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Ferrayé system
A huge tube positioned by a huge crane to extinguish the oil well on fire
Then, the blocking of the well, to prevent the petrol flooding the desert.

When Switzerland offered 17 billion dollars for the September 11 attacks

Jacqueline de Croÿ - 20 janvier 2010

It all started in 1991, when a militia set 1164 Kuwaiti oil wells on fire. The destruction of the towers will destroy 4000 investigations on money laundering, which were to lead to the theft of 157 billion dollars provided by the burning oil wells, of which 17 billion were ensured by Switzerland. The dossier landed in the French State Top Secrets, joint to the Zandvoort child porn file, via the Coral network.

Two inventions had just changed the world: one to extinguish burning oil wells in five minutes while the original process took six months and the other to stop the petrol floods the desert, while the original process obliged to condemn the well, then to and drill a new one.

Joseph Ferrayé thought that he fair price of the royalties due to him for his inventions of 30 million dollars to extinguish each oil well on fire. He would be the richest man in the world, if the European judicial system had not been ironed to the legalization of any fraud, by the theft of the key documents in the file at the registry of the tribunals, to then declare the plaintive mad, under the basis of a false psychiatric report.

The Ferrayé process ensured extinguishing fires in Kuwait within three months, while the traditional system assured an economic and ecological catastrophe for between 8 to 12 years, with a daily 5,000 tons soot spin-off. The French government filed the invention of Joseph Ferrayé as a French state "Top Secret", then blackmailed Kuwait to extort 100 million dollars of oil per well, while the original agreement was 30 million. Oil wells being highly flammable, a hundred fires are extinct each year. The price of the extinction was lowered to 80 million by oil well on fire. The royalties were never paid to the inventor, but stolen from him by a multitude of companies and foundations, including the financial networks of al Qaeda and two companies controlled by the step-father of Osama Bin Laden.

The Bin Laden family comes from a small village in Yemen, which the father left when he was a teen to find work in Saudi Arabia. He founded a successful construction company. He was killed in a helicopter crash in 1967, leaving 22 widows and 54 orphans. Little Osama was then 11-years-old and inherited 80 million dollars, but when he became big, he preferred the traditional clothing and the protection of the right to dignity of the Arabs, the nouveau riche ostentation. He therefore had psychological predisposition against the increase in the price of extinguishing the oil wells. The family fortune was mysteriously multiplied by five. Yeslam Bin Laden, one of the big brothers of Osama, distributed 16.2 billion to his brothers and sister, for a so-called "undivided exit" of their father's fortune in 1994, thus 27 years after his death. He transferred them 300 million dollars, as from his Swiss bank accounts, each, while the original share of inheritance appears to have been of only 80 million each, at the death of their father, including the businesses.

In 1995, mysterious companies are willing to pay 17 billion in royalties to Joseph Ferrayé. The amount which is then due to him is 117 billion for Kuwaitis fires, and 34 billion for the four following years, thus 151 billion. The 17 billion offered represent an amount equivalent to the addition of the sudden enrichment of the Bin Laden family, and a miserable 800 million off-tax that Jacques Chirac, then French president, "concedes" for the withdraw his complaint January 29, 1996.

The stakes are so gigantic that the bribes can reach 200 million dollars to deprive Joseph Ferrayé of defence. The 17 billion evaporate. The councils of Joseph Ferrayé suddenly became multimillionaires. Curiously, the fortune of Yeslam Bin Laden appears to have returned to the state to which his father had left him. This allows to suppose that the Bin Laden family is likely to have tried to return to Joseph Ferrayé what belonged to him, so he could get back the control of his inventions, to take them out of the hands of the French of bandits.

The most extraordinary comes from Bernard Bertossa, the Attorney General of Geneva, who held Joseph Ferrayé crazy to claim his royalties, while refusing to note that the main documents of the dossier had been stolen from the registry of the tribunal, in the full cloud of September 11 attacks!

The World Trade Center, considered as the safest buildings in the world, housed the computer archives of Wall Street. There were 4,000 investigations led within the towers on the stock exchange transactions suspicious of money laundering, which inexorably had to lead on the path of the huge royalties stolen from Joseph Ferrayé.

By refusing Joseph Ferrayé the fruit of his invention with a prosecution mocking international laws, Switzerland has paid 17 billion dollars the attacks of September, 11. Clearly, if Osama Bin Laden had wanted to reduce a building into dust, he would have chosen the Geneva Law Courts.

A strange twist of fate made Joseph Ferrayé cross the path of the Werkgroep Morkhoven, a Belgian NGO active in dismantling networks of production real crimes pictures. They were impressed to see the inventions filed as a French "top secret" can be found in the same basket as the underpants of a senior magistrate, identified in 1982, on a pornographic photograph. The NGO then searched the correlation between the extinction of oil wells and underpants of the magistrate.

In 1998, the godfather of the paedophile network of Zandvoort has given his collection of 88,539 child pornography pictures to the NGO to spread the mess within the network, which had decided to get rid of him. Among these photographs, that of the magistrate with an 11-years-old boy, both pants down. This magistrate was exposed in the Coral case, together with 340 personalities, among whom the highest civil-servants, who agreed to deprive Mr Ferrayé of his royalties.

The Werkgroep Morkhoven has been looking for ten years, where did this magistrate hide his underpants from justice. the judge might well have put his pants . It was rediscovered in 2008, through Patricia Poupard, one of the plaintiffs file Zandvoort, in the French "Top Secret", stating "file closed - prohibition to draw in it." It then appeared that the Zandvoort/France dossier could be reopened by new facts: Judge Ringot had indeed dismissed the case, in the absence 80,000 evidence, and without commenting the underpants of her fellow-member!

It turns out that all complainants were victims of a trap similar to that extended to Joseph Ferrayé. Many false accidents put the family in danger. A criminal conspiracy under the cover of charities helping the victims, crooked lawyers and other so-called "experts" pushes them to runaway. A spook offers to assist the family in its flight. Those who fall into the trap usually lose all their acquisitions: home, social security, employment, etc.. They were sentenced for acts they have exposed, and imprisoned if possible, based on an incomplete record accompanied by a psychiatric expert.

It is ironic that the Attorney Bertossa is incidentally at the origin of the "Swiss trap" of the French victims of Zandvoort. Indeed, he had to open the original file on the basis of a fraction of the CDs, which he got from a Swiss NGO, CIDE, (International Committee for the Dignity of the Child), without inviting the Belgian NGO that possessed the full dossier. He then summoned French citizens who suspected that the photographs of their children were in the Zandvoort file to view a FRACTION of the dossier in Switzerland. The normal procedure would have liked to send officially Swiss police officers in Belgium to interview the authors of the discovery, and then eventually in France, for the research on the Franco-Swiss ties network.

The CIDE, through its founder, Senator Glatz, gave the Coral dossier Marcel Vervloesem, but concealing that he knew the famous judge with the top secret underpants. He also had the originality to promise a political asylum in Switzerland to the French parents invited by Bertossa, while his NGO providing counsel to the ex-husband of one of those mothers to prosecute her for the parental abduction. Glatz employed the psychiatrist Salem, who had the originality to declare mothers mad, sometimes even without seeing them.

All the French mothers trapped by the Swiss dream were incarcerated for "parental abduction", declared insane, in the absence of 80,000 evidence of their files. Similarly, in Belgium, Marcel Vervloesem, the investigator of the Werkgroep Morkhoven who signed the complaint on the paedophile network Zandvoort, was jailed three years after a conviction ... in the absence of 42 pieces of his dossier.

The same Salem has complaint, together with several people who conned Mr Ferrayé, against his strongest defenders. They got to condemn Mr. Ulrich to 4.5 years in prison and Mr Burdet to 22 months in prison for "defamation".

Since Glatz and Salem have, as experts, advised that a collector of child pornography from the RSR, Radio Suisse Romande, a psychiatric treatment, because his collection was "the limit" rather than giving the dossier to the police, so the victims could be found. The Swiss court found that the collection exceeded the limits and sentenced the collector to a ten days work fine suspended for two years. In contrast, Jorge Resende, the computer specialist who has brought the collection to the police, is threatened of jail for damaging the honour of these gentlemen!

Mr Esender is in real danger. Mr. Ulrich is detained in the prison of Orbes, despite two heart attacks, thus obviously within detention conditions to kill him. The Swiss authorities refused to release Mr Burdet, though he has already paid his penalty, in the hope of an extra hunger strike that would kill him. The Belgian authorities are even more sordid: they have prohibit the treatment of Mr Vervloesem's cancer, and they have put him into a dehydration regime, thus also in order to kill him.

The evidence in the Zandvoort file is leading to the snuff film industry, meaning a film representing a real murder and is paid 25,000 euros each.

I understand, said Joseph Ferrayé, that these people have stolen so much money and are so pervert, they do not know how to spend this money.

The Werkgroep Morkhoven is now naturally checking if the magistrate with the Top Secret underpants would not have fallen into an petrol well, through the companies and foundations created to divert the Ferrayé royalties.


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