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Meurtres de l'alliance Nihoul/Q8


7 murders around Q8 petroleum in 16 years

Jacqueline de Croÿ - 2003

Within sixteen years service for Q8 Petroleum, seven children were murdered around the staff and neither of the crimes had been elucidated. The revelation of the Dutroux case revealed the unthinkable: a paedophile branch of the petroleum mafia; a network of children’s rapists and murders.

He has survived three murder attempts, probably due to his questions. The nuts of two tires from his trailer truck had been unscrewed and its breaks had been sabotage. Both accidents occurred just after the vehicle inspection, and were likely caused the explosion of the cistern, which would have killed people miles round. The immobilisation and the repairs to the trailer truck had generated huge expenses to Q8, but the petroleum company all the same refused to investigate.

Murder number 1. The young Hamin Mazibas whose feet were ballasted in cement, was taken out if the canal at the level of the Q8 warehouse, on the shore that could only be accessed by the oil company staff. The police had all the same led the inquiry in the opposite direction, and the murderers were never arrested.

Murder number 2: Alain Fauvage used deliver fuel at the Derochette station, which had the originality to have a brothel on the second floor. The garage owners, naturally member of the petroleum mafia, had the protection of the local police and the sickening Nihoul-Bouty. One of the sons, Patrick Derochette, had been judged irresponsible of paedophilia and imposed a psychiatric follow-up. He was assiduously courting a young pump assistant of a close by garage, Conrad Bosmans who disappeared for ever at the age of 17. The inquiry led to his jeans at Marc Dutroux', but neither to his body, nor his murderer.

Murder number 3. A Q8 employee, friend of the Derochette' family, spoke of a baby who died following absorption of alcohol given in a feeding-bottle. Tiffany Derochette was declared victim of cot death.

Murder number 4. In 1990, Alain Fauvage attended a strange phenomenon in the yard of his house: long yellow or orange geysers shot off the ground and ignited spontaneously, mainly with the foot of a rose tree. A blue spark carpet covered the ground around the rainwater cistern. The lid of this cistern was raised by gases which escaped from it, releasing a strong smell that disturbed his neighbours. Believing it acted of Saint Elme fires, he had not informed the police force.

In truth, St Elme' fires are the result of a luminous electric phenomenon which appears sometimes at the top end of ship masts. They are regularly confused with the will-o'-the-wisps, which result from the spontaneous carbonization gas combustion by organic matter, such as the hydrogen phosphorus contained in the corpses, which smells very bad. Questioned by us, Dr. Gagliardi confirms that the sparks, are likely to come from bones of corpses buried in the yard, which had been technically realizable by digging a hole of the bathroom at the under ground level, at the time when work of restoration was carried out in Alain Fauvage’ absence. He will discover that the seal of the cistern had been entirely burned with acid, to its cement, which could have happened with acid. He thus is likely to have confused fires of Saint Elme to the dissolution of a corpse in the cistern.

Murder number 5. In 1992, Loubna Ben Aïssa, eight years old, disappears while passing in front of the Derochette petrol station. The investigation had trample for five years before discovering that Patrick Derochette had raped, murdered and hidden the child in a trunk of the cellar.

Murder number 6. Alain Fauvage then remembered that six months earlier, on September 12, 1996, whereas he was delivering fuel to the Derochette petrol station, the Derochette father was shouting at his son Patrick to get rid a trunk he had brought in the cellar, complaining it "stank" horrendously. The news had reached the Q8 warehouse, raising a lot of agitation among the staff, some wondering why their colleagues make so much fuss, thinking of a dead cat on whom Patrick would have had phantasms. Alain Fauvage was fired in an abusively the following days.

It occurred that the little girl had died such a long time before, that she could not smell any more. Patrick was then suspected to have obeyed his father: he would have replaced a trunk that "stank", by a trunk that no more "stank". The first trunk was thus likely to contain the corps of another child, and not a cat as all had imagined. The authorities never inquired the case, but tried to have him locked in psychiatry, what the doctors had refused.

Murder number 7. In 2005, the former wife of Alain Fauvage admitted to one of their daughters and him, that in 1987 whereas they were going on holidays, her brother had shown her the corpse of a little girl hidden in a closet at his place. She had given him the key of her family house. She then abandoned her husband and four children, of which a nine months old baby. She had refused to see them, even write them birthday cards for eight years when, at the request of her brother, she said, accused her former husband of conjugal violence, psychiatric disorder and paedophilia.

She had already left the house at the time of the facts confused by the St Elme's fires. The murders number 4 and 7 might by one, and as they might be two. No one will know, as long as justice refuses to inquire on the highly suspicious behaviour of this woman and her allegations on the corpse of a child at her brother’s place

Alain Fauvage has asked justice for these children. Ten of the fourteen pages of his first official report are missing and dates were changed on the four pages left. He has not received the least assistance of Child Focus or the hundreds of "White Committees", born after the Dutroux affaire, for cases like that to never happen again. The justice department told him that his dossier was "lost", then tried to reduce him to silence in January 2007, by an attempt to have him locked in psychiatry. The doctors refused, under the motive that the magistrates had not even bothered to respect the procedures. He has appointed the princess of Croÿ trustee, in case of extra attempts.

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