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Jacqueline de Croÿ - 23 novembre 2009

The sole idea of the election of Herman Van Rompuy at the EU presidency has horrified the English people, who spoke of betrayal of the soldiers who died during the two world wars to free us from the Nazi boot. A poll showed 99% votes in favour of the withdrawal of England from the "dictatorial and bureaucratic Union". Another poll showed 97% votes opposed to the idea of a Belgian taking over as EU President. The Belgian press has reduced the English revolt into few lines, according to which, a "British diplomatic source" would have acknowledged that "these attacks are dishonest."

The British people reject massively what they call the "europhile hardcore", which aims to transform the EU into a super state, while reducing the nations into federal regions. Van Rompuy plans to replace the national symbols by those of EU and increase European taxes. The prospect of European stars floating above Buckingham Palace to replace the Union Jack, in addition to the rising of the gasoline price is more than what England can accept. The integration of England to the EU represents an annual cost of nearly £ 700 per person, including babies, according to a study from Civitas, 2004. It is far too expensive for thin wind, even in the economical domain: Norway had no need of EU to become one of the richest countries in Europe.


The Belgian model, expected to be extended to all 27 EU countries, is an example of bureaucratic dictatorship, insofar as it has institutionalized the violation of the fundamental rights.

Belgium is a tiny country governed by a ministry of justice that dictates the judgments of the "sensitive affairs" without consideration for international laws. The government is supported by a propaganda machine called Belga, which stifles the too shocking news by less serious scandals, as in the Dutroux case. It was only a branch of the paedocriminal network Zandvoort, which was discovered by the Flemish NGO Werkgroep Morkhoven in 1988. The organisation has exposed a clear example of the activities of this network in 1998, as they found 93,081 photos real crimes.

Former budget minister, Van Rompuy seems "a jovial chap disguised into a church candle", according to the EU MP Gérard Deprez. Van Rompuy lost his office in 1999 for lack of sufficient votes. He became Chairman of the House of Representatives in 2007, the highest office in the kingdom under the King. Behind the curtains, in 2008, the Flemish Christian Democrats wanted to protect the interior minister, exposed for having sabotaged the investigation on the Zandvoort case, as well as the order of a Moldavian child for 1000 euros the night. They also wanted to cover-up the Justice Minister, who had lied to the Senate to justify the illegal imprisonment of Marcel Vervloesem, the member of the NGO who had discovered these photos. The High Council of Justice had recognized that the conviction was based on an incomplete dossier. Moreover, the medical dossier of Marcel did not allow to believe he could survive prison, the time necessary to the Court of Human Rights to judge of the respect of international laws.

Originally, this murder aimed at pronouncing the "termination of the proceedings", but Marcel survived miraculously. He was then deprived of vital health care, and tortured, as the culture of gangrene in the Bruges prison infirmary, of which he had to be amputated. The scandal of the forensic extermination centre of the prison Bruges was purring on the Internet. The governmental propaganda machine then made a scandal over conditions of detention in the high security units in the same prison, but without a word about the culture of gangrene in the infirmary.

The situation was too shocking. Belgium needed a more solid scandal. The two ministers in place exposed in the Zandvoort case where then exposed for having influenced the Fortis judgment. The Fortis case was very sensitive, for having emptied the pockets of Belgians to fill-up foreign pockets, but less sensitive than the Bruges extermination camp or the tortures of a man once recognised a the Flemish hero of the centaury, or the 90,000 abused children, who for the majority, came from institutions under the supervision of EU states.

The prime minister resigned along with his ministers of justice and interior, but they will eventually gain with the change. The elections have been delayed to enhance the image of the Flemish Christian Democrats, tarnished by the breach of separation of the capacities, while it would have been fair that they harvest the grain they had sown. The King asked Van Rompuy to become interim prime minister. The little budget minister, forgotten since 10 years, ended-up being elected, thanks to a royal lobbying, unfair regarding a democratic election.

The interior minister exposed for covering the order of a Moldavian child for 1000 euros per night, replaced Van Rompuy at the highest office in the kingdom. The liar Minister of Justice was appointed Minister "Flemish welfare", and showed his disappointment at not having been granted the Ministry of Finance. The former prime minister is expected to take back his job, to replace Van Rompuy, who is leaving for the presidency of Europe.


Follow the Belgian trials and discover the EU of tomorrow.

The short career of Van Rompuy as Prime Minister has institutionalized torture by administrative decisions, which are then authenticated by diktat, during judgments behind closed doors. Marcel Vervloesem only survives miraculously, with horrific suffering, deprived of treatment to his cancer and of morphine, overwhelmed with arbitrary punitive measures, with the clear objective of pushing him to suicide. This does not bother the "jovial chap disguised into a church candle", who does not answer to the calls for help, but makes haïku poems about flies buzzing around the conference rooms.

This summer, the Van Rompuy government decided that Marcel would not leave the prison alive, even if he is allowed parole for good conduct. The case is "media sensitive", say the civil-servants. The Court judgment was motivated by the danger inherent to our modest Internet media, based on a document maintained outside of the dossier, and which could only be found on the computers of the Department of Justice. Belga has silenced the evidence of the illegal contacts between the Ministry of Justice and judges, as usual, by a a new scandal without consequence. The President of the Commercial Court of Brussels has been accused of having made a Court decision dictated by a lawyer, but she very quickly regained her functions. The Van Rompuy Government has requested an investigation into the alleged dictation of the lawyer, but refuses to request one for the obvious dictation of the Justice Department.

Tomorrow's Europe is the Europe of punitive measures of the administration, by the violation of private life and violation of the right to practice ones religion. When Mrs Van Rompuy says about her husband that she is "jealous of the strength he draws his faith", her husband's government pretends security measure against suicide, to send a severely ill prisoner in an isolation cell, naked in midwinter, forbidden to go to Mass where he is liable to "draw strength in his faith". The Department of Justice is stealing his mail, where he might "draw strength" from the support he is given. It also steals his post stamps, a well-known source of incitement to suicide. Tomorrow's Europe is a Europe of unemployment in the domains where industry has no interest to pay the normal salary for labour, because they can find it in the prisons for a few cents an hour. All the Europeans will be able to live comfortably, without knowing that there are men toothless, malnourished and maintained without medical treatment in a state of zombie, roaming in clinking on one another, in false infirmaries of prisons. These men do not exist, according to the official version, but I have seen them as I visited Marcel Vervloesem in the block 35 of the prison of Bruges. It is horrible. Yet, the Europhile hardcore, which costs me at least £ 700 per year, has failed to ensure a single response from a single European official called for help.

The English people do not know the magnitude of the treason to the soldiers who died to free us from Nazism. The EU competes with the darkest period of history, maintaining tens of millions of children under torture, by denying the necessity to enforce their inalienable rights. The treatment of the prisoners completes the picture, with guidelines supposed to protect them, but which are not binding laws. Van Rompuy was a "first choice" for the EU Presidency, according to Gordon Brown, which is true if the point is to generalise the contempt of the citizen by the administration. The English people believe that Gordon Brown should answer of high treason to England. Luckily, the English press is free, what the Belgians officials find disgusting and call "tabloid", praising the quality of Belga.

The good side for us is that the Belgian prosecutions are now interesting for all of Europe, since they are the model that Van Rompuy has been asked to extend the 27 EU countries. You will get a glimpse of tomorrow's Europe on this December 2, at the Court of Cassation in Brussels. We are waiting for the judgment expected to declare the full legality of the procedures, which have cleared two men of suspicion of possession of child pornography, because it acted of non pornographic torture of naked children.




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