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Brigadier Chef Patrice Verdi et Bernard Brochand, Maire de Cannes
Brigadier Chef Patrice Verdi et Bernard Brochand, Mayor of Cannes

Cannes festival for a municipal police officer

Jacqueline de Croÿ - 25 août 2009

Another case of personalities accused of paedophilia in a French institution, who where cleared without judgment by a judicial cabal against the one who exposed the dossier. Would the underpants-less magistrate be around?

Head Brigadier Verdi had dimension: 18.5/20, in particular to have computerized his service, at the police force of Cannes. In summer 2001, he reported a boarder of the "Auteuil Orphans", noble institution to whom French justice entrusts 9000 young people, who complained of sexual abuses, of various personalities, among which a friend of Bernard Brochand, the Mayor of Cannes. France had recently been struck by the attention of the media brought to the Zandvoort file, thus 88.539 photographs of abused children, related to several scandals of paedophilia, implying French institutions and high ranking magistrates, among which one who is underpants-less in the file.

Shortly after having forwarded his report to his hierarchy, Patrice Verdi met Mr. and Mrs. Raca, a particularly nice old couple, who were praising the Police force of Cannes and the institutions of the French Republic. They offered him 3000 euros to carry out in Paris, out of his territory, an inquiry on Patrick Beynes, the boyfriend of daughter Fabienne. They wished to know if he appeared in the STIC, (System of Treatment of the Noted Infringements), a database that aligns the names of millions of accused and victims and from where, according to the Magistrates Trade union, no one is sure of disappearing even in the event the Courts don't find anyone guilty.

The STIC had just been legalized in full confidentiality after having been accessible during 6 years in full illegality, when Patrice Verdi asked a friend, to consult it. The boyfriend had indeed a police record, but the nice little old couple accused the Head Brigadier of swindle, before the vanished. This was enough to mark the end of his carrier.

An extraordinary coincidence shows several identical assemblies were carried out to ruin Marcel Vervloesem in Belgium, after he exposed the Zandvoort file. The only difference is that not managing to trap its citizen, Belgian justice added rapes and multiplied by ten the faults of procedure to send him in prison, in despite the medical evidence of his innocence.

Cinéma au Palais de Justice de Nice
Cinéma at the Nice Law Court

Michel Valiergue, the lawyer of Patrice Verdi, assured him that the dossier was empty. The STIC had not filed a complaint and he would be released within two hours, according to him, but Patrice Verdi was imprisoned in the high security district of the Draguignan prison for 44 days.

When his own lawyer signed a therapeutic injunction aiming at having him interned in psychiatry for having asked a buddy to consult the police record, Patrice Verdi understood, that above all, the accusation aimed at destroying the credibility of the official report exposing the personalities of Cannes with the Auteuil Orphans. By chance, Professor Roure, expert psychiatrist attached to Aix-en-Provence' court of Appeal opposed it and declared him sound of mind.

Patrice Verdi asked Mrs. Maugendre, examining magistrate, to inquire on the bonds between persecutions and the embarrassing case of paedophilia. He asked her also to inquire on the exceptional qualities and morals aptitudes of the Prosecutor Doumas, as regards vertical classification of the files implying of personalities, but in vain.

The Head Brigadier could not get his position back, in spite of a legal decision and a disciplinary commission which recognizes him the presumption of innocence. The Mayor of Cannes had the originality to make eccentric pay slips, from where his seventh level disappeared. Five years later, he erased him from the police force, the summary procedures court refuses to cancel a fault of procedure, judging that there is no urgency. The normal procedures are struck by delaying tactics.

Left without the means of providing the needs of his family, Patrice Verdi was lucky that his parents could accommodate him, with wife and children. Meanwhile, the fourth Chamber of the Administrative Court of Nice is dispossessed of a dossier for unknown reasons. It has to be treated by the seventh Chamber, which treats with the third Chamber, all the singular dossiers, which concerns him. Patrice Blanc, President of the court, has advised him that a Mean of Public Order makes inadmissible any means of defence recorded more than two months after having requested a judgment. In short, a dossier that takes years to be judged in order to grant a person of a minimum living wages provided by European laws, may have to be object of a new procedure every two months for new facts!

Bâtonnier Valiergue et René Leporc
Bâtonnier Valiergue et René Leporc

Michel Valiergue became barristers' president and does not find a lawyer to ensure the equality of the weapons to his former client. He has the originality to defend an editor, already condemned for fraudulent bankruptcy and swindle, to whom his former client reproaches the theft of his intellectual property.

René Leporc, alias René Delerins, was running an edition company with Michele Mercier, alias "Angélique", a famous French actress, who is now Knight of Arts and Letters. Patrice Verdi has concluded with the editor in 1997, a contract granting him a 10% benefit in rights of author on his book "The Hypocritical Oath". René Leporc disappeared with the only copy of the contract, under the pretext to have it recorded by a notary and the edition company closed.

Rene Leporc was sentenced in 2008, to 18 months of imprisonment and 150.000 euros of damages, for having left Michele Mercier with only debts, in despite of the success of "Marvellous Angelique" and "Angelically Yours", sold in every train station. Patrice Verdi discovered only then that the editor was selling his book since 1997, under the original ISBN number, without that he got the least right of author. The sale of a new edition on the Internet websites of the FNAC, CHAPITRE and AMAZON was simply suspended, therefore without more possibility of producing accessible rights of author.

The systematic violation of the fundamental provisions of the international law as regards minimum living wages and indigence, shows the seals of the network, as everywhere:

  • The General Council, in charge of ensuring that each citizen can reach the same services and profit from the same rights, refuses Patrice Verdi the Minimum Insertion wages and claims a so-called undue payment of 686,66 euros.
  • The Municipal Perceiving Receiver, who controls the financial management of the French public funds asks him 5 336,07 euros for eccentric reasons, knowing he only perceives the legal minimum to cover his health care, and which cannot be seized.
  • Now, the administration in charge "to optimize the operation of the health-care system while placing the attending physician at its centre" cuts his last resource, because a heart attack led to the emergency of a hospital, rather to convocation at their office.

Ironically, an employee of the "Auteuil Orphans" (the institution that did not considered to be useful to request an investigation into the facts that the young girl had exposed to Patrice Verdi), filed a complaint for sexual assaults, moral and sexual harassing of her superior. The direction was satisfied to transfer the two women in two different establishments, after the complaint was filed!



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