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Procédure UE de la torture en prison Council of Europe, partner of acrime against humanity for petrol
40.000 bambini ceceni, uccisi per rubare il loro petrolio

Council of Europe, partner to a crime against humanity for petrol

Jacqueline de Croÿ - 4 juin 2011

Following the extermination of 63% from 5 million Chechens in two centuries, the Council of Europe forces its members to contribute to a unique depopulation process, and democratizes the torture procedure in the European prisons.

On January 25, 1996, during the war in Chechnya, a sole abstention was missing to destroy the majority of two thirds of the 249 parliamentarians of the Council of Europe, which has adopted Russia. The elected Socialists were in favour to membership of Moscow, while conservative groups and Christian Democrats were "divided", according to the newspaper Liberation: 164 votes in favour, 35 votes against, 15 abstentions and 35 absent. The peace treaty, which should have initiated by the Council of Europe Chechens, was initiated by the Chechens. Russians only signed on August 31, 1996, seven months after the EU joined to a crime against humanity. They came back in 1999, fully vested in the democratic principle according to which he who does not share the benefits of its oil is a terrorist.

The conflict between Chechnya and Russia date from the sixteenth century, when Ivan the terrible Temrioukovna married Maria, a princess Caucasian. He discovered the peoples of the Caucasus, all driven from their homes by a war of Persian religion, and tried to annex them to Russia. The Chechen, originally Greek citizens of the Turkish Phrygia, founded their country after having freed their slaves. They can not conceive to dominate or be dominated outside sport. The Czars wanted to beat them at all costs. They ended-up killing half the population in the nineteenth century, what Russian history calls "the pacification of Caucasus".

The twentieth centaury massacres have been exclusively motivated by the petrol, which was hidden by calumny to give a good conscience to the Russians and the Europeans who share the benefits. Stalin murdered 200,000 Chechens. Then, Yeltsin murdered 100,000, of them, Putin murdered 170,000 of them and 200,000 of them have "disappeared" during the last two wars, according to a Russian general. There are only Chechen 1,836,000 left, of which 30% have fled persecution in Russia. Double the number of the survivors, the dead and the missing people and see that we participated in the extermination of 63% of 5 million people in two centuries. We are the sponsors of these murders because we buy the oil stolen from them. We are the assassins of their heirs: 70% Chechen children are suffering from tuberculosis. They are so few that their oil should ensure them the highest standard of living of the world.

At present, 25,000 Chechen veterans are incarcerated in Russia prisons, from where a withholding rate 20 times higher than the EU standard. As the massacres have left 40% of men for 60% of women, 5% of the men, mostly considered as the models of Chechen society, can not start a family. The hope of survival of men is 12 years less than that of the women, which proves that these prisons continue to kill them.

The testimonies show that we are covering-up a unique procedure for depopulation. The Russian "Judicial Security Service" arrests a man old enough to have fought the genocide. He is sent to Moscow, where he is hooded and beaten with gun butts. He is then sent to Vladikavkaz, the Ossetian capital. The local "Judicial - SS" hoods his head again, shakes him, threats him and insults him in the presence of the instructing magistrate. He is brought to an office. He is told about the charges and that he will have admit. The investigation was able to define the names and birth dates of all his family. They explain all the problems his family will have if he does not sign the confession.

They then show him the pictures of political refugees candidates that the Russian embassy of a country they sought refuges has forwarded them one month before. Candidates are presented to him as his own complicity in a heinous crime. He is tied in a chair, facing a camera that is filming everything. Five members of the "Legal SS" take turns to punch and kick him with fists and feet, giving him electric shocks, laughing and insulting him and his family all night, until he signs.

Three months later, the political refugee candidates are arrested and jailed in the country that prepares the refusal of their application. The official version, supported by the Russian ambassadors, assures that the Chechen refugees are "economical refugees" (owners of petrol wells) and that the majority in Chechnya "wants the Russian protectorate" (to steal them their petrol).

Beating a Chechen student in law in a Slovakian prison, according to the procedure

Beating a Chechen student in law in a Slovakian prison, according to the procedure



The Belgian and Slovakian procedures include regular beatings under pretext of misconduct, because the democratic laws require to "justifying" solitary confinement equated with torture beyond two months. The Department of Justice provides a legal counsel at the State's expense, but in Slovakia, who "can do better" for additional money. The organizations subsidized by the EU to fight against the torture claim they can not interfere in "internal affairs of sovereign states."

We note with dismay that the European Court of Human Rights is responsible to clear the conscience of the judges who contribute to the depopulation of Chechnya. The applications are submitted on the basis of Article 39 which provides for a trial on the same day. However, this Court over passes the reasonable delay, to then legalize the deportation on the grounds that members of the Council of Europe must comply with this "cross-border cooperation".

Ali Ibragimov and Anzor Chentiev have asked the ECHR on 10 April and 30 October 2008, to judge the legality of their deportation to the authors of genocide. They escaped the massacre of Katyr-Yurt February 4, 2001, thus under the responsibility of the Council of Europe, since it had adopted Russia for 5 years. Anzor was 16 and lost an eye during the bombing. Ali was 22 and he was in fourth year law. His brother was killed. A girl asked the soldiers not to burn their dead. They shot her in the throat and they burned the car in which Ali's brother was cremated. The girl has survived, but lost his vocal cords. The Russians have then put them in a convoy with white flags, to stop them running away to hide in the mountains, then they bombed the convoy. 363 civilians where washed for their funerals. We do not know how many where cremated. Russians only recognise 170 of them, which shows that the extent of our crimes is well underestimated.

The Slovak authorities have forwarded the pictures of Ali and Anzor to the Russian embassy in January 2006. The "Judicial SS" has implemented the procedure in February. The trapped veterans testify of Chechens who collaborates with the Russian torturers, which is pathetic for ones who belong to such a lineage, but this is so. One of them lost an eye and had a fractured skull for having resisted too long to sign. The medical certificate of the other shows a body covered by bruises and an open wound on the back. It is in that state that they signed a confession, according to which they would have killed two Russian soldiers "to steal their mobile phones, their wallets and watches" in June 2001 with the help of Ali and Anzor. They are respected, even by those who suffer from these signatures, because they went up to the limit of their strengths. They were heroes in antiquity. They still are.

The European Court of Human Rights has not found the necessity to provide a lawyer to Ali and Anzor. They were defended by Hana Demeterova, founder of the Czech NGO "Help a man" who has not found a single person or NGO to help them. The Judges Lech Garlicki, Ljiljana Mijovic, David Thor Björgvinsson Jan Sikuta, Paivi Hirvela Mihai Poalelungi and Clerk Lawrence Early, under the presidency of Nicolas Bratza, said their deportation legal, on September 14, 2010. However, judges are not presumed to ignore the law, and therefore that the reasonable period of eight years does not allow to judge events which occurred in June 2001 after June 2009.

Ali and Anzor are incarcerated for over five years in prison in Slovakia, for an offence that the convention of human rights no longer allows to judge for two years. They have been in solitary confinement longer than the world wars. The guards broke the jaw of Ali to carry on his solitary confinement last June. The procedures provide that Slovak and Belgian assault and battery are done in the presence of six guards, which presumes an EU recommendation. In Slovakia, the scene is filmed by a failing camera that only leaves photographs at irregular intervals. There are three minutes missing on the beating that broke the jaw of Ali on June 31, 2010. The film shows a man who does not wear the uniform of the guards, but who springs in 5 seconds to contribute to the beating, whereas three other guards are beating him already.

It's called "a procedure of control of an inmate who attacked the guards," which requires from the director to observe the situation and order the opening of the door in the presence of six guards. The photographs prove that the Slovak director violated the regulation, by the absence of written motivation to open the door of the cell. They show a prisoner who calmly obeys an order and that nothing justifies breaking his jaws. Ali and Anzor are banned of contacts with their unique representative in the free world since May 2011, without justification.

In Czech Republic, Ali Atsaev, 45, is awaiting his deportation for 16 months, for acts that the law no longer allowed to judge at the time he was locked in the prison. He is accused of complicity in the murder of lawyer Maximova in Moscow in 2002, though he has brought proofs that he was then in Ufa, at 1168 km away. The Czech authorities also sent his photographs to the "Judicial - SS" so as to sterilise three Chechens in one file, by a few years of arbitrary detention. The Council of Europe does not tolerate an obstruction to the depopulation in Chechen high society.

"What happens Czech Republic is very serious," Hana said, "but it's not as bad as in Belgium. Even in Slovakia, when we insist, we can obtain the hospitalization of a prisoner." This is not imaginable in Belgium. John Bok has a pass to go in all the Czech prisons. If he sees an abuse, he gets in a huff enough to shake the entire administration. "We have the advantage of 40 years of communism. It would not be possible to fool the Czechs people as the Belgian people are fooled," he said.

In Belgium, the commander Arbi Zarmaev, 39, has narrowly escaped death by dehydration, malnutrition, and prohibition of health care. The ECHR has again distinguished itself by suspending a dictation of the minister of justice, but without destroying the ruling which transformed Belgium into a dictatorship. The commander has had only 5 weeks of respite before being returned to prison this morning, without his lawyer or his family obtains a justification. He is not allowed to recognize his own children, perhaps to prevent that he perpetuates the name of one of the last commanders who survived the genocide, who is an example for his courage, as well as for his physical and spiritual strength. We do not know when and in what state we will find him back.

"It's worse than in Russia," repeat two young Belgian Chechens. "The Russians beat us, they setup false files against us and they put us in prison, but once the sentence is over, it is finished. They don't keep us in prison longer" The Ostend police told them that their identities had been disclosed to the Russian embassy. They have runaway from Chechnya at ages 8 and 14 with their parents. They have the Belgian nationality, they are hard working and we can be proud of them. What are their photographs doing at the Russian embassy?

In Spain, France, everywhere, the situation is the same in all the domains that provide a lot of money, as child pornography. Killing 40.000 children for petrol was unconceivable, but it is in the same line and the same international bodies are dealing with these issues in the same way. Everything becomes clear because they kill according to a process that would have been impossible to implement if all our countries had remained independent from the European monster.

We will not let anyone exterminate our Chechens in silence and we will win the war, even if we do not know, who among us will see the liberation of Chechnya. There are 150 million Russians and they are not all as mad as their politicians, to accept free heating with the blood of Chechen children. The current President of the Council of Europe is Janos Martonyi, the Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs. What will he do: ask the Russian mafia to shoot me a bullet in the head?

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