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Marcel Vervloesem: open-heart operations N°4

Jacqueline de Croÿ - 3 mars 2009

Marcel Vervloesem is hospitalized this March 3, 2009, to undergo his fourth open-heart operations, the first of two that were recommended in October 2008. It had been delayed by gangrene, contracted in prison by lack of useful medical treatment, in waiting that the European Court of the Human Right releases him, of crimes which he was physically unable to carry out, among which, due to the state of his heart.

His research on organized criminality has constantly been leading to new elements on the hollows of prostitution, where joins paedopornography, trafficking of weapons, of drugs and of human beings, sects and massive swindles, throughout art galleries, institutions for children, private charities and social services, which are whirling towards the higher realms, via the corridors of law courts.

The novels which describe sympathetic gangsters too quick at the trigger, the pact of blood and the law of silence whose breach is paid by death, have taken a very different appearance. The gusts of machine-guns where replaced by false miscarriages of justice. The "repented criminals" are victims or witnesses that judges send in prison, for a diamond, a valuable painting, or a favour to a minister.

The identical legal diagram makes it possible to predict the next stage of the fate reserved to Marcel: the public sale of all the belongings that he has acquired with his late wife for their daughter to "compensate" false victims. They are four young men, now all major of age. One ensured to have carried a false complaint under threat; another asked him forgiveness for having done the same; a third one, following the case, fell into hard drugs; and a fourth one of whom the court has recognized that his parents had been paid to carry a false complaint. The judges will decide the day following the surgery, about the expiry to which they will disinherit Wendy Vervloesem, before Europe Court may clear her father. It will then be too late for her to be able to get a souvenir of her parents.

The threat comes from the authorities, and not from the Mafias. All learned that to support Marcel brings to serious problems. The young man who had retracted his charges was condemned to the reformatory until he was major of age, while that who did not dare to say anything is left free make his traffics, to treat to his cocaine doses. The one who admitted that nine plaintiffs and him had been paid to file false complaints, was threatened to see his children locked up in an institution. Others are threatened to lose their social housing.

Marcel is more of a hero in the prison of Bruges, where men are tuff and do not fear the authorities. They are marked by the most heavy detention conditions of Belgium. Some were fooled by the paedo press, others not.

- Ah, Vervloesem, the paedophile, said a prisoner.
- You repeat that and I knock you out, exploded another.
- Well, Laurent? said the first one disconcerted.
- He is not a paedophile, he is an activist, and he is here for having denounced an underpants-less magistrate, identified on a photograph with an eleven year old boy, he answered furious.

The first one left confused. He came back to Marcel, said sorry and gave him a block of paper, so that he can continue to write his memoirs.

Gradually, all the most feared criminals of Belgium discover the underpants-less magistrate… "zonder onderbroek", they call him in Flemish. They salute the courage of Marcel in his fight for the child welfare, by offering him an orange, a kiwi or a yoghourt every day. The wardens have not either been fooled. A man in such health condition is only maintained in prison for political reason. They give him the portions of the prisoners sent to the dungeon: double dose of soup and croquettes.

Dr. Van Mol, chief consultant of all the Belgian prisons, estimated that he could very well be treated in prison. Some think that he will no more dare to put his life in danger. He however did not find important to have him healed in a hospital of a wound which has been continuously bleeding for three months, knowing of tomorrow’s particularly delicate surgery, close to the aorta. He decided of his convalescence in prison, pending the second operation… to regulate the prison overpopulation and the defect of means for the health care to the prisoners!

"Over there, it is not psychologists that are necessary to be sent, but sociologists or ethnologists… ", as would say Didier Beauvais, former president of the Chamber of the instruction of the Court of Appeal of Douai concerning paedophilia in the North of France.

Marcel goes, prepared with dead and terribly sad to be so far from those he loves. The surgery of his metastases in 2006, had already been the opportunity of an attempted at murder, by a nurse who had knowingly injected him overdoses of insulin during three days. The hospital, Justice and the press had reacted by closing the eyes on this crime. He will be operated in another hospital, by other doctors who seem very attentive, but cannot guarantee his security, because in fact, it is the Belgian authorities want his death.


You can send him a postcard at Hospital St John of Bruges:

Marcel Vervloesem
AZ Sint-Jan
Ruddershove 10
8000 Brugge

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