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Give back Patricia Poupard her son

ZANDVOORT/BORDEAUX: French legal truth of the bottom low terror meter.

Jacqueline de Croÿ, le 15 avril 2008

Patricia Poupard' hell began in August 1997, when her three years old son, discovered a small pipe with white powder. Her husband, came back with men she had never seen. She ended-up in hospital, covered of bruises, her inner ear destroyed. He presented himself to the magistrates looking very humble, with on his the left hand a silver ring with a death's-head and a cross of temples.

- "What proves that Madam Poupard would not have attacked herself", wrote the magistrates, as they closed the case without sentence.

The child became mute. At school, he only drew men with a sex. He ended-up telling that his father had taken him along on a yacht with other children, and that adults had thrown him at sea, because he did not want to be touched by them. The days before having to see his father, he would put leafs of ficus in his anus. "Oedipus complex", said the doctor.

Patricia Poupard would receive anonymous phone calls. She found microphones her electrical connectors. Her car was regularly sabotaged, such as the gasoline pipe cut, battery accidents, disconnected wires, etc. People would, as they crossed her, pass a finger as a cut throat as a sign, telling her: Shut-up

Mrs Loumaigne, Judge of the Family affairs, who would certainly have been very brave to resist these kinds of threats. She decided that the child would continue to see his father every Sunday.

June 11, 1998 in Belgium, the young Robbie Van Der Plancken, invited Marcel Vervloesem of Werkgroep Morkhoven, civil organization which was following the paedophile network for ten years, to meet Gerrit Ulrich in Zandvoort (Holland), so that he could indicate him what had happened to Manuel Schadwald, a missing child from Berlin. Ulrich was aiming at saving the necessary time to organise his escape, when he gave a compact disc where Manuel appears on the poster of a child pornography film, with 8500 other of the same photographs kind.

Ulrich was in Lyon, when he realised that the network had sentenced him to death. He telephoned the Werkgroep Morkhoven to indicate where was the whole of his collection of child pornography, which he sold on Internet. He thus made weigh a threat on the network, so as to invite the criminals to hide, rather than to look for him to murder him. Marcel Vervloesem will find 20 other compact discs, containing 93.081 files, according to Interpol.

The first compact disc was given by television NOVA to the Belgian justice, which slipped it in a drawer and prosecuted Marcel Vervloesem for "possession of child pornography". Gina Bernard, collaborator of Werkgroep Morkhoven, contacted Swiss association CIDE and copy of this compact disc. Marcel Vervloesem discovered in their file, the conclusions of lawyer Baduel. It included the Coral network, in the South of France, and the photograph of a man identified as being a French magistrate, who was also on the compact disc. He is trousers down, in company of a child identified as being Nordine.

Gina Bernard studied this case denounced in 1982, then closed without prosecution. She discovers in it a president of ANDASS, National Association of the Directors of Social action and Health of the Departments, also director of the DDASS in Bordeaux, who had arranged a children structure with a yacht. Gina Bernard was murdered on November 15, 1998, following several months of threats and harassing such as Patricia Poupard lived.

Who was lying: The French President or the Minister for Justice?

As the compact disc was just being covered by dust under the carpet of Turnhout' law courts, the Werkgroep Morkhoven launched, on April 9, 1999, the operation KIPOFOR, which consisted in sending a copy of this compact disc, to many royal palaces and Head of States, of which to Jacques Chirac, the President of the French Republic. Jacques Chirac had kindly made answer to the Werkgroep Morkhoven, in his letter of April 21, 1999, that the compact disc had been transmitted to Mrs. the Minister of Justice. It acted of Elisabeth Guigou, first woman Minister for Justice in France.

But as again, the compact disc seemed to have been wiped under a carpet, the Werkgroep Morkhoven gave a copy to the journalist Serge Gardes, who made a scandal in the newspaper “Humanité” on February 24, 2000. A year after having received this compact disc, Elisabeth Guigou called upon the French nation, on April 12, 2000 - on the television channel FR3:

"Justice has required, including from the journalists who have information, which can have this compact disc, who can have other files of photographs, to communicate them to Justice so that we can cross-check them, us, the judges - it is not me who does that their place - can cross-check them as soon as possible. I do not want that anything left randomly."

Unfortunately, she forgot to ask the Werkgroep Morkhoven for the 20 others compact discs of Ulrich... and it is Serge Garde who was congratulated for the act on good citizenship on Marcel Vervloesem, for giving a copy of what he had received.

Judge Danielle Ringot was appointed to inquire the French branch of the network, possibly without imagining that it was not very wise to put a woman in the line of sight of the most violent mafias, who do not have any remorse to murder children for money, and who was obviously not armed to resist the threats that Patricia Poupard had endured.

Yvon TALLEC, Prosecutor Law Court of the minors of age in Paris, will remain famous in the French history for his declarations of May 16, 2000 on the television channel Antenne 2:

"A certain number of these pictures are coming from magazines where the minors were photographed, most of the time not only with their agreement, but the agreement of their parents. Some of the photographs are very old materials. It is necessary to minimize, in any case in France, the range of this dossier, insofar as many children presented are not French children ".

In other words, Daddy could rape his child even if mummy disagreed and France does not give a toss for the non French children.

Patricia Poupard and her son were invited on July 14, 2000, to view the compact discs in Geneva, by letter of request of the Swiss Prosecutor Bertossa. Sixty French children will be identified, of which the little boy who had shown his father and his friends to have abused him.

Judge Ringot will do relatively original cross-checking, possibly in reason of a bottom low panic meter. Although Manuel Schadwald, whose research had led to this compact disc, disappeared in 1993, she will close the file without prosecution on April 2, 2003, with the reason which the images of crimes dated from the Seventies. Silly mistake, since that crime, as well as the one of the Patricia Poupard's son, obviously occurred in the Nineties.

A serious problem remained: that of parents of these children, of which many mothers who never agreed their husband abused their children. It does not need much to frighten a magistrate: Patricia Poupard, as many mothers of the Zandvoort victims, will lose the divorce and the parental authority on her son, who will be entrusted to the father, in spite of legitimate suspicions which weighed on him.

Taken of panic, she fled in Switzerland with her little boy, without knowing the network is also very well settled there. She will end up expelled, then to condemn to 18 months of prison in France for parental abduction.

Tomorrow, Wednesday April 16, 2008 in 14h25, Patricia Poupard passes in the court, her son asking to be able to live with her. Her lawyer is Maître Josiane Morel Faury, president of the Consultation and Information, Research centre on the Rights of the Child, of the Bar of Bordeaux (CRIC), which was advised to her by Marie Mermet of Association "Innocence In Danger".

But the opposing party also has for lawyer, a member of the Consultation and Information, Research Centre on the Rights of the Child, which shows the importance of these researches, to defend the right of a man that his son shows for sexual abuse, to preserve the custody of this son.

France again chose a young woman for Minister of Justice, Rachida Dati. Will she resist the threats? Does she have a proper protection? Is she trained to avoid the traps which will pave her road? If so, France has a hope. If she falls into smallest from these traps, she will follow the path of her predecessors, her life wasted forever, obliged to watch her children grow, thinking of the others she will have to leave to paedophiles.

The Foundation Princesses of Croÿ and Massimo Lancellotti invites her to make a revision of all custodies of the children identified on the Zandvoort files, to make sure that they are given to the parent of their choice. We invite her to reopen the Zandvoort file, with a solid magistrate, who was not shown in the CORAL case, in reason that if there already were 60 French children identified in only one compact disc of 8.500 photographs, there are probably many more in the twenty others compact discs, which gather an extra 93.081 criminal pictures.

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