the prison, as he used to say.

Cotten submits an excellent report of the situation of the corruption of the system, which is done by the means of political elected officials, responsible of media, lawyers, magistrates, police officers, businessmen, dishonest contractors, official liquidators, bailiffs, etc. When deleted of the "New Age" ornaments, it gives this:

1. Psychopaths, perverts, sadists and criminals (10%)

The Inquisition conducted by the Vatican (1234-1860) demonizes the Freemasons, as well as Jews and Moors. They are exiled from their country, their property confiscated and some burned on pyres. Pope John Paul II apologized in 2000 for crimes committed by the Catholic Church during the Inquisition.
They take part in ritual "satanic" criminals, mixing group sexuality, rapes, and tortures and killing homeless people, prostitutes major or minor of age, children kidnapped or coming from the children services. They use the institutions to mutually give one another the necessary impunity of their crimes. They control the whole system of corruption, by their political protections on the highest level.

They are sometimes themselves victims of gangsters acting on the night markets, of the prostitution and the drugs, who have for main function "to hold" the politicians and State civil servant for the profit various criminal practices (collection of political funds with the money of drug and in particular paedophiles films).

2. The actively corrupted ones (15 %)

They are in charge, together with certain gangsters (prostitution, drugs, murder and swindles), to protect the first category, in exchange of gifts and envelopes, cash or on Swiss bank accounts. They extend toe Judges of Commercial Courts, Judges of the Guardianship or the Judges to the Family affairs, Courts of Bankruptcy and the Supreme Court of appeal, to cover spoliations of goods, various swindles, diversions of inheritance, ruins of prosperous companies etc.

3. Corrupted passive ones and frightened negationnists (70 %)

They are called "the erasers". Some are basically honest, able to render a fair justice when they are not put under pressure. They are careerists or modest, primarily animated by the fear of being badly viewed, badly noted, or to be rejected by the system. They know and keep silent or know without knowing, but suspect but do not want to know.

4. Just Rebels (5 %)

They progressively discover the corruption with their career and make the risky choice to resist it. Up to now, they all pay a very high price for their integrity.

To resume, Cotten knows that the French Army has not attacked the Order of the Solar Temple for state interests in the framework of weapons' traffic to distract the population. A band vulgar psychopaths and sadists made a snuff movie with flames throwers by perverse pleasure and to make money.

These criminals could be soldiers, but certainly not acting under government order. It acts in any event, of people able to weigh on the legal apparatus and the media, to make believe in a collective suicide, this is to say by burst of anonymous letters, anonymous telephone calls, threats, stealing and concealment, falsification of documents, subornation of witnesses, attacks to the belongings, physical assaults, attempt at murders, cases of arson, inciting suicide, but also, a terrorist bombing, according to Cotten. This is indeed very distracting for a politician!

Marie Laforet does not seem to suspect the child trade, but only raises questions on the huge capital of the organisation, which covers far more domains. It could even cover the systematic billing mistakes of Electrabel, with the assistance of Sibelga, as it requires a large organisation and presumes providing hundreds of millions euro benefits.

By a strange torsion of the destiny... which we would like to know the origin, Antoine Schuller met two innocents of the Coral, that is to say the paedophile network of the famous French magistrate, photographed with an 11-years-old little boy, both underpants down. He was only asking his father to say what he knows. These people convinced him to leave the case to the media, which made it possible to set up a press campaign, showing him as a ridiculous spoilt boy in love with Marie Laforet, who herself would simply be making a revenge on the big bad wolf dressed of a long white Masonic coat with red cross. In the event they did not find that this joke of perverts was funny, they are likely to catch chronic giggles at the idea that Eric de Lavandeyra could be the lover of one of the ministers who had been shown in the Coral case!

The fatal ceremonies described by the children victims of the network Zandvoort were financed by powerful men who have a double life, some so rich they do not know what to invent for distraction. They have, for the majority, married normal women and have normal children, they pretend addicted to alcohol, drugs or depresses as soon as they start suspecting something.

Some of these children were abused and undergo the consequences of these crimes, which often carry out to the alcohol, drugs or nervous breakdown. Children of very rich people are presumed to recognise themselves on the Zandvoort compact discs, which explains why France enquired only one of twenty-one of them. Such evidence could enable them to recover their fortune and to ask for justice. This could be the fall the part of the network that controls the legal apparatus.

The criminals of high society are not many. Some are perhaps freemason, others of Jewish origins and all obviously have the nostalgia of the Nazi days that legalised the worst crime, but there is no Jewish freemason plot, as Cotten pretends. There is just a band of perverse criminals, who nibbles at each racks of each sect and must be put out of state to harm. They will possibly be, by those they have been able to blame of their own crimes, by mental manipulation and misinformation: the mentally balanced freemasons and Jews, who have all been victims of Nazi , as Hitler believed having lost World War I because of a plot of the Jews and freemasons.

This leaves us to open the eyes of the "70%" coward magistrates, so that they can make their choice in full objectivity and call the "5%" proper magistrates to support one another..


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